CoolSculpting Questions You Should Ask Yourself Beforehand

While it is always a good idea to ask your surgeon a few questions before undergoing a CoolSculpting procedure, it’s also crucial that you check and ask yourself some questions. Some of the questions you can ask yourself is whether or not you’re a good candidate for the treatment, or if you have any reasonable expectations for its results. Other than these queries, we listed down a few more questions that will certainly help you understand more about the procedure, as well as your need for it.

1. Will undergoing a CoolSculpting procedure be beneficial for me?

CoolSculpting doesn’t work the same way on every patient, which is why it’s crucial that you determine if undergoing the said procedure will be beneficial for you. The treatment works best for individuals with stubborn fat that won’t go away, regardless of how much they exercise or eat healthfully.

It’s also important to know that CoolSculpting Singapore is not advisable for overweight patients, and should not be used as a weight loss plan alternative. An ideal candidate for the treatment is someone who is near or at his or her desired weight. Each good zeltiq coolsculpting session in Singapore typically removes up to 25 percent of fat from the area being treated.

2. Is this is an ideal treatment for my fat problem?

CoolSculpting is a procedure used to freeze and remove fat from specific areas of the body. It is typically performed in the abdominal area, on the thighs, on the back, on the love handles and on male breasts. It could also help eliminate a double chin with the help of a Cool Mini applicator. So if your fat problem is located in the said areas, then you’re most likely an ideal candidate to undergo the treatment.

3. Is CoolSculpting a more suitable option for me than liposuction?

Although it seems like an ideal option, CoolSculpting is not your only choice when it comes to eliminating your fat problem. Most patients in Singapore choose between non-surgical CoolSculpting and surgical liposuction – and while both procedures have similar goals, the process and methods used for each treatment are considerably different.

The amount of fat you want to remove from your body could also influence whether CoolSculpting or liposuction is right for you. The more amount of fat that needs to be removed, the more likely that liposuction is the better choice for you, because unlike in CoolSculpting, liposuction allows the surgeon to remove a considerable amount of fat (almost up to 20 pounds of fat).

4. Will undergoing CoolSculpting affect my daily activities?
Knowing what happens during and after your CoolSculpting Singapore procedure will also help you decide whether or not it’s right treatment option for you. It often takes an hour to treat each problem area, but some areas needs to be treated for two hours, either simultaneously or spaced a few days apart.

Although the procedure is relatively comfortable, you might experience some stinging or tingling sensation in the first few minutes of the treatment. But once the area starts to numb, you will no longer feel anything in the entire duration of the procedure. You will also likely feel a bit numb or sore a few days after the treatment, but you can perform your regular activities right after getting the CoolSculpting procedure.

5. Do I have enough time to go through the CoolSculpting treatment?

Timing is crucial when it comes to undergoing CoolSculpting Singapore, which is why it’s important to ask yourself if you have enough time to spend getting the treatment and waiting for its results. Although the treatment typically takes an hour to finish, it will take more time for its results to be visible. In some cases, it will take as long as 16 weeks before the final results show; but it will entirely depend on how long it takes for your body to fully flush away all the destroyed fat cells.

So if you want to get rid of your saddle bags and love handles a week before your big event in Singapore, then CoolSculpting might not be an ideal option for you. If your goal is to slim down for an event that’s months away, however, then this fat-eliminating procedure is perfect for you.

6. Will I be able to maintain the results of the procedure?

One the best things about CoolSculpting is that the fat it destroyed will be gone for good. However, undergoing the said procedure doesn’t mean that you could already skip working out and eat anything that you want. Health experts in Singapore explained that any remaining fat cell in your body can still grow if you don’t commit to working out regularly or eating a healthy diet. So before committing to the cost of undergoing a CoolSculpting treatment, ask yourself first if you are prepared to make other little changes to keep your slimmer figure once the treatment is over.

Just like with any other procedures, asking yourself a few questions about CoolSculpting beforehand is also important. Not only will it help you get a better understanding about how the entire treatment process works, it’ll also aid you in determining whether or not the CoolSculpting is the right treatment option for you. So be sure to ask the aforementioned questions to yourself before deciding whether or not you should push through with the said fat-eliminating treatment.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Paint Color


You often heard it from your mom and the elders around that a room reflects what a person is. If the room is clean and tidy, the person is too. If the room is cluttered and dirty, the person exudes that too. Now it will depend on you what group you want to belong.

