Recycling Programmes in Singapore

There have been concerns regarding the increasing mass of wastes disposed every day. Many countries are studying and implementing waste management so they can handle all the wastes without incurring more damage to the earth. For instance in Singapore, they have this National Recycling Program that promotes waste minimization and recycling in different areas- home, condominiums, apartment, schools and other industrial estates.

The NEA (National Environment Agency) is in charge for safeguarding, nurturing and cherishing the environment in Singapore. PWCs (Public Waste Collectors) will serve as recycling collection service to all areas mentioned above. PWCs are licensed by NEA. Furthermore, NEA listed guidelines for every area for proper waste handling and recycling. It is crucial to follow the guidelines to avoid getting fines or other repercussions. Here’s a list:

Recycling in HBD flats and landed property estates

There are issued recycling bags to all residents. Residents should remember the schedule for collection. The PWC collects the recycling bags between 7:30am-7:00pm every day. Residents can just leave the recycling bags at their doorstep before 7:30am.

To encourage recycling all the time, there are recycling bins installed in common areas. Every HBD block is provided with recycling bins.

Recycling in condominiums/apartment

Condominium or apartment management are required to provide recycling containers within their estates and send their recyclables for recycling. There is a guidebook for this area that can help with the implementation.

Recycling in schools

Recycling program in the schools seek to educate students of the importance of recycling. Students are given booklets and posters so they will know what to do. But generally, the school administration set up recycling corners in the school with recycling bins for paper, plastic bottles and cans.

Recycling in industrial estates

There is a guidebook that talks about recycling in industrial estates in detail. Companies are also encouraged to minimize waste through recycling.

Exploring the Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore specialises in science and technology. The institution seeks to educate the public of science and technology and promote it. There are many exhibits showcased in the science centre. If you want to have a blast, give Science Centre Singapore a thought. You will surely enjoy every moment. Here’s what you need to know about Science Centre Singapore:


The centre includes a 276-seater OMNIMAX theatre. The theatre is called Singapore Omni-Theatre. You will see an indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces and the Snow City. Snow City (with -5 degrees Celsius temperature) was placed beside the Omni-theatre. Aside from that, the Science Centre established an observatory which is located next to the Equator. The observatory accommodates astronomy lessons and public talks. The observatory is proud of its state-of-the-art facilities like the telescope.

If you consider star-gazing, the observatory is open to the public for sessions. Just keep in mind that star-gazing sessions are every Friday from 7.50pm to 10pm.

Getting there

Science Centre is located at 15 Science Centre Road. You can take a car, bus or MRT. If in this case you want to ride the bus, look for buses 66, 178 and 335. If you want to ride the MRT, stop at the nearest station. The nearest station is Jurong East Station. You can then walk to the Science Centre or simply wait for the buses.  

Admission charges

For Megabugs blockbuster exhibition packages, adults will pay $16 to $28. Children will pay $13 to $20 and the family package will cost you $52 to $62. For Science Centre and Omni-Theatre, adults will pay $12 to $10. Children will pay $7 to $8 and senior citizens will pay $6 to $8. For Science Centre, Snow City and Omni-Theatre packages, adults will pay $18 to $26 while children will pay $16 to $20.

Operating hours

The Science Centre Singapore and Omni-Theatre opens daily from 10am to 6pm. The Snow City is open from 10am to 6pm daily but if it is school and public holidays, they open from 10am to 7pm.

What Clarke Quay Offers

Clarke Quay is Singapore’s premier entertainment destination whether it is day or night. In here, you will see different establishments that will surely cater to your every need.

The Quay offers:

Aseana Gallery

Aseana Gallery is situated in Riverside Point. The place houses a wide variety of art collections from modern pieces to realist and impressionist pieces. The gallery is open from 1pm to 10pm every Monday-Sunday. The admission is free. If you are a patron of the art, you can choose to buy pieces for a price. You can visit their website at

Princess Terrace

Princess Terrace is situated in Copthorne King’s Hotel. The restaurant boasts of Penang inspired cuisines like laksa, noodles, prawn and other mouth watering dishes. It is a perfect place for gatherings. The restaurant is open from Monday-Friday (6am to 10:30am, 12pm to 2:30pm and 6:30pm to 1am) and Saturday-Sunday & Holidays (6am to 10:30am, 12pm to 3:30pm and 6pm to 1am). Meals start at S$40 onwards.


Zirca is situated in Block C, The Cannery. If you want to witness a live action, Zirca will surely excite you. They showcase live stunts and other performances. DJs play variety of genres from Trance to House and Electro music. You will surely experience ultimate clubbing. The club is open from 9:30pm-late every day. Services start at S$40 onwards.


Brewerks is situated in Riverside Point. The bar is famous for its American-style foods and homemade beer brews. They are proud of their pizzas, steaks, burgers and T-bone. Services start at S$40 onwards. The bar is open from Monday-Thursday (12pm to 1am), Friday-Saturday (12pm to 3am) and Sunday & Holidays (11am to 1am).

Recycling in Singapore

We are all aware that the world is full of waste. We should do our best to at least minimize our waste and contribute to cleanliness before it gets out of hand. In this line, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) is doing its best to educate Singaporeans of how important it is to clean the environment and minimize waste with the use of recycling.

The agency launched many programs that can increase the awareness of the locals. In fact, they published Recycling Resources. Recycling Resources refer to one’s options when it comes to dealing with their garbage or trashes. Here’s an overview of the Recycling Resources the SEC is promoting:

Collection Centres. Recycling starts in the home, workplace, school and other institution. It is important that segregation is implemented. For biodegradable wastes, you should follow the collection days and make sure it is in the proper collection bin. The same should be done for recyclables (papers, plastics, glass and metals).

