Take Pleasure in Studying at Singapore

Singapore schools and universities ranked high in the world. In fact, it is highly recommended by the higher department of education. This is because of the modern facilities that are used by the schools in Singapore.


People in Singapore are aware that the country is looked high by many countries. Just like their chewing gum law, it became popular around the world. In fact, there are so many critics about it. On the other hand, when we talk about studying in Singapore, you will be having no regrets in choosing the schools in Singapore. Actually, you don’t need to choose schools because they are all of the same facilities; however, not all school has complete equipment just like other famous universities.

To further know about the schools in Singapore, here are some schools in Singapore that offers not just the best but also satisfaction and comfort.

Singapore University of Technology and Design

This is a public autonomous university in Singapore that is founded in 2009. Actually, this is the fourth line of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Also the school built partnership with Zhejiang and SIM University.

The PSB (Productivity and Standards Board) Academy

Providing the finest education since 1964, PSB Academy has around 10,000 students that is enrolled in different courses. The academy is previously recognized as Productivity and Standard Boards of Singapore. PSB Academy provides excellent academic programs like accounting and finance, business management as well as communications, English language, life and physical science and engineering and technology.

Basically, there are a lot of schools to talk about because Singapore doesn’t stop there. Actually, the country is moving and evolving and the only thing that people must do, is see the effects of it.


Holiday the Singapore Way

Paragon_Shopping_Centre,_Singapore,_Nov_05Almost all country in the world is now preparing for the celebration of Christmas. Each has different traditions, ways and styles of welcoming this season of giving and love. One interesting topic is on how this mostly Chinese citizen country celebrates the season.

Early Shopping Preparation


Singapore has its own unique way of preparation and celebration for Christmas. Singaporeans are seen to be shopping gifts as early as June while many are crammers in buying gifts. Singapore holds its extravaganza sale during the months of June and July so it’s a perfect time to do early Christmas shopping. By making an early Christmas shopping, crowd, traffic and busy schedules from work and school could not be a headache; great planning and a very successful preparation could be achieved.

Big-Time Shopping in December

Singaporeans love shopping. It is a best time for them to relax and also make time to shop for themselves. In December, big sales and discounts on different merchandise are in Singapore. It is a day to pick a beautiful dress, paired with bag and shoes for the celebration.

Top Destination: Orchard Road

Orchard Road has its way of meeting the season. For 27 years, tourists have been always attracted by the lights seen in Orchard Road which engages them to celebrate and enjoy the Christmas spirit as carolers are heard filling the shining lights in the center. Christmas in Singapore would never be the same without food and festivals.

A Delicious Meal to Top the Holiday

Mouth-watering foods like baked-ham, roasted turkey or beef and sweets are served in homes. Families celebrate the season together and enjoy their sumptuous meal, even tourists on restaurants. Singaporeans also love to travel on holidays. For them, it is a great time of get-away with families and close relatives. It is commonly considered as a great break from all the hassles and stress from work and school.



Signs of Lake-Water in Mars


A prehistoric freshwater lake that was found on Mars was reported by researchers and scientists. It is said to be a sign that there is a chance that the atmosphere in Mars can sustain life. NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity, landed on August the other year.


The lake which was discovered is positioned within the Gale Crater where the rover also touched down in a vicinity of 50km long and 5km wide. In a conference at the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, Geologist John Grotzinger from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena said that according to the studies being made, sediments and deposits that were gathered would give an estimated existence of the lake which is said to be for almost ten thousand years or more.

We have acknowledged the fact that Mars could be habitable as it has shown environmental evidences such as the lake, steams and when the like is dry, we could have the ground water, he added. There were two rocks drilled for the test of clay in the area called as the Yellowknife Bay.

It has proved that the lake sustained its life while further parts of Mars were dry. On the other hand, the lake found in Gale Crater said to have been backed up by rock-eating microorganisms called as the chemolithoautotrophs. On Earth, these microorganisms are mostly seen in caves and hydrothermal exits.

