Self-Limiting Beliefs That Might Be Holding You Back

Humans have unlimited potential. The thing is though, too many of us today don’t think highly of ourselves. But usually, it’s really just our minds playing tricks on us. Here are some limiting beliefs you need to watch out for.

I don’t have enough time

Sometimes this can be true but saying it too much can cause us to believe that it’s actually true. The thing is though, you do have time and sometimes you just don’t notice where you’re wasting it. Today, the most common thing that wastes our time is social media. No matter where you are in Singapore, you’ll see people stuck scrolling on their phones for hours. If you think about it, you can do so much more instead of just keeping your eyes glued to your phone.

I’m not like them

Another limiting belief that can be caused by social media is comparison. Although, in this case, social media isn’t the only culprit. Comparing yourself to others can really put you in a bad position when it comes to self-consciousness. If you do find that you’re already comparing yourself to others, remember that we all have different upbringings. Though some are more fortunate, they still have their own ups and downs just like you. So, there’s no need to think that you can’t live a certain way because you’re not as good as others.

Others might judge me

Another very common limiting belief we say to ourselves is to just avoid doing something so that we won’t get judged. For example, you plan to go jogging in a park somewhere in Singapore but decide not to because many other runners already look fit while you’re there just starting your weight loss journey. What you should remember is, people generally only pay attention to themselves. They have their own problems and reasons to go jogging, so they won’t really mind another person they have nothing to do with.

One needs to struggle to succeed

Of course, it’s true that we need to work hard to succeed in life. But that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer during the process. This is limiting belief is not something we have at the start. It’s usually a mindset that we begin to develop, especially when we start having a hard time. But you should remember that struggling does not equate to hard work. If you align your actions accordingly to meet your goals, you’ll rarely develop this self-limiting mindset.

I don’t know what I want yet

Another excuse we usually say to ourselves is that we’re still not sure what we really want to do with our lives yet. Even so, this is really not a good excuse to stop yourself from growing up and exploring new things. You’ll never find out exactly what you want if you stay there doing nothing. But that’s the thing too, you’re not exactly doing “nothing”. You’ll usually learn more about yourself by simply looking at your current lifestyle.

A Simple Introduction on Setting Up a Smart Home

Many Singaporeans already utilize some level of integration into smart homes. But it really is a whole different experience controlling your lights, TV, and aircon with just your voice! Now, more and more people are starting to set up their smart homes. If you want to get on the hype train, here are some things you need to know first.

The smart assistant

When setting up a smart home, the first step is to get the main voice assistant. There’s Google Assistant, Siri for Apple, and Alexa for Amazon. These are basically the devices you speak to when you give voice commands. Because Android devices typically dominate in Asia, Google Assistant should be one of your first choices.

In America, on the other hand, more people choose to use Alexa for their smart homes. Either way, this is one of the first things you should focus on. Do your research regarding these different products to find out which one will be the best for you.

Smart speaker

These assistants are usually already a feature of smart speakers. Smart speakers, as the name suggests, deliver audio content from your media library or even other platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. Or when you ask for a recipe, your smart assistant will also dictate the instructions through those speakers.

Smart lights

Too tired to get out of bed and switch the lights off, well, this won’t be a problem anymore once you’re done setting up your smart home. You can simply use your phone or issue a vocal command to your assistant and voila, you can switch your lights on or off without standing up.

When installing smart lights though, you’ll have to change what you already have in your home. If you think your lights are still fully functional or you just don’t intend on spending money there, you can opt for smart light switches instead.

Security system

You can also get smart locks that will allow you to lock your doors with your phone. This can be especially advantageous because you won’t have to worry about losing or forgetting your keys. You can also integrate cameras, doors sensors, and even a siren for better security as well. You can even set up a doorbell camera system too so that you can see who’s at the door without having to go out anymore.

Do I need the internet?

Most, if not all smart devices are controlled with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In essence, you do need the internet for your smart assistant. And because the smart assistant is where you issue commands, the internet is all the more necessary. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to turn on your lights or adjust the aircon temperature without it.

Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Play Team Sports

Basketball, football, and cricket are only some of the popular team sports in Singapore. At some point, your child will ask you about these sports and maybe even say that they’re interested in one. They might start playing basketball at school or maybe they know friends who play soccer.

If this is the case, allow them to do so and encourage them! You never know, they might be the next big star of the sport! But aside from that, there are really many great reasons to let your child play team sports. Here are only some of them. 

They’ll have other mentors and role models

Just like how teachers become the child’s “second parents”, coaches can also be great mentors and role models. Kids need to learn from other grown-ups outside of their homes. This is particularly beneficial because they’re opened up to many different perspectives about life as they grow up.

The coach acts as a leader, teacher, disciplinarian, and an overall foundation. He can teach your child about hard work, determination, the importance of working with others, and many more.

Team sports encourage cooperation

We all know that humans always thrive when they are in groups. Our ancestors hunted as packs and fought as groups. We can confidently say that cooperation is a natural part of human life.

