Healthy Food Kids Like

The problem with kids is that they usually enjoy food that aren’t that healthy and as a parent, this could be really hard for us. Kids can be really picky when it comes to food. One look at the meal you are serving and a kid could run away from the dinner table. Although there are times when kids tempt you into buying the different type of foods that aren’t really good for them. Your kid’s health and nutrition is definitely as important as their happiness and you shouldn’t put one above the other.

Here are a few healthy food kids would like:

1. Yogurt
Yogurt can be easily confused with ice cream which is why it is really easy to get kids to eat yogurt. Not only is yogurt an amazingly delicious dessert, it is also a very healthy one. You might even be able to substitute all ice cream with yogurt!

2. Sweet potato fries
Just like regular fries, sweet potato fries are equally appealing. The good thing about sweet potato fries aside from being sweeter than regular fries is that it is actually more nutritious and it would be a great way to get your kids to eat something healthier. Instead of deep frying your fries, try baking them once in a while. Not only will this have a different texture and flavor, this will also make sure that your fries aren’t too greasy and full of oil.

3. Salmon
Salmon is a great type of dish to cook because it is one of the most healthiest fishes out there. A good thing about the salmon is that it has a really good color which can be really appealing with kids. There are so many ways to cook salmon. You can even cook it over cheese if your kids love cheese or nuts if they love nuts. Bottom line is that salmon is a great fish to give to your kids.

4. Turkey burgers
Burgers are usually something you can’t take away from a kid. But instead of serving an overly greasy and fatty pork burger, try giving your kids an amazing turkey burger. Turkey burgers aren’t just rich in protein, they are also healthier than pork overall.

5. Nuts
Nuts make for a great snack and as we all know, nuts are very nutritious. Instead of giving your kids chocolate bars, try giving them nuts. The good thing about nuts is that there’s a wide variety of nuts out there which your kids can choose from. Don’t forget to alternate your nuts to make sure your kids don’t get tired of eating them.

Our kids are the number one priority and not only do we want our kids to be the best, we also want them to have the best.

How to Spot Pest Infestation at Home?

You might be wondering if there are methods to help you determine if your home is infested with pests or if the new apartment in Singapore you’re planning to move into needs pest control services. Below are important points to consider that will help you decide if you need professional help from a pest control management in Singapore to exterminate rodents, remove termites or get rid of cockroaches.

What are the Common Home Pests?

You might be surprised to know that there are at least ten home pests that can thrive in your home besides the usual suspects such as rodents, cockroaches, flies, and termites. Not only do these pests cause structural damage and diseases, but they also carry other parasites and attract predators that will only cause more problems. According to studies in pest control, apartments and condominiums are more vulnerable to pest infestation than single-family homes and commercial spaces in Singapore.

Poor sanitation, old or damaged structures, and poorly-maintained plumbing can attract several pests such as the following: cockroaches, rodents (rats and mice), mosquitoes, ants, termites, flies, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, mites, spiders, stinging pests, silverfish, spiders, stink bugs, weevils, and more. The mosquito alone causes more human fatalities than any other animal in the world.

How Can I Spot Pest Infestation?

Unfortunately, when spotting a pest infestation at home, it is almost always more complicated to terminate pest because they share the following characteristics: they breed fast, they are good at finding hiding spots, they are adaptive and smart, and they are resistant to most commercial pest control methods. Look for the following red flags and call in Singapore as soon as possible.

1. Presence of the pests. Rodents and cockroaches are quite easy to spot, but some insects such as ticks, mites, and fleas are not noticeable until the infestation has become significant.

2. Droppings of the pests. If pests thrive in your home, they are also most likely to leave droppings near food sources.

3. Odors and sounds. Rats and mice can give a distinct odor in a pest-infested home, as well as make squeaking noises in the walls or inside your furniture.

4. Nesting. Rodents can live in different areas in your home, but you will usually find shredded paper near nesting areas.

5. Pest control products. If you’re just moving into a new apartment at home, you will know the previous tenant had a problem if you find evidence of pest control products.

6. Structural damage. You will know if the apartment has termites if there are damages to the wooden parts of the home, a sagging wooden floor, and hollow sounds whenever you tap wood.

7. Damage on items. Rodents can be destructive because they chew up not only paper and food, but even electrical wires, plastic, clothing, and other items.

Pest infestation is one of the most common household problems in Singapore. It poses a serious threat not only to your property, but to your health as well.

Your Guide to Eating Healthily During the Ramadan Season

It’s the time of the year where our Muslim brothers and sisters solemnly follow Ramadan. With roughly more than 15 percent of Singapore citizens practicing Islamic faith, the city-state celebrates the holy month of fasting along with the other countries in Southeast Asia.