Recycling of Mixed Items. Instead of throwing away things that can still be used, why not give it to Family Thrift Stores? You can also look for Donation Bins so you can help other people.

Cash Converters. The good news is that there are many companies that allow customers to exchange items for cash. If you are interested, there are many stores or companies that offer this kind of service. You can go to Cash Converters Admiralty at 70 Woodlands Ave 7 Admiralty MRT Station, Cash Converters Ang Mo Kio at Blk 7 10A Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 and Cash Converters Toa Payoh at Blk 192 Toa Payoh Lor 4.

Recycling of Hand Phones. Instead of collection old hand phones, why not deliver it to the hand phone company? If you have old Nokia phones and accessories, you can deliver it at Nokia Centres. Motorola also accepts old Motorola products (hand phones, batteries, accessories, etc.).

Recycling of Computers. If you have old computers, ink cartridges and printers, you can also drop it off at their centres. For example HP are accepting old products and recycles it.

Visit Baba House

If you visited the Pernakan Museum and you want more, you should visit Baba House. Baba house shows in depth details about Pernakan history, architecture and tradition. At the end of the tour, you will surely gain additional insights into Straits Chinese. You will find it at 157 Neil Road. The house was given by Ms. Agnes Tan as a present to the National University of Singapore (NUS). The house was opened on September 2008.

Many people prefer the Baba house than the Pernakan Museum because the house grasps a detailed overview of Pernakan way of life. Here’s what you need to know about the Baba House:


The first two storeys of the house feature sets of furniture (bed, chairs, tables, etc.), wares, and intricate interiors. Furniture pieces belonged to the Wee estate and other Pernakan families. The third floor temporarily features exhibitions for practicing artisans and researchers.

Getting there

You can take a taxi, MRT or bus. Taking the taxi is most convenient but if you want to save money, MRT is fine. You just need to stop at Outram Park station. If you want to ride the bus, look for bus lines 167, 196 and 197.

Admission charges

The admission charge for Baba Houses costs about S$10.00 for adults. For seniors, it is S$8, for 18 years and below, it is S$5 and for National University of Singapore students, it is S$3.

Operating hours

This is crucial. Remember that you need to sign up in advance for the Baba House tour. Each tour will last for an hour. The house can cater to small groups (maximum of 12 people) because of the limited space of the house not to mention the delicateness of Peranakan wares. Tours are every Monday (2pm), Tuesday (6.30pm), Thursday (10am) and Saturday (11am).

Exploring Night Safari in Singapore

If you want to explore Singapore’s wilderness without the scorching heat, night safari is best for you. Night Safari is the first in the world and it is a popular attraction in Singapore. It covers 40 hectares or 99 acres of land nearby Singapore Zoo and Upper Seletar Reservoir. The night safari gives shelter to about 1,040 animals.

The setting for Night Safari is similar to Singapore Zoo’s naturalistic “open”. This means that the surroundings are open but there is nothing to worry because moats, barriers and glasses are hidden to create an effect of naturalistic habitat. In fact, an artificial moonlight is provided for visitors to witness and observe nocturnal animals at their natural or normal state. What to expect in Night Safari:


You can watch Creatures of the Night Show or other cultural performances. There are tribal dances, fire dances and other demonstrations.

Walking Trails

The safari is divided into different geographical zones which can be surveyed by walking. The newest attraction-Wallaby trail, offers an Australian experience. In there, you have the chance to observe nocturnal animals found in Australia. Aside from that trail, you can also choose to observe and walk with animals like leopards, badgers and civets.

Tram rides

Ride in trams and enjoy the 40 minute drive to the wild. You can get up close and personal to their lions, tigers, deer and more.


There are available food and beverage outlets that you can find. You can choose from Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, Bongo Burgers and Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop. If you want to experience dining on the go, you can try Cocktail Safari Express and Gourmet Safari Express.

Exploring Jurong Bird Park

You cannot be considered a local if you haven’t visited Jurong Bird Park. If you haven’t visited the Bird Park, it is not yet too late to visit it. To get to the Bird Park, you can take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) to Boon Lay. After reaching Boon Lay, transfer to SBS Transit Service 194 or 251. If you want, you can simply ride a taxi or have someone take you there.

The bird park covers an area of 202,000 square metres or 50 acres. It is situated inside the Boon Lay Planning Area. The bird park features about 5000 birds of 380 species. To date, it is the second largest bird park (based on the number of species and land area) after Weltovogelpark Walsrode in Germany. What to expect in Jurong Bird Park:


As mentioned earlier, there are about 5000 birds. Exhibits are divided according to sections. Some of the sections include African Waterfall Aviary, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, Dinosaur Descendants, Lory Loft, Penguin Coast, Pelican Cove and World of Darkness.

You can see owls, pelicans, penguins, swans, storks, ducks, ostrich, mynah, ducks and other birds.


There are High Flyers Show and Kings of the Skies Show. If you want to see the performance of birds, you should consider the former. If you want to see the fierce eagles, falcons and hawks, the latter show is best for you.

Special Experiences

If you want to dine with parrots, you can. You will enjoy the company of an entertaining parrot show over lunch with a striking view of the Flamingo Lake.


Aside from eating with the parrots, there are dining centres within the park that you can consider.


If you are looking for souvenirs, shopping centres are visible in the park. You can now bring something home.