Geologic aspects were found in Mars that were molded because of water. There were dried riverbed, water routes and lakes and other deposits. Researchers will keep on looking for evidences such as rocks and other organisms that are high in chemical qualities so that it can be conserved. Scientists are expanding to more advance procedures to look for life there.



Wedding Videography Tips for Beginners

If you are a beginner in wedding videography, you still have a lot of things to learn and a lot of cameras to roll before being the best in the craft. Every videographer start small but the important thing here is they never gave up and so should you. Eventually you will get good in it and you can attract attention. If you are good, you can get many projects. You will see. In the meantime, you should do your best to improve and hone your talents and skills in wedding videography. If you are serious about being the best videographer in Singapore, you should go to school and avail of formal education.


There are many Film Schools here in Singapore that you can enrol at. But there are people who are not formally trained but are very good in filming. You need to learn the basics and be familiar with it. More importantly, you should know when to use or apply the techniques you learned in school. If in this case you are still discovering the joys of videography, you should start slow and enjoy it. Here are simple tips that you can use:

Plan your shoot

When you have shoots, make sure to plan it well. It should be planned so other members will not have any other conflicts. If you are planning for an outdoor wedding videography shooting, you should make a mental note of the weather. If it is all gloomy and rainy, you should postpone it and wait for a better weather or you need to improvise if you are beating a deadline.

Use a tripod

To ensure the steadiness of the camera, you should use a tripod. Tripods are crucial so you can have a quality video. Your hands tend to be shaky sometimes which is not good when doing wedding videography filming. If you use your hands, make sure they are steady.


Avoid the sun

When you are filming, you should avoid the sun. You should shoot behind the sun not in front of it. The sunlight can either make or break your shot but to be safe and sure, you should shoot behind it.

Check your camcorders

If you are set for a shooting schedule, you should first check your wedding videographer Singapore camcorders, tapes, cables and batteries. If everything is there, you can head out. It is crucial that you check your battery and make sure it is fully charged. If you have extra batteries, you should take it with you.


Check your microphones

Aside from the video quality, audio will give life and meaning to the wedding videography film. You should always check your microphone. You do not want your audience to get confused and irritated just because they cannot hear it.

If you want to know more about the techniques, you should ask your mentor or teacher about it. Famous techniques include over the shoulder shots, tracking shots,  tilt shots, crane shots,  panning shots, track in shots, zoom shots and many more.

If you want to learn other related fields, you should. You need to study about photography and how to become a good editor. If you want to succeed in this field, you need to be branded well. You should do your best because the word of mouth can be your effective advertising tool.

Good luck out there!

The Rise of Bibliophilism in Singapore

On 2005, through the National Library Board (NLB), Singapore organized a nationwide campaign about promoting a society of Singaporean readers. This campaign was designed to give an opportunity for the kids, youth and adult, to develop their desire to read. In the long run, this campaign is hopeful to turn the Singaporean people into a bibliophile nation.


These are the characteristic of a typical bibliophile:

The smarter one

Bibliophile’s reads bounteous books.  Definitely if you read a lot, you will gain more knowledge and understanding about so many things. And if you will notice, those people who are considered “intelligent” are always seen reading books.

The one who knows how to be stress free by just reading

A person who reads a lot of high-quality novel makes him forget about everything else. Just look at those who are reading under the trees, who are seems to be so relax and calm. They seem to have that intimate connection with the story.

The one who are superb in vocabulary

A person, who loves reading, look at the words thoroughly. They look at the spelling, the grammar and the meaning of the words they are reading.  Of course, you can’t understand what you are reading, if you don’t understand every word indicated there.

The one who has a better memory

They are the one whose memory muscles works all the time. When you read, you have to remember some details, facts and figures. This will create new pathways for your brain to recall and toughen your existing ones.


The one who has a stronger analytical skills

Those people who are considered as a bibliophile thinks more and seems to have better viewpoints than others who don’t read a lot. When you read, it magnifies your knowledge because you have to use your brain, you have to think more and you have to widen your frame of reference.