When done right, it is believed that the celebration of Ramadan manifolds spiritual blessings together with tangible physical benefits to its followers. For instance, eating only healthy food choices while fasting resets the metabolism, sheds a good few pounds off the body, as well as lowers one’s cholesterol count.

Healthy eating during Ramadan can be quite a challenge but it does not mean rigidly following a boring, bland diet. Fasting is not a reason to eat with abandon, either, nor should it be according to Sunnah or the prophetic Islamic traditions. This article will present ways in which you can eat healthily during the holy month of fasting.

• Stagger hydration
During the summer season, dehydration can be the toughest part to overcome when fasting. Drinking lots of water is not much of a good plan as well since it would cost you multiple visits to the loo in the midst of prayer. Hence is why staggering your hydration through the night is a good way to keep yourself hydrated when you fast during the day. Avoid too much sun exposure to lessen moisture loss by sweating and limit your coffee and tea intake, as they only dehydrate the body further.

• Avoid sugar
As much as we crave sweet treats every now and then, avoid food that are high in sugar during your fast. Sweet treats only gives you empty calories without necessary nutritional benefits. Most of the time, it is also the culprit behind overeating during the Ramadan season. Substitute your sugar-filled snacks for fresh fruits instead.

• Incorporate fiber in your diet
With your irregular meal times and no morning dose of caffeine, constipation becomes one of the many issues people suffer during Ramadan. To prevent this, incorporate fiber in your meal plan to keep your gut moving. Fresh fruit, greens, and wheat-based food helps in boosting your fiber intake and promotes normal bowel movement.

• Use less oil
Hit the pause button on consuming greasy, oily food. Allocate fried foods only for very special occasions and resort to baking or grilling your meal, if possible. This kind of cooking preparation not only uses a lot less oil but they also provide the body with the nutrients that we need.

• Practice moderation
In line with the spirit of the fasting season, do not indulge yourself daily and limit your guilty pleasures to a once a week treat. Practice moderation. You are free to indulge in your Ramadan favorites like pakoras at iftar, but lessen unhealthy food intake to bite-size portions. That way, you can savor them longer instead of wolfing down platefuls of it.

Is it Actually Possible to Pause Time?

As we envelop ourselves in our never-ending busy days, time seems to fly by fast. There are days when we ask ourselves; how is it almost the new year already when we’ve barely felt the last year pass by? How is 2007 a decade ago, when it feels like 4 years has only passed since then? Instances like this require us to slow down a bit and learn to appreciate the present more.

Of course time is moving at the same constant rate as it did when we were younger — but gone were the days we believed lazy summer days stretched on forever. As we get older, the way we perceive time speeds up as well. Research found out that we possess a certain level of control over how our brain perceives time passing; as it is mainly the reason behind why some days seem longer or shorter than others.

By paying attention and actively noticing the things around us, we can actually “pause” down time in a sense.

• Live in the present
It’s time to live and embrace the here and the now. Dwelling on the past or planning for your distant future is good from time to time, but if we merely focus on these two then we won’t be able to fully appreciate the present that we have. Take time to relish everything that is happening to you at the present moment. Focus on living in the Now.

• Spontaneity
Being spontaneous can be a liberating act, not to mention fun! Spontaneity, every now and then, enables us to disregard all concept of time as it makes full use of the present moment. It allows us to live boldly and take a leap for ourselves, regardless of the circumstances or the pile of work sitting idly on our to-do lists. When life becomes dull and monotonous, why not kick it up a notch to spice things up?

• Capture moments
Moments are fleeting. You never know when is the next time you’d be able to gather around with your friends from high school, or when you’d be able to enjoy the magnificent view of Singapore’s glittering city district while taking a stroll around. Pause time by capturing the memories with photographs.

• Try new and exciting things
As we age, routine takes over our lives. There is a general shortage in new experiences and avenues for trying out new things. No wonder how our days begin to blur together when we’ve been doing the same thing almost every day. Saying “yes” to opportunities which will lead us to new experiences is ideal, no matter how big or small. Planning a day trip outside Singapore? That might just be the adventure of a lifetime. Adding a brand new ingredient to your signature dishes? That sense of something new may just be what you need.

Guide on How to Choose the Best Flowers for Your Wedding Day

It’s no secret how wedding arrangements and preparations are no piece of cake. It is only normal to desire everything for your wedding to be of the highest quality, and it is in this search for excellence that the whole experience may undergo through a rigorous process of deliberation. From finding the perfect wedding venue in Singapore to securing a fitting floral decor and wedding car decor for the motif, schedules of brides-to-be packed with lots of planning involved. If you are a bride yourself, chances are you can use all the help you can get.

