Exploring Night Safari in Singapore

If you want to explore Singapore’s wilderness without the scorching heat, night safari is best for you. Night Safari is the first in the world and it is a popular attraction in Singapore. It covers 40 hectares or 99 acres of land nearby Singapore Zoo and Upper Seletar Reservoir. The night safari gives shelter to about 1,040 animals.

The setting for Night Safari is similar to Singapore Zoo’s naturalistic “open”. This means that the surroundings are open but there is nothing to worry because moats, barriers and glasses are hidden to create an effect of naturalistic habitat. In fact, an artificial moonlight is provided for visitors to witness and observe nocturnal animals at their natural or normal state. What to expect in Night Safari:


You can watch Creatures of the Night Show or other cultural performances. There are tribal dances, fire dances and other demonstrations.

Walking Trails

The safari is divided into different geographical zones which can be surveyed by walking. The newest attraction-Wallaby trail, offers an Australian experience. In there, you have the chance to observe nocturnal animals found in Australia. Aside from that trail, you can also choose to observe and walk with animals like leopards, badgers and civets.

Tram rides

Ride in trams and enjoy the 40 minute drive to the wild. You can get up close and personal to their lions, tigers, deer and more.


There are available food and beverage outlets that you can find. You can choose from Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, Bongo Burgers and Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop. If you want to experience dining on the go, you can try Cocktail Safari Express and Gourmet Safari Express.

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