8 Apple Watch Apps to Download Now!


Now that your Apple Watch is here, for sure you’ll never be looking into wearing any of your older watches again. However, before you start flaunting your new watch, load it up first with these cool free apps.


1. ESPN – ESPN for Apple Watch brings the latest news and live scoring of your favourite teams to your wrist. It also gives you updates on player stats and lets you know which team is up at halftime.

2. Uber – With this app, you can see any nearby cabs, book a ride, check booking status, and even see who your driver is and what car to expect.

3. Citi Mobile Lite – Citi is among the first banks to launch an Apple Watch version of its app. This app allows you to check your current savings and credit card balances, as well as your most recent purchases. You will also be notified for every transaction made with your card.

4. Twitter – Twitter app for Apple Watch brings your 140-character messaging to your wrist. It doesn’t only let you send and receive messages, but also compose tweets using voice command, as well as retweet and favourite tweets.


5. Instagram – The Apple Watch version this app allows you to browse your stream, receive notifications, like photos, and post comments with emojis on photos. Just make sure to put your reading glasses on.

6. RunKeeper – With RunKeeper, you can keep track of your pace and the distance of your run, as well as adjust your training interval. Whether you’re a professional runner or just someone who jogs for fitness purposes, this app is essential for you.

7. Lifesum – This app stores all your health reminder and tips on your wrist. With Lifesum, you can easily check your daily activities, get reminders to drink more water and move around, see how much calories left to burn, and keep a record of the food you eat each day.

8. Citymapper – If you like exploring new places, you’ll need this app in your Apple Watch. Citymapper lets you know when the next train or bus arrives, broadcasts service disruptions, and informs you which stop to hop off to get to your destination.

There are a whole lot of functional and entertaining apps available for the new Apple Watch. These are just a few we think are the most useful for every Apple Watch user out there.


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