Wedding flowers, in particular, are among the most important decisions you make as a bride. Nerve-wracking stuff aside, it can be considered an exciting experience too — as you get to sort through dozens of flower types and bridal bouquet arrangements.

They symbolize your desired theme; from color and fragrance, to style and mood. They are also a defining feature which portrays precious memories in your wedding day photos. In order to find the right flowers, then, considerations such as whether it fits the motif of your wedding or if the wedding florist fee suits your allotted budget must be considered.

With all these factors weighed in, your wedding bouquet is undoubtedly an important detail that should be planned well since it serves as a prominent finishing touch to your bridal gown. A beautiful floral bouquet from mood fleur wedding florist in Singapore has the power to highlight your dress as you walk down the aisle, enhancing your best features and complimenting well with your bridesmaids’ garb.

The whole selection process may get overwhelming, yes, but there are a few tips to help you choose your bridal bouquet minus the hassle.

1. Do your research

Doing your personal research before booking a consultation with your wedding florist will save you time and give you a concrete visualization of what you want. This will make you feel confident in discussing the options that will be presented to you, instead of feeling unsure and just mostly going with the flow.

It is important to be specific in what you desire your wedding flowers to look like. By doing so, you are also helping your florist to achieve the best flower arrangement you can ever wish for. There are a lot of online images, inspiration boards, wedding blogs, and bridal magazines that can be a great avenue for inspiration and design ideas. If there is anything else that catches your eyes, don’t forget to take note of it as it may be helpful in the later part of your decision-making process. Even the smallest details are important, as well.

2. Work with seasonal flowers

A lot of flowers in Singapore are sold on a seasonal basis, meaning the choices of the flowers you can use for your bouquet may depend on which ones are available during a particular month. Common flowers such as lilies, orchids, and roses are available the whole-year round, but there are also flowers which you may only get during specific months such as baby’s breath and tulips. Importing flowers may get costly hence a wedding florist would likely advice to work within the seasons.

Another option is to consider the time period of the flowers’ blooming in planning the season you’ll be marrying in. Your ideal bridal bouquet can be brought to actuality without any hassle, in that case!

3. Consider the wedding’s theme

Bouquet styles or any accessory must work well with the wedding’s theme. For instance, if you’re eyeing a wedding on the beach then including shells into your bouquet will be a good fit. This is where your creativity will be very crucial, hence work it out with your florists and try out feasible and fitting designs and inspirations.

If you want to take an extra step further, having a swatch of your bridal gown fabric will also allow you to ensure that the colors of the ribbons and wedding flowers you’ll be using will match the wedding’s motif. Otherwise, it’d look out of place and appear odd when it is your ticket to enhance your look further.

4. Keep your allotted budget in mind

Your bouquet along with your floral decor may get costly, thus it is important to work within your allotted budget. There are other aspects to wedding preparation which requires sufficient budget, like the reception and venue fees, and that’s not something you can sacrifice for the cost of having your dream wedding day bouquet.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best choices even with a limited budget. There are a lot of florists in Singapore who will be happy to discuss which options are best for your budget, making your selection process easier. That way, you’ll get the best value for your money’s worth.

5. Choose with a skilled florist

A skilled and experienced florist can become an asset on your wedding day, especially when they do their craft well. They understand that every wedding is special so it should be as exquisitely memorable as it could get. Even with a limited budget, a renowned florist can help you get the best floral decor worth your money — which will leave you little to no regrets on your wedding day.

It is then ideal to book someone who fully understands your ideal bouquet design. In so doing, they can help you turn your dreams into actuality, and attain that wedding magic you are aiming for.

Weddings are generally a once in a lifetime event. Since it involves a lot of planning and deliberation, it may get overwhelming at some point. Fret not, though, as all your efforts won’t be in vain. All this is done to ensure your grand day flows smoothly. It is also important to keep in mind there is no harm in wanting to choose the best option for your money’s worth — especially with your wedding flowers! There’s no harm in wanting the best bridal floral bouquet, wedding car decor, and floral displays for your big day.

The Best Live Band for Your Wedding

Getting a Singapore wedding live band entails learning about certain things in order for you to arrive at the best choice. Which is better: part-time musicians or the professionals? How about your venue and wedding theme? Do you really need to see the band perform live before hiring them? You will find out the answers to these questions as you go through this article.

Part-time or Professional Musicians

It does not necessarily follow that if a group of musicians is part-time and amateur, they are no longer reliable and that they cannot play good wedding live music. There are some part-time and amateur bands that are highly trained, have good musical ability, and have a professional attitude when it comes to bookings and performing in special occasions, while others need more practice and experience.