Playing in team sports, of course, highlights the importance of working together with others. The goal of winning is something everybody strives for. Hence, children are taught to cooperate with their fellow teammates in order to achieve those goals.

It can teach them about status

One of the more important advantages of playing in team sports is that it checks one’s status. When you’re on a team, you’ll know soon enough if you’ll have a main role or become a substitute player. This can be a big test for your child. If he becomes a substitute, he might be discouraged.

Even so, he will learn that he can have fun even without being the team’s best player. Then, that will encourage him to work even harder to actually get a spot as a starter. Of course, learning about status at an early age will help them manage their life and career as they grow older.

It can make your child competitive

Usually, there are two factors that will motivate someone playing for a team. One is the desire to be the best player and the other is to beat other teams. Playing a team sport puts your child in a constantly competitive environment.

Most of the time, you’ll see these affect other aspects of their life positively as well. The competitiveness they get in the sport will also move to their education, and then their careers sooner or later.

An Introduction to Acupuncture

With the different medical advances made in recent years, the name acupuncture seems like a thing of the past only witch doctors would perform. But there are benefits to it that might help several conditions. By supplementing your main treatment with alternatives like acupuncture, you might have a better chance at recovery.

Here is everything you need to know about acupuncture.

It has been round for thousands of years. There are records detailing the use of acupuncture as holistic treatment since 1000 BC, but the earliest materials used for the practice were dated at 6000 BC. The goal of the treatment to is give the correct stimulus to return the body to its balanced state.

It uses the concept of meridians and qi. Qi is the name for the energy that flows through the body and is used to maintain health and balance. The meridians are the channels through which the qi flows.

The system consists of 12 main channels that represent the important organs in the body. There are 365 points in the body that are considered the openings to the channels. If there is a disruption in the flow of the qi, the person gets sick.

Acupuncture is used with other treatments. Acupuncture complements other forms of treatment, which means that you also need to improve your diet, take medication, and consider other treatments such as massage, herbs, and heat therapy.

Acupuncture modifies the flow of the qi. To return the flow of the qi to normal, you can disrupt that flow by inserting needles into one of the many channel openings. The needles used are different from the ones used for sewing.

It is mainly used to address chronic illness. Acupuncture seems to work well in addressing chronic pain for a lot of people who have tried various treatments. Although not yet confirmed, the stimulation is believed to boost the body’s ability to release painkillers because the nerves and muscles are stimulated.

Your doctor in Singapore might recommend acupuncture if you have any of the following conditions: headaches, migraine, back pain, menstrual cramps, respiratory disorders, dental pain, osteoarthritis, and many more.

There are different styles of acupuncture. Some styles of acupuncture specialize in various methods. This is why you need to ask your doctor for the options if you have a bleeding disorder, a cardiovascular illness or if you are pregnant. You should only go to a certified acupuncturist to avoid possible complications from malpractice.

There are risks. Although it doesn’t happen to everyone who tried acupuncture, there are risks if you go to an inexperienced acupuncturist. You might experience bleeding, bruising, soreness, infection, and even premature delivery if you are pregnant.

If you are also using a pacemaker, you should not go to an acupuncturist who uses electrical pulses. You will know if an acupuncturist is legitimate if the practitioner examines you first before performing the procedure. You should also asked for details regarding the procedure to know the risks.

Tips for Choosing Appliances for Your Apartment

Most heavy-duty appliances are not made for small apartments in Singapore, which is why you have to be practical when it comes to choosing the right pieces. This also means not having to sacrifice the quality and function of the appliances.

Here are tips to help you choose appliances for your apartment.

Know how to read the appliances specifications. It is not that complicated to understand the power, installation, and usage requirements of appliances. It is nearly similar to the specifications on your smartphone and other devices. You can look up the latest trends in appliances online before purchasing.

Always keep size in mind. Your apartment will not have enough space for huge appliances, but this should not be a problem with newer models that are made specifically for small spaces. If you don’t have a large family and you don’t eat often at home, you won’t need a large refrigerator for example.

Focus on features you need. Modern appliances have additional features to make life easier. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen appliances, but do you really need these conveniences?

If you cook often, you should invest in conventional ovens may be a better choice than convection ovens for example. When choosing the type of stove, you will not need gas if you don’t cook yourself; induction or electric are fine for occasional food preparation.

Don’t buy what you don’t need. You don’t need to equip your kitchen with every type of appliance you can find on a catalogue. Purchase only what you are going to use and what you will need often. Otherwise, it will just look like a store display that take up a lot of space.

Go for energy-saving appliances. Older models tend to use more energy but have fewer features. Maybe it is time to replace your old air conditioner or your refrigerator if it is more than ten years old. New models are expensive, but the long-term cost will let you save more.

Don’t just go for the looks. Large, modern televisions with plenty of features will look spectacular on your apartment, but is it really worth it? If you are not at home most of the time, then why bother if it is just a decoration? Besides, with the pace with which technology is developing nowadays, your current gadget might be obsolete by next year.