If you choose a clean and tidy room, you need a makeover. The first thing that you should do is to  choose a paint color and change your walls. The good news is that there are many colors you can pick here in Singapore. Here are some options:

  • Neutrals: The safest choice is neutral colors. What are neutral colors? Neutral colors include beige, black, white, gray, ivory and taupe. These colors are great backdrops. The best thing about neutral colors is that they work with every color. So if you decide to brighten or lighten it, you can use other accents.

  • Pastels: Pastel colors are also perfect for bedrooms. Many people consider pastel colors because it speaks of serenity and softness. You will surely have a good night sleep if you consider these colors.


  • Bright colors: In normal cases, bright colors are not ideal for the bedroom because of its bold and energetic tones. You won’t surely relax but if you are a person who loves the energy and adventure, you have to pick it. Particularly choose spring green and other fresh interiors. After all it is your bedroom, you decide what is best for it.

If you cannot decide what colors to consider, you can ask for the help of interior designers but it won’t really speak about yourself. You have to stop for a while and think hard what color your want – pick the color that makes you happy whenever you see it. Everything else will follow. If you want a change of color every now and then, you have every right to do so. There are many colors and it is only right to discover them all.

Now that you are done with paint color, it is time that you do the organizing. There are many different organizing tips that you can consider but at the end of the day, it will all boil down to maintaining it. Maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the room is a daunting task but that doesn’t mean you leave it be. Work hard to make it a better space where you can be truly yourself.

Good luck with the bedroom color and may it turn out what you expect it to be.

Home Styling Using Plants


You have to create a home where you want to go after a tiring and trying day. That homey feeling is all you need to relax and recuperate for the challenges of tomorrow. With this, it is important that you keep it conducive, clean and tidy. Beautifying your home comes to your mind when you talk about a conducive environment.

There are many home styling ideas here in Singapore. You can incorporate one or two depending on what you really like. Home styling is a fun activity because it gives you chance to be yourself. When considering it, you have two options – whether to do it on your own or hire home styling experts. If you want to save, you have to do it on your own. Do not worry because there are many guidelines that you can consider.

If in this case you considered incorporating plants in your interiors, there are some tips in store for you. You have to remember though that home styling using plants is more than just filling a pot and then place it on your windowsill. When you consider home styling, you also have to consider decorating it at the same time nurturing it. This will be a challenge especially if you are living in the metropolitan.

Home styling using hanging and climbing plants are a trend especially in European homes. It is time to incorporate it in your home. Here are some plants that you can use for home styling:


One of the most popular climbing plants that you can use as a centrepiece is passiflora or passionflower. These plants grow indoors and if well guided (using sails, ribbons, tape and fishing wire), it can be good to look at. You can use it as a centrepiece in your laundry bin for example.

Hoya carnosa

Another famous climbing plant is hoya carnosa. This plant is good to look at because of its different colours with shiny leaves.

Tradescantia pallida

Tradescantia pallida is a beautiful hanging plant that is colourful. It also offers a look like that of string pearls. This plant is truly eye catching especially if it is paired with other plants like devil’s ivy and zebrine.

Now that you know some hanging or climbing plants, it is time that you consider methods to take care of it. According to experts, the care depends on what plant you choose. The best thing that you should do is to research first before actually buying. The practical thing to do is to keep them healthy. You also need to keep them need so pruning is welcome.

5 Expat-Approved Countries to Consider When Thinking of Migrating


Tired of your job? Looking for a new place to exist in? There are many reasons to leave your home country behind in search for greener pastures, but deciding on the place where to settle down can be overwhelming.

There are several conflicting factors: salary considerations, job opportunities, safety cost of living and government benefits are just a few. But we’ve made it easier for you as we rank the best places to move to based on expat experiences. Here are five of the top places you would want to consider.

  1. Australia

Most people who have tried living and working in the land down under agree that the convenient way of living makes it hard to go back home. That’s because the outstanding quality of life, gorgeous weather, friendly people and a wealth of entertainment choices make the easy job market feel like a perk. In Sydney alone, there’s a sea of job opportunities as you will find here four of the 10 highest grossing corporations in the world, alongside the offices of more than 500 multinational businesses and corporations.