On the other hand, professional musicians can assure you of an outstanding performance, which is your primary concern as you want everything about your wedding to be perfect. A professional wedding live band in Singapore most likely has everything you have been looking for in a live band: musical ability, versatility, professionalism, and others. Compared to part-time musicians, these full-time musicians from in Singapore devote all their time to playing music. The only downside of hiring professionals instead of part-time or amateurs is that they can really be expensive. However, you surely get what you pay for.

Whether you hire the professionals as you want to be sure or the amateurs as you trust them and want to give a try, make sure to check their credentials before booking.

The Band and The Theme

When you were still on the first part of the wedding preparations, you first thought of a wedding theme to serve as the main concept of your wedding. Everything about your wedding should correspond with this particular theme. That includes venue decorations, wedding invitations and keepsakes, bridesmaid dresses, and even your entertainment. When you hire a Singapore wedding live band, you need to think of your wedding theme. For example, it is not appropriate to hire a rock band when you have a fairy tale theme. Now if you will be having a beach wedding with a tropical kind of theme, a reggae band might be your awesome choice to play wedding live music for you and your guests.

The Band and The Venue

Especially when you will be holding your big day in a hotel, the management may be strict in implementing their specifications and other requirements with regards to having live bands. They might be requested to submit certain documents such as liability insurance, electrical safety, and even risk assessment. Furthermore, any hotel management is strict when it comes to noise. Hotel wedding venues are soundproofed to prevent noise from disturbing local residents. In some cases, there are also sound limiters that are installed for the purpose of cutting off music once it gets too loud. A good wedding live band in Singapore is familiar with sound limiters, and they can adjust accordingly. Additionally, your venue should be spacious enough to accommodate the band with their musical instruments and other equipment. They should not feel that they are being restricted as it can affect their performance.

Summary: To get a really cool band to play at your Singapore wedding banquet, you need to consider a couple of factors. In this guide, we give suggestions on how you can choose the right band based on your wedding theme and venue, and what kind of musicians you should hire.

Discover Chinese Opera

Chinese opera has many types but they all have common qualities such as beautiful, elaborate costumes and make-up. Most stories are based on history, with stage backdrops that are as detailed as the actors’ outfits. Besides singing, dancing and music, they sometimes include acrobatics and martial arts.


The earliest form of the opera is from the Canjun opera of the 3rd century. It became more distinct during the Tang Dynasty when the Emperor Xuanzong created the Pear Garden opera group for his entertainment. It was from this troupe that the name “Disciples of the Pear Garden” originated.

Most Chinese opera tell one story in chronological scenes. The performers can take either male or female roles. They also have a distinct singing style and most signers have high vocal ranges. Each phrase is prolonged by singing and accentuated with poses and gestures.

There are numerous opera forms but the most notable is the Beijing Opera performed in Mandarin. They are also known for their make-up and distinct four types of performers.

Henan or Yu Opera has two major styles: acrobatic and singing with dialogues.

Sichuan Opera is also performed in Mandarin and uses five known melodic styles. They are known for the Changing Faces technique where an actor can change his face mask in an instant.

Cantonese Opera’s stories are based on myths, classic tales, as well as illustrate the philosophy and values of the people. Most of the actors are female.

Other famous forms are Jiju, Qinqiang, Huangmei, Kunqu and many more.

Notable Operas

The following are some of the famous Chinese opera productions.

Emperor’s Female Son-in-Law features a feisty Feng Suzhen who didn’t want to marry anyone except her betrothed who was in prison. She disguised as a man so she can take the imperial exams. The Emperor arranging a marriage of his daughter to Feng.

Employer Deceived tells the story of the waiter Qian Fu who persuaded the wine shop owner to give her daughter to him in marriage and fire another waiter.

Fallen Stars tells the story of lovers Niulang and Zhinu who were stars that came down from heaven to marry. They were later separated by the Heavenly Queen.

Goddess’ Marriage features Dong Young who works for the Fu family to bury his deceased father. One of the Jade Emperor’s daughters took pity on him.

Red Mansions is based on the novel Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin about a man torn between two women.

Silver Spear tells the story of Jiang Guizhi who was left by her husband Luo Yi because he wanted to attain fame and fortune. When she learned that he was still alive, she sent their son and grandchild to search for him.

The Butterfly Lovers is based on one of China’s Four Great Folktales. It recounts the story of the lovers Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo who met when they studied together at school.

The Heavenly Maid and the Mortal features the youngest daughter of the Jade Emperor of Heaven, Seventh Fairy Maiden, who flees then marries a mortal named Dong Yong.