7 Must-Have Items You Need In Your Kitchen  

Smart tools and gadgets have really made their way to our kitchen. And with the tech driven lifestyle we have today, the more it is essential to have the right tools that make food preparation much easier. Here are the eight tools you should have in your kitchen now!


1. Scale – Don’t cut yourself out from baking or cooking gourmet recipes just because you can’t measure ingredients. Scales don’t have to be expensive; they just have to measure right.

2. Microplane Grater – This classic gadget is a kitchen staple. Savvy cooks always use this for grating any ingredient, from cheese to spices to citrus to chocolates.

3. Food Processor – If your blender, juicer, and other gadgets for slicing, mixing, and pureeing food, are eating up most of your cupboard space, then it’s time to get a food processor. While this can be expensive, it is a great investment as it can do all of the mentioned gadgets’ purposes.


4. Timer – Cooking, especially baking, in the right amount of time is the best way to ensure delicious and nutritious food—so a timer is a necessity. Once you have popped that cake in the over, do not forget it! Set the timer, bring it anywhere with you, and let that ding remind you of your goodie.

5. Magnetic Knife Holder – This can be a solution when space is a constraint and when you’re too lazy to pick the knife from its shelf. The knife holder can be installed in a safer place that’s away from the traffic and most especially from the children.

6. Vegetable Peeler – Cooking is as easy as pie when you have a peeler that removes vegetable skin in seconds. However, make sure to look for a good quality one so it won’t rust and dull easily. Besides peeling, you can also make cute little vegetable ribbons or crispy potato chips with it.

7. Non-Stick Cookware – If you still use a cookware that you need to scrub and scour after cooking in it, you need to upgrade to a non-stick one—because busy moms just don’t have time for that! This cookware is so very easy to clean and the food rarely burns on them.

These are just a few tools that every home kitchen should have. If you don’t own these tools yet, go run to the nearest shop and secure these tools for your own kitchen.


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