What’s Keeping Singaporeans Busy in the Train?

When you ride the train or even the bus, what do you notice? People rarely raise their heads because they are busy doing something else but one thing is common, they hold one thing –  a gadget. There’s the smartphone, tablet and many more. It seems that every Singaporean has one. The young, the old, students and professionals have one or more gadget.


When you travel, there is nothing to do but hold your gadget. So, what’s keeping Singaporeans busy in the train? Here’s an idea:


  • Checking messages on WhatsApp: Most commuters check their WhatsApp account when they travel. WhatsApp is a messaging application that is available to iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry and Nokia.
  • Calling friends or family: Commuters often call home or their loved ones to let them know that they are on their way to their home. Calling is usually done by those who are not fond of texting.
  • Checking social networking: There are commuters that constantly check their social networking sites for updates and notifications. Commuters often check their Facebook accounts and their Twitter or Instagram.
  • Text message reply: There are others who rely on the traditional way of communicating – texting.
  • Chatting: If your tablet or smartphone has internet, what is the best way to utilize it? Chatting of course. Some commuters spend their time chatting when they are in the train.
  • Play: There are others who simply want to enjoy the ride that they only consider playing. People play the famous Candy Crush or Flappy Bird.

Commuters think of ways to pass the time while they are travelling. What they do is not our concern. Whatever that makes them happy, they should pursue it.



Updates on Forest Fire Situation

The Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan joined the Forests Asia Summit held in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 5, 2014. He gave a speech which called out all parties involved to cooperate, assert transparency, advance investigations and take legal actions against those who are responsible for forest fires. The Minister announced in the summit that Singapore has conscripted legislation that will execute companies causing the transboundary haze.


The companies will be imposed of civil and criminal liabilities. He said that the root cause of the problem is the misalignment of commercial interests. The victims are the locals living in the neighbouring lands. He furthermore encouraged all the governments to establish measures against private companies that are responsible for the destruction of the environment. He called everyone present to find answers that will permit sustainable economic development.


The Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono also revealed the same sentiments. The Indonesian President also added that the government of Southeast Asia should pursue and strengthen its strategies regarding its carbon emissions. Forest fires can be prevented if we prevent it from happening in the first place. You can contribute in the prevention of forest fires. Even the smallest act can help Singapore.

If you are going camping near the woods or trees, you have to learn proper campfire techniques. You need to drench the campfire with water (or a mixture of soil and sand) until the sparks are out. Remember that if the pit is too hot, it means that it is not totally extinguished. Watch out for the vegetation nearby because they might catch the fire and spread it.

A firefighter of Alcoy and Elda tries to

Top Paying Jobs in Singapore

Since Singapore is one of the top countries that is financially booming. As a matter of fact, people in Singapore are lucky enough to live in the country because of the many benefits that they can actually get. One of it is the privilege to own a house. Most Singaporeans are living in the public houses that are given by the government. However, this doesn’t mean that people who are living here are financially troubled. In fact, they are not. Actually, the public homes here can be sold to over $1 million depending on the improvements that are made during the stay to the homeowner.


On the other hand, homes will not be built without money and money will not be earned if there is no work. Here in Singapore, there are a lot of jobs; however, there are classifications. There are low-paying jobs to high-paying jobs.

For the high-paying jobs this includes:

  • Project Architect – Wages starts from $8 thousand to $14 thousand. However, an individual who’s qualified with this job should have good communication skills to be able to address technical terms used in the project.
  • Project Manager – We all know that managers are the one who leads in a particular company. Because of that, a salary ranging from $6-8 thousand is given to a project manager.
  • Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Monthly wage of a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ranges from $4,000-8,500. However, the job it not that daunting and stressful because you are only going to lead a team of aircraft specialists that will maintain the aircraft.

In reality, Singaporeans need to work hard so that they will have the chance to earn and save money for the future.


Planning the Perfect Bbq Party

Singapore is known for its tropical climate. With the hot and humid weather all year round, one of the best ways to have fun and celebrate festivities is by having a bbq cookout party. A backyard bbq party should take advantage of the flavors of the summer season. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be prominent in the menu. Add more color with festive table setting and tiki torches along the sides of the party area. Lastly, but most importantly, consider any food restrictions or allergies of your guests when planning the bbq foods.


Know Who to Invite

If you’ve hosted lots of parties and have always been a party goer, expect an expanded guests list. Choose who to invite based on the occasion and how well you think they will interact with the other guests. So don’t invite everybody from work. Choose only a few of them so they don’t group together and talk about work at your party. Diversify. Invite your family, a few close neighbors, and new acquaintances. At the party, introduce your guests to one another so they can talk and socialize.

Choose a Theme

Whether you’re throwing a celebration for a specific holiday, such as Labor Day or National Day, or simply want to celebrate the summer season, consider setting a theme for the gathering. Think beyond the typical bbq foods to explore new textures and flavors through a theme. For instance, incorporate Mediterranean flavors into your springocean bbq wholesale singapore menu to create an exotic flavor, or give a table a Mediterranean touch by using table linens and flower arrangements in vibrant colors of orange and red. You may also add brightly colored tableware from thrift shops for a bit of ancient appeal. Ceramic juice jars and pitchers with Mediterranean patterns create a festive feel to the celebration.