The highly skilled writer

Enhanced vocabulary and stronger analytical skills are the results of reading a lot, which an excellent writer posseses.

Singapore Winches Up to Positivity

According to a survey conducted by Gallup, from being the lowest in the world on positive experience index on 2011, Singapore managed to be on top of the world ranking last year (46 percent in 2011 to 70 percent last 2012). This was considered as the biggest lift among the 143 countries surveyed by the international surveying company. 

What can positivity brings to the Singaporeans?


1. Positivity brings tuneful relationship

When you think of positive things, you see the goodness of other people. Instead of focusing in their imperfections, you pay attention in the things that they do best. This will give a great opportunity for you to have a strong and meaningful relationship with them.

2. Positivity brings good health

When you think positively, you will be able to get away from some of the stresses that lead to sickness. Studies show that one of the predisposing factors of having health problems like heart disease, asthma, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease are caused by stress related factors. It is also a fact that good health will give you longer life.


3. Positivity brings prosperity

When you are positive, you can easily make something great out of all negative situations. Popular leaders are positive thinkers, they are good in decision making and they are able to influence others effortlessly.

4. Positivity brings visions into reality

When you envision yourself doing something and you believe that it will happen with no uncertainty, definitely it will turn into reality. Having a positive outlook that good things will come your way in whatever situation you are in contributes to making it come true.

Traditional Art Gallery vs. Online Art Gallery

Gone are the days where staying at home can’t do anything but watch TV. Today, the world seems to be very reachable because of the advent of the Internet. You can do pretty much everything if you have Internet access at home, including purchase of art pieces. So whenever you want to buy or just admire artworks, you don’t have to drive a mile away just to go to the nearest art gallery Singapore.

Traditional Art Gallery


One advantage of traditional art gallery that somehow lacks in online gallery is the validity of art authenticity. In online gallery, since pictures can be edited, flaws and authenticity marks can easily be removed or added to look appealing to the consumers, which is quite risky if you’re aiming to purchase an expensive piece of art. In traditional art gallery, you get to scrutinize and view the artwork much closer to validate its authenticity. If you’re an art enthusiast with an eye that can spot authentic from fake, you’ll greatly benefit in traditional art gallery than in online gallery.

If you’re an artist aiming for an exclusive art exhibition, an online gallery may not be good choice. Since the Web is easily accessible by anyone, you cannot achieve the exclusivity you’re aiming for. For world-renowned artists or artists who intent to do an exhibit for a certain group of people, traditional art galleries can help control the number and kind of audiences in your exclusive art exhibit.

Online Art Gallery


Online art galleries have solved location and mobility problems for art enthusiasts. Online art galleries did not only make it possible for viewers to view works of art  from all over the world, but it also serves as an excellent platform for both aspiring and prominent artists to showcase their works on a much larger scale.

Another advantage that online art gallery has is that the viewers can view and buy art works at their own leisure. Though there’s much charm associated with actually viewing an artwork in person at vinci affordable art singapore but only a few people can actually afford to do it. With the travel costs, work related problems, and daily commitments, one cannot afford to simply go and leisurely view artworks with all those baggage left behind. This is where online art galleries have definite edge over traditional galleries. You can now purchase art pieces without spending a single cent for travel expenses.

Furthermore, when you sign-up for an online gallery membership, you’ll automatically receive email updates of next events. You may also receive catalogs of artworks through email so you can browse at your convenient time. Previous exhibits and paintings are also recorded and forwarded to you for your reference. For events held simultaneously, you can inquire or check online on how to attend the art exhibitions in person. An online gallery website allows you to view art at your own convenience.

If you’re an aspiring artist, selling your works on a Singapore online gallery allows larger scale of viewers to browse through your works. Also, websites today are much more affordable than traditional gallery spaces in Singapore. Through online, you don’t only expand your reach but save a lot from gallery rental expenses as well.