Tips on Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal

You’ll find garbage disposals in a Singapore home that value keeping the environment clean and green. This often neglected but faithful household helping device may not be the usual favorite when it comes to house furniture and appliances but it becomes every mom’s favorite every after meal times. Just like other household devices, a garbage disposal has different models you can choose from. They have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages as well. And as always, specific needs should be considered whenever looking for a garbage disposal that will best serve our household.


How often would you be using it?

A household may be using a garbage disposal at least three times every day but this is not always the case for everyone. It is therefore wise to consider first how often your household will be using the garbage disposal on a daily basis.

Large households may cook meals quite often so they may have heavier demands for a garbage disposal. A childless couple or a family of four may only have light demand for a garbage disposal. Meanwhile, there are those who live alone or are most often out or do not eat home a lot and may not need a garbage disposal that much.

How handy are you?

Most garbage disposals are very easy to install and replace but they usually are designed DIY style. So you need to consider if you think you’ll be capable enough in setting up the garbage disposal. You can be sure these are the types that are sold at low prices. But you really don’t have to worry as they usually come with easy to understand installation manuals and some companies even have tutorial videos on their company website.


How much is your budget?

Budget is almost always a top consideration for households. If this is your priority, you need to learn what features your household will be willing to compromise. Most of the cheaper garbage disposals generate noise when during their grinding operations. If you’re willing to put up with this, then you can save a lot of money with the cheaper garbage disposals. Most of the cheaper ones are also those that are small in sizes, have weaker horsepower motor, and have only limited warranty. Some amateurs on garbage disposal installations also have claimed success on the first time they gave it a try.

Do you live with children at home?

You might want to consider safety measures if you’re living with children at home. These youngsters may go unsupervised over the kitchen sink and poke their little fingers around. There are garbage disposals that are safer to use especially with children around since these garbage models will only start grinding once you attach its magnetic lid on. Unfortunately, this is also the more expensive of the types of garbage disposals. But when it comes to your children, it’s no longer a question of how much. The priority shifts to a question of how safe.

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Foods That Can Help Control Your Mood  


They say that you are what you eat. That is true. It does not end there because scientists also thought that what you eat will change or reflect your mood. There is a link between the food and your mood. For instance, there are many researches on the effects of alcohol and caffeine in relation to one’s mind. It is said that caffeine and alcohol can help you sleep better and it can calm you even comfort in times of pain.


When you are in a foul mood, you do things or say words that you will regret later. Instead of making rash decisions, it is always recommended to brisk walk or meditate. Channelling the energy to other things can help you deal with whatever you are dealing. If you are the type that binge eats during foul mood, you have to know that there are certain foods that can help your mood.

Sometimes, the only solution is to eat your troubles away. This is not so wrong since there are some researches that prove eating specific foods can alleviate one’s moods. If binge eating is your thing, it would be helpful to eat healthy foods instead of junk. There are healthy foods that can fix you but without filling you. Here are some foods you can consider depending on your mood:

  • When you are down: There are those days that you feel down. Instinctively you reach for chocolate but there are many healthier options. Like considering an English muffin with blueberry jam. This snack has high-carbohydrate content that it can flood the brain with serotonin – the happy chemical. You can also consider whole wheat bread with honey.
  • When you are irritable: When you notice that you are wearing that bear claw again, you have to calm down first and eat. When this happens, you have to instantly cut back on your caffeine intake. Caffeine is a stimulant but if you are already depressed, it can lead to prickliness. Also lessen sugar intake. For foods that can help your mood, try artificial sweeteners and if you cannot help but drink coffee, make sure that it is black.


  • When you are sleepy: Lack of sleep is not good because it can make you intolerant and irritable in the morning. When you are sleepy, do not drink caffeine, tea and other beverages as they contain caffeine. Also avoid energy drinks and vitamin waters as well as yogurts and chocolates. You have to consider water, carob or decafs. Do not forget about alcohol. Alcohol can stop you from sleeping well. You might feel horrible for four days after withdrawal but you have to deal with it if you want to sleep better. A little reminder too, do not eat big meals especially at night because it will keep the tummy busy during the night which can lead to restlessness. For dinner, do not forget to eat high-carb and low-protein meals to sleep better. Other snacks include potato, banana and avocado.
  • When you are depressed: There will come a time that you will get depressed. When this time comes, you have to eat more fish. Study showed that fishes like salmon, sardines and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty can give comfort during depression. There are people who are concerned of the mercury content of some fatty fishes. To be sure, choose Pacific salmon, summer flounder, croaker, haddock and farmed catfish.
  • When you are exhausted: If you are too exhausted that is beyond normal, you have to go and see your doctor because it might be a symptom of something serious. If you have iron deficiency or anaemia, there is no surprise that you experience fatigue. The reason for this is not getting enough iron. Beans, vegetables and grains are good but they do not provide enough iron for you to keep going. The best things to consider include seafood, meat and poultry. If despite eating meat you still feel exhausted, you have to add vitamin C to your diet. Try citrus fruits.

There you go. These foods can help a lot if only you give it a chance. For more advices, look for doctors. There are plenty of doctors here in Singapore that are willing to help you.

What You Need To Know About The Year Of The Monkey  


Based on the Chinese calendar, 2016 is the year of the fire monkey starting from 8th of February 2016 to 27th of January 2017. Monkey is the 9th of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. So, every twelve years, it is always the year of the monkey. Here in Singapore, many people celebrated and welcomed the New Year. Fireworks and merriment were everywhere.