Remember: quality over brand name. You should still look for trusted brand names when it comes to appliances, but quality does not mean you have to buy the most expensive appliances. Read the specifications carefully then look for reviews about the specific model before purchasing. Sure, some may look impressive, but can it perform well?

Examine the materials. When you have kids, expect them to poke around the new appliance when you’re not looking. Do not invest in flimsy materials that can’t withstand years of usage and some beating up from curious children.

The 15 Best Anti-Heroes in Video Games

Not all of the most iconic video game characters are heroes. Some of them have a dark past and have made no-so-heroic decisions to achieve their goals.

Wario of the Super Mario series – He is the arch-rival of the series’ protagonist, and why not? His name is Japanese means “bad,” and he was always jealous of Mario and Luigi even as kids.

Alex Mercer of PrototypeThis shapeshifter and a superhuman, among other things. As he uncovers memories of his past, Alex was forced to act after learning that he was responsible for the plague. However, Alex soon lost his faith in humanity.

Paxton Fettel of F.E.A.R.When Paxton merged with a psionic, he slaughtered several staff of a secret project, had dreams about cannibalism, and had a psychotic breakdown.

Agent 47 of HitmanHe’s not just an ordinary assassin, but a cloned specimen with a spotless record.

Dante of Devil May CryDante’s looking for those responsible for the death of mother and his brother. A half-demon, he takes pleasure in hunting supernatural forces of evil.

Max Payne of Max PayneThis former law officer took it upon himself to look for the criminals responsible for the slaughter of his family.

Garrett of ThiefWhen you are known as the most decorated criminal in The Watch and The City, you’re most likely a person who will do everything it takes for personal gain.

Arthas Menethil of WarcraftThe idealistic crown prince turned into a lich when his desire to become a hero and protect the people made him decide to face a dark threat all by himself. Once he took up a cursed blade, however, he was transformed into a death knight.

James Earl Cash of ManhuntAs a former death row inmate, James was the perfect casting for a snuff film because of his emotionless approach to butchering people.

Kratos of God of WarAfter becoming a pawn of Ares, Kratos soon learned that he was the prophesied son who would eventually usurp Zeus. His rampage against the Olympians was fueled by their trickery and ill use of his powers.

Cole MacGrath of inFamousA simple delivery boy turns into a superhuman with the power of elektrokinesis. After his exploits, however, he was considered as a felon or a bioterrorist because oft eh number of casualties that resulted from a plague.

Kazuma Kiryu of YakuzaHe had plans for the future with the Dojima Family, but it all came crashing down when he was pinned as a suspect for the death of the family patriarch.

Alucard of CastlevaniaDespite being the son of Dracula, Alucard took it upon himself to oppose his father after his mother’s passing.

Sweet Tooth of Twisted MetalWhen you have a face of a killer clown, it’s not easy to convince people that you’re a good guy.

Trevor Philips of Grand Theft Auto VMostly unstable, resentful, and will easily give to his emotions, Trevor is someone you don’t want to cross. However, he shows a sentimental side that made him the most popular character in the game.

Self-Reflection: Are You Unconsciously Bullying Others?

Bullies need help too like their victims, in fact much more so because they have a lot of problems to deal with, not the least of which is to acknowledge their horrible actions and how they cause harm to people.

If you are reading this, then you might have been called a bully once. If that is so, then you are on the right track to becoming a better person because acknowledgement is the first and most difficult step to take.

A bully doesn’t always need to physically abuse victims

Most bullies who are never reprimanded for their actions are excellent emotional manipulators because they know they don’t need to resort to physical violence to scare their victims. Are you the type who always get what you want even at the inconvenience of other people? Have you been called bossy occasionally?

A bully isn’t just a grade schooler

Bullies exist in workplaces. They are usually the ones who love to order people around even if they have no authority do so; use threats to make people yield for them; and always has a beef with someone and doesn’t seem to have a lot of close friends.

You have a short temper

You don’t have to throw tantrums at work to be considered a bully, because passive aggressive comments that you think are clever can be considered a form of bullying. You love humiliating people and seeing them get embarrassed even more despite acknowledging they made a mistake.

You’re fascinated with insecure people

Bullies feel strong around people who have low self-esteem and avoid confrontation. Just because no one wants to stand up to you doesn’t mean you are strong. In fact you are weak, because you can only exercise your power on people who don’t want any conflict. You can also be a bully if you love evoking discomfort in another person and seeing them fail.

You don’t understand difference

Do you think your co-worker or classmate looks different than most people? Does someone you know speak or dress differently than you? The world is bigger than the bubble you build around yourself and everyone is unique.

It is none of your business what the other person looks like, prefers to dress in, who to date, and what to do on their spare time and with their money. If you can’t wrap your head around the idea of diversity, then the problem isn’t the world, it’s you.

You have plenty of problems yourself

There is no excuse for bullying, even if you were bullied yourself before. Think about why you bully other people now; is it because you’re angry at someone? Do you feel insecure? Does your victim deserve the shame? Remember the problem is with you, not your victim so if you are having a difficult time acknowledging your mistakes and don’t know how to deal with it, seek help and make amends.