6 Fashion Tricks to Look Like a Million-Dollar Baby


If you want to look classy and confident, you don’t have to spend a fortune for branded clothes and jewellery. There are a few surprisingly simple tricks that can help you dive into the world of rich and successful without looking like you’re trying too hard. Keep these styling tips in mind to look like a millionaire without the need to have millions in your bank account.


  1. Classic Pieces Never Fails

The best and easiest way to achieve a confident and powerful look is sticking to classics. Black straight leg jeans and white crisp top matched with a pair of red stilettos will create a great look that suits almost any event. For a more conservative yet elegant look, go for the all-time favourite. Every woman has that ‘little black dress’ in their closet. Wear it with pearls, you’ll look sophisticatedly ravishing.

  1. Steer Clear From Logos

Always remember that popular and expensive brands usually don’t place their logos on the visible areas of the clothing, so it’s better to buy items of mysterious brands—or just remove the tags and logos if you can. And please, no purses covered in logos!

  1. Don’t Forget the Details

Your stylishness should be consistent. All your stuff and accessories should complete your millionaire look: a minimalistic phone case, stylish planner, high-quality glasses, sophisticated watch, etc. Accessorize accordingly as they play an essential role in convincing people of your image.


  1. Go For Neutral Makeup, But With Red Lipstick

Forget about dramatic eyes, and go for more neutral shadows instead. However, wear them with the right shade of red lipstick as it is always a signature colour for sophisticated woman. When choosing a perfume, go for more subtle scents—perhaps something with a hint of vanilla. You don’t have to spend too much on a perfume, but if you’re up for a more rich-smelling scent, you can always find great deals online.

  1. Fitting Matters—a Lot!

Don’t be fooled with clothes that look good on mannequins. Search for items that fit you perfectly and that flatter your type of figure. Even if you don’t like to shop that much, force yourself to spend extra time trying on several items to find the best ones that hugs you in the right places. Never buy clothes you’re unsure of the fitting.

  1. Invest On a Good Pair of Shoes

Your shoes define your entire outfit, so you can’t just ignore the soles. Always go for a minimalistic style of shoes. It’s easier to match them with most outfits. Don’t hesitate to spend a bit extra on good quality shoes. Get at least a pair of really expensive pair that you know will match most items in your wardrobe. Keep them clean and polished all the time.

Looking rich, confident, and fabulous doesn’t have to be an expensive goal. Yes, coming up with a tasteful look does require effort, but it certainly doesn’t need you to cost an arm and a leg.


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