Plan the Menu

Once you’ve decided which theme to pursue for your bbq party, start planning the menu. Decide whether you want a bbq catering to handle all the cooking or prepare everything on your own. Chicken, ribs, steak or fish can make a good main course, but do not take for granted other parts of the menu. Side dishes and salads infused with different texture, color, and flavor can enrich the taste of your grilled foods. For Mediterranean-themed events, make use of olives, tomatoes, basil, mint, and balsamic vinegar into the dishes.


Finish your menu with sweets, such as homemade Italian ices or a plate of rich cheese. Mix of fresh berries, like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, topped with homemade ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup, can immensely satisfy a sweet tooth. When shopping for food supply, look for bbq wholesale stores to get bbq wholesale prices. Note that these stores give big discounts when you order in bulks. If hiring a bbq catering service, ask for a list of menu and how they are going to deal with allergies and food restrictions.

The Beverages

No satay meal is completed without an ice cold summer drink. Let your party theme be your guide in picking your beverages, but also consider your guests’ choices. Offer non-alcoholic options in addition to ice cold water. For cocktail drinks, pitcher or jag served drinks work well so guests can simply help themselves for a glass of cool drink. To avoid clustering of people in the food table, set a different table that will serve as your mini bar. Keep the section stocked with ice, glasses, and a bottle opener. Fruit drinks like sangria, strawberry lemonade, and margaritas with pink grapefruit are also refreshing beverage options.


The Singaporean Way of Wedding

During the ancient times specifically in the pre-colonial period, wedding lasts for 3 days. What happens is that on the first day, the couple will be brought to the place of the priest or what they call babaylan. He will join the hands of the couple so that is will be blessed. The hands will be united together using raw rice. This activity will continue up to the second day.

On the third and probably the final day, babaylan pierces the chest of the couple to get some blood. On the other hand, their joined hands will be the sign of their love to each other and also an indication that a person is married.

Nowadays, since invasion of Catholic religion, the tradition still remains. However, there are only few Singaporeans who practice it. Today, weddings have this so-called “sponsors”. Sponsors are categorized accordingly. For principal sponsors, these are people who are close to the newlywed like the parents, relatives and friends. The secondary sponsors are people who have specific role in the wedding like putting the candle, veil and cord:

  • Candle sponsors – these are people who light the two candle. This signifies the connection of the couple as well as the relatives to each other.
  • Veil sponsors – they are the one who places the veil into the head of the bride to the shoulder of the groom. This means unity for the couple.
  • Cord sponsors – The cord must be wrapped around the couple in a number eight form. This indicates an everlasting marriage life.

Take Pleasure in Studying at Singapore

Singapore schools and universities ranked high in the world. In fact, it is highly recommended by the higher department of education. This is because of the modern facilities that are used by the schools in Singapore.


People in Singapore are aware that the country is looked high by many countries. Just like their chewing gum law, it became popular around the world. In fact, there are so many critics about it. On the other hand, when we talk about studying in Singapore, you will be having no regrets in choosing the schools in Singapore. Actually, you don’t need to choose schools because they are all of the same facilities; however, not all school has complete equipment just like other famous universities.

To further know about the schools in Singapore, here are some schools in Singapore that offers not just the best but also satisfaction and comfort.

Singapore University of Technology and Design

This is a public autonomous university in Singapore that is founded in 2009. Actually, this is the fourth line of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Also the school built partnership with Zhejiang and SIM University.

The PSB (Productivity and Standards Board) Academy

Providing the finest education since 1964, PSB Academy has around 10,000 students that is enrolled in different courses. The academy is previously recognized as Productivity and Standard Boards of Singapore. PSB Academy provides excellent academic programs like accounting and finance, business management as well as communications, English language, life and physical science and engineering and technology.

Basically, there are a lot of schools to talk about because Singapore doesn’t stop there. Actually, the country is moving and evolving and the only thing that people must do, is see the effects of it.


Holiday the Singapore Way

Paragon_Shopping_Centre,_Singapore,_Nov_05Almost all country in the world is now preparing for the celebration of Christmas. Each has different traditions, ways and styles of welcoming this season of giving and love. One interesting topic is on how this mostly Chinese citizen country celebrates the season.

Early Shopping Preparation


Singapore has its own unique way of preparation and celebration for Christmas. Singaporeans are seen to be shopping gifts as early as June while many are crammers in buying gifts. Singapore holds its extravaganza sale during the months of June and July so it’s a perfect time to do early Christmas shopping. By making an early Christmas shopping, crowd, traffic and busy schedules from work and school could not be a headache; great planning and a very successful preparation could be achieved.

Big-Time Shopping in December

Singaporeans love shopping. It is a best time for them to relax and also make time to shop for themselves. In December, big sales and discounts on different merchandise are in Singapore. It is a day to pick a beautiful dress, paired with bag and shoes for the celebration.

Top Destination: Orchard Road

Orchard Road has its way of meeting the season. For 27 years, tourists have been always attracted by the lights seen in Orchard Road which engages them to celebrate and enjoy the Christmas spirit as carolers are heard filling the shining lights in the center. Christmas in Singapore would never be the same without food and festivals.

A Delicious Meal to Top the Holiday

Mouth-watering foods like baked-ham, roasted turkey or beef and sweets are served in homes. Families celebrate the season together and enjoy their sumptuous meal, even tourists on restaurants. Singaporeans also love to travel on holidays. For them, it is a great time of get-away with families and close relatives. It is commonly considered as a great break from all the hassles and stress from work and school.