Interior Decorating for Summer

Sun, sea and sand. That’s how most people define summer. If you are one of those beach lovers who just love to have fun under the sun, why not bring in the sun-sea-sand spirit and embrace the endless summer sun inside your home? Experience indoors summer by following these few easy steps to brighten up your home.

Coat the walls with light paints

Paint is always a good choice to revive a room. You don’t have to repaint the whole house. The main focal walls are just what you need to revive the atmosphere of the place. Have light shades of yellow, green and blue, these are all wonderful colours for summer.

Summer printed wallpaper

If repainting the walls is not your choice, you can put up summer printed wallpaper. As simple as blue and white stripes can already make the room look summery. Just imagine the striped wallpaper all over your walls with white furnishings such the coffee table and end table. You can also add glass bowls with seashells inside it on your centre table, and accessorize the couches with light blue pillows.

Summer Accessories

If you don’t want the trouble of wallpapering and painting, you can still make your home look seasonal by adding extra accessories. Seashells are always an icon for summer so it would be best to add some to bring in the spirit of the beach. Flowers are also great accessories and never go out of style. Whether you go for synthetic or natural flowers, pick some in bright and vibrant colours to go well with the seasonal theme.

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