It is always a good feeling welcoming the New Year regardless of the Chinese zodiac you are in. This year is for fire monkeys. In Chinese astrology, the Chinese zodiac animal sign is associated with one of the five elements every year – metal, wood, fire, water and earth. Your sign and element will affect your destiny and personality.

If you are a “monkey”, it is time that you get to know more about your zodiac sign. You have to remember though that at the end of the day, your personality and destiny will depend on you not the stars or astrology. Here are some things that you need to know about the year of the monkey:

Lucky and unlucky things

It doesn’t mean that monkeys will be lucky all throughout the year. You still need to be cautious of many things. For example, you have to avoid unlucky things like the color red and pink. Apart from that, unlucky numbers include two and seven. For the directions, never head to south or southeast. Finally, the unlucky months include the seventh and the eleventh month. You have to take note of lucky things too. For your lucky colors, wear gold, blue and white. For flowers, consider crape-myrtle and chrysanthemum. For your lucky direction, head to west, north and northwest. Your lucky months include the eighth and twelfth month.


It is said that for monkeys, there will be a great unexpected fortune this year. With this, you do not need to worry about clothes and food. The best time to make fortune will be the 2n and 12th month of the year. This time, you have to make full use of your cash by investing. However, you have to avoid collecting illegal gains or gambling because you will lose everything. There is one thing to note here though, monkeys should not show of their wealth of many people will persecute you.


This year, expect to suffer minor illnesses. If you are careful, you will not come to any harm. If you have a medicine, never forget to take it regularly so symptoms will reduce. The risk here is traffic accidents. You have to be aware of the traffic and your daily routine. Watch out for the 4th and 10th month because that is the time that you will be vulnerable to health risks and traffic accidents. Good thing about monkeys is that they have active lifestyles. You spend more time at work so you will be prone to nervous breakdown. Remember to save energy and take breaks especially if you are busy.   197489_375938822481119_1713036659_n


It is hard to accept that you will have a colourless relationship this year. If you long for a relationship, you have to be prepared because it will be harder to get one. You may meet a romantic relationship but it should happen naturally. Watch out for the 7th and the 12th month. If you have a romantic relationship, seize the opportunity and you will have a happy ending. Compatibility wise, monkeys are best with ox or rabbit but worst with tiger or pig.


It is said that you are intelligent and witty. It does not end there because you have a compelling personality. Monkeys are also mischievous, curious and naughty. You are a master of jokes and you like playing. Just be careful of your pranks though. Even if you do not have bad intentions, you might hurt the feelings of many. It is also said that monkeys are fast learners. Since they are all this, they need partners that will stimulate them.


Monkeys are very hard working. They are highly capable of adapting to any working environment. Monkeys are seen in the fields of banking, accounting, engineering, science, film directing, salesmanship, jewellery and many more.

Again, these are just guides. Let this not hinder you of becoming what you truly are.


6 Fashion Tricks to Look Like a Million-Dollar Baby


If you want to look classy and confident, you don’t have to spend a fortune for branded clothes and jewellery. There are a few surprisingly simple tricks that can help you dive into the world of rich and successful without looking like you’re trying too hard. Keep these styling tips in mind to look like a millionaire without the need to have millions in your bank account.


  1. Classic Pieces Never Fails

The best and easiest way to achieve a confident and powerful look is sticking to classics. Black straight leg jeans and white crisp top matched with a pair of red stilettos will create a great look that suits almost any event. For a more conservative yet elegant look, go for the all-time favourite. Every woman has that ‘little black dress’ in their closet. Wear it with pearls, you’ll look sophisticatedly ravishing.

  1. Steer Clear From Logos

Always remember that popular and expensive brands usually don’t place their logos on the visible areas of the clothing, so it’s better to buy items of mysterious brands—or just remove the tags and logos if you can. And please, no purses covered in logos!

  1. Don’t Forget the Details

Your stylishness should be consistent. All your stuff and accessories should complete your millionaire look: a minimalistic phone case, stylish planner, high-quality glasses, sophisticated watch, etc. Accessorize accordingly as they play an essential role in convincing people of your image.


  1. Go For Neutral Makeup, But With Red Lipstick

Forget about dramatic eyes, and go for more neutral shadows instead. However, wear them with the right shade of red lipstick as it is always a signature colour for sophisticated woman. When choosing a perfume, go for more subtle scents—perhaps something with a hint of vanilla. You don’t have to spend too much on a perfume, but if you’re up for a more rich-smelling scent, you can always find great deals online.

  1. Fitting Matters—a Lot!

Don’t be fooled with clothes that look good on mannequins. Search for items that fit you perfectly and that flatter your type of figure. Even if you don’t like to shop that much, force yourself to spend extra time trying on several items to find the best ones that hugs you in the right places. Never buy clothes you’re unsure of the fitting.

  1. Invest On a Good Pair of Shoes

Your shoes define your entire outfit, so you can’t just ignore the soles. Always go for a minimalistic style of shoes. It’s easier to match them with most outfits. Don’t hesitate to spend a bit extra on good quality shoes. Get at least a pair of really expensive pair that you know will match most items in your wardrobe. Keep them clean and polished all the time.

Looking rich, confident, and fabulous doesn’t have to be an expensive goal. Yes, coming up with a tasteful look does require effort, but it certainly doesn’t