  1. Canada

This one is a no-brainer. Canada is an excellent migrating option for anyone who wants to start from scratch again in a new country, but doesn’t want to cope with culture shock. Generally, Canadians are friendly people, and the quality of life in the country ranks as one of the most ideal in the world.

  1. Japan

The stagnant economy of Japan has the country ranking low in the economic category, but the Land of the Rising Sun makes up for it by offering exceptional healthcare assistance, great travel options and colourful local culture. Also, it’s a plus that Japanese food is often healthy and delicious, making Japan ranking high in both food and diet category. Moreover, Japan ranks high in raising children overseas, all thanks to its high quality, affordable education.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland, for many, is an expat paradise. Winter sports, scenic view of the Alps, nice people, delicious food, outstanding healthcare assistance and a central European destination makes it a dream home for expats. Not only that, but a quarter of immigrants living there earn over $200,000 annually. And although the cost of living is expensive, the benefits provided by the government far outweigh the costs.

  1. Germany

Germany is ranked as the third best place in the world to raise children. Also, the country benefits from stronger economy than most countries in the world. It’s also one of the safest places to live with stable political system and extremely low crime rate. In fact, 80 percent of expats say that Germany is a much safer place than their home country.

As more people from Singapore and from all over the world decide to migrate abroad, understanding the factors that help countries stand out among your options is an essential part of decision-making process. If you’re one of those people looking to move overseas, hopefully with these suggestions you’ll find a new place to call home.

5 of the Most Beautiful Pink Beaches in the World


It might be hard to imagine, but there are exotic, picturesque pink beaches in the world. Even though they sound artificial, they are really as natural as other ordinary beaches. This is because of certain species of red organisms that live in coral reefs and shells. From the ocean floor, these microorganisms are washed to the surface of the waters and the shore, giving the beach a pink tint.

In some beaches, the pink hue is pretty strong while in others, it’s just a tinge of pink. Nevertheless, pink beaches are stunning natural creations and are worth paying a visit to.

  1. Pink Beach of Komodo (Indonesia)

Komodo is one of the 17,500 islands that comprise Indonesia. Of course, you’ve heard about Komodo for it being the home of the famous Komodo dragon. But only few people know that the island is also a home to one of the prettiest pink beaches in the world. The pink beach of Komodo looks truly magical for its beautifully coloured sand. Plus, the corals underneath the ocean water and the rocky cliffs surrounding the beach add remarkable beauty to the place.

  1. Great Santa Cruz Island (Philippines)

Great Santa Cruz Island is a small island in Zamboanga, Philippines. It’s famous for its pink beaches and coralline sand. One of the most unique beaches in the world, this island boasts the only pink beach in the Philippines, which is full of many stunning beaches. The pinkness of the beach is from the crushed red organ pipe corals that mix with the sand during every wave.

  1. Harbor Island (Bahamas)

An administrative region of Bahamas, this island in the Atlantic Ocean is popularly known for its three-mile pink sand beach, making it the most popular pink beach in the world. Owing its hue to foraminifera shells, which is plenty in this location, the island’s shoreline is covered in pretty light pink sand.

  1. Horseshoe Bay Beach (Bermuda)

Horseshoe Bay—funny name, eh? But it is the most celebrated beach of Bermuda, considering it has quite a lot of beautiful beaches and islands. The shore is lined with a long stretch of baby pink hued sand. Tinted by the bits and pieces of shells and corals washed ashore by the waves, the shore beautifully contrasts with the turquoise waters of the ocean.

  1. Spiaggia Rosa of Budelli (Italy)

The island of Budelli in Maddalena archipelago in the northern region of Sardinia is famous for its remarkable beaches, with Spaggia Rosa—which means Pink Beach—as the most popular among all of them.  Because of the unparalleled magnificence of the place, it’s a popular location for movie shootings as well. Red Desert by Michelangelo Antonioni was one of those films that shot in this majestic Italian island.

Imagine clear turquoise waters of the ocean bordered by gorgeous pink sand and surrounded by rocky cliffs—what a stunning sight to behold. Make a trip to these one-of-a-kind locations and be ready to be mind-blown by these beaches’ natural beauty.

How to Choose the Right VoIP Provider for Your Business

A lot of businesses in Singapore rely on telecommunications, but not all of them are able to enjoy the luxury of having a telecommunication system that’s loaded with features due to its costly price. Fortunately, new technologies – particularly VoIP – are already pushing to change this, allowing even small business owners to take advantage of its amazing features. The only concern though is finding the right service provider to provide you with such technology. Choosing one can be challenging, given the growing number of VoIP providers in the market that also offer different benefits – but by following these tips, you will definitely be able to find the right provider for your business’ VoIP needs.

1. Know and Understand the Telecommunication Needs of Your Business

The first step in choosing a VoIP provider is to first understand that telecommunication needs of your business. Always remember that the type of provider you will hire depends entirely on the needs of your company. If you have specific requirements that brought you to this phase, then it’s the perfect time to write them down. It would also be a good idea to jot down and answer questions like:

• Do you have multiple office locations, including the employees working at home?
• Which places are the most costly to call? What areas do get called often?
• Do you have departments that frequently have callers waiting on-hold, while other callers are being entertained?
• Is your paging requirement done either through an external speaker or a desk phone?

Be sure to include these needs along with any others that you listed. Remember that not all VoIP providers in Singapore are capable of delivering solutions to all of your needs, which is why listing down the telecommunication needs of your business is crucial for finding the most qualified provider for your situation.

2. Research About Your Prospective VoIP Service Providers

Once you are done listing down your concerns and questions about voip system Singapore it’s now time to perform some research on the providers you shortlisted. Start it by understanding how the services offered by each provider would influence your business. Take note of the unique services they are offering, and study the previous works they have done so you will have an idea as to how a particular VoIP provider works.

3. Read Online Reviews About Your Prospective Provider

Finding a reliable and dependable VoIP provider can be very difficult, which is why experts recommend performing a profound research to find the provider who can cater to your business’ telecommunication needs. To achieve this goal, search and read online reviews about the VoIP providers you shortlisted. This will give you an idea as to what kind of work and services a particular provider can give you.

4. See to It That their Services Meet Your Business Needs

VoIP service providers typically offer a range of packages, from premium to enterprise to standard and starter. These packages come in different prices and includes combinations of inclusive call and service charges. If you are only running a small business, then it would be best to opt for a starter or standard package that includes voice, call forwarding, voicemail, unified messaging, conferencing facilities, and a feature that allows you to know if somebody is available to take calls. If possible, opt for a VoIP provider who will allow you customize a package so that it will meet your business needs.

5. Examine the Quality of their VoIP Services

Hire a VoIP service provider that provides high quality services and makes it a priority to ensure that your internet connection and internal network are all ready for the voice packets that will be installed. Some providers in Singapore offer integrated data and voice services that could result in voice packets being prioritized over data on a private network, and we are pretty sure you wouldn’t want to have that kind of service used or done in your company.

6. Check Their Contract Term, Money-Back Guarantee and Equipment Return Policy

When choosing a VoIP in Singapore, ensure that your prospective provider offers a 30-day guarantee for their services and equipment. If they are not offering any guarantee, then don’t consider hiring them. Understand that us a major service, they should be providing a solid guarantee to their clients.
Aside from the service guarantees, you should also ensure that the term details and cancellation charges are clearly defined. Their service fees agreement should include charges necessary for your domain name registration, as well as its maintenance. You should also be wary of any “free” ploys they are offering, as it could possibly lock you into a long-term contract with them, or charge you for the equipment in the event you cancel their services.

7. Hire a Service Provider Who Has a Flexible Contract

VoIP in Singapore provides a good opportunity for business owners to steer clear from long-term contracts and keep with the developments in the telecommunication technology. Service providers are the ones responsible for upgrading systems so that you can take advantage of the benefits offers by the latest VoIP technology. Plus, with short-term contracts slowly becoming popular, it’s now easy to switch your hosted service to another provider who is offering a more advanced system.

Choosing the right VoIP provider for your business is not an easy task. But by putting the aforementioned tips to work, you will definitely be able to a good and dependable provider who will help you get the most out of the features and services of your VoIP system in order to make your business grow.

Alkaline Water For Cooking

Ever wondered whether you can use ionized water for cooking? Well, wonder no more! Ionized water can be safely used for preparing meals on a day-to-day basis.

Ionized water is made with the help of water ionizer. This machine has the size like that of a coffee maker and is attached to the tap water source using a pipe. It acts as a water filter where tap water passes through and undergoes the process of electrolysis, separating alkaline ionized water and acidic ionizer water. Therefore, water ionizer can produce two kinds of ionized water and both are useful for preparing meals a home or simply to consume alkaline water in Singapore for better health.

Ways to Use Ionized Water for Food Preparation

• For Killing Germs and Bacteria
Soak tough-textured produce like cauliflower and broccoli in the acidic ionized water of pH 2.5 for three minutes. This softens the texture of the produce and helps kill any microbes in it. It is a powerful liquid to thoroughly clean the vegetables and fight germs and bacteria that could be lingering in them.

• For Getting Rid of Pesticides
After the vegetables are soaked in acidic water, soak them once more in high alkaline water, preferably in pH 11.5 for five minutes. The alkalinity of the water will further clean the produce, remove pesticides and herbicides, and enhance shelf life. The strong alkaline level of the water is a great emulsifier for washing away chemicals found on fruits and vegetables. This is far better than tap water, which cannot completely remove oil-based pesticides.

• For Bringing Out Vibrant Colours
If you wish to make the colours look more vivid, soak bright-coloured produce like strawberries, red cabbages, and eggplants in alkaline water. It doesn’t fade the colour of fruits and veggies, but instead it brings out its vibrancy even more, which is great for produce intended for garnishing.

• For Tenderizing Meat
Again, with raw meat, germs could be a problem. Wash your meats and fish with acidic ionized water in pH 2.5 before soaking them in alkaline water with pH 9.0 for 30 minutes. Aside from killing germs ad bacteria, soaking also draws out the remaining blood of the meat and the chemicals used to colour them, as well as neutralizes any strong odours or flavours.

• For Emulsifying Fat
Your ionizer’s pH level setting 11.0 is strong enough to emulsify oil and fat. Before cooking your meat, soak them in alkalized water to reduce their fat content and make your pork, beef, or chicken leaner and healthier to eat.

• For Refrigerating Food
If you have cut up fruits and vegetables for future use, spray it with mild acidic water before popping them in the fridge. This helps ensure that the flavours are preserved and that they will last longer without drying out.

• For Washing Sprouts
Sprouts are among the healthiest you can have in your meals. They provide pre-digested amino acids, soluble fibres, protein, higher levels of vitamins B and C, and are low in calories. However, buying organic sprouts may concern you about E.coli and salmonella contamination. For more effective sterilization, wash your bean sprouts with strong acidic ionized water.

• For Making Teas and Coffees
No matter what drink you choose to make, the flavour is enhanced when you use alkaline water instead of plain tap water. Because of the micro-clustering of ionized water molecules, it’s even possible to brew teas without boiling the water and make inexpensive coffees taste far better. If you enjoy your cold drinks, make your ice cubes with ionized water to enhance the flavour of your beverage.

• For Cleaning Shellfish
Shellfish cleaning and storage can be quite challenging, especially when dealing with live creatures like mussels and clams. To ensure its freshness, wash them in pH 9.5 alkalized water with ½ cup of organic cornmeal. As they consume the cornmeal, the water enters the shell and dispels the sand, dirt, and excess salt inside the clams.

Using Ionized Water for Cooking Various Food

• Pasta
Boil it in alkaline water to cook in the right consistency without sticking them together like mild acidic water does.

• Fried Food
For fried chicken, shrimp, or any fried food that needs batter, make the batter with alkaline water in pH 8.0 to 8.5 to enhance the flavour of the meat. The batter turns out nice and crispy even if the food sits at the serving plate for a longer time.

• Eggs
Hard boiled eggs can be hard to shell. But if you boil them in acidic ionized water, the shell comes off easily. When cooking soft boiled, if the shell cracks, the yolk remains intact.

• Smoothies
Any kind of smoothy you want to make, the flavour is definitely enhanced by using alkalized drinking water. Make sure to wash your fresh produce in both acidic and alkaline water to help release its flavour before the blending begins.

• Vegetables
If you’re on for a healthier diet, you probably boil or steam your vegetables more often. For a much healthier veggie dish, boil your produce in alkaline water. It is a healthier alternative to tap water and helps enhance the flavour of the vegetables.

• Stocks and Soups
The best way to extract the flavour of the vegetables, fish, meat, or poultry in your soup is to let the ingredients sit in cold pH 9.5 ionized water for 20 to 30 minutes before cooking.

With all these, no wonder why water ionizers are a great hit in Singapore household. Not only will you and your family be able to use it for filtering potable water, you can also use it to prepare all your food and reap the health benefits of both alkaline and acidic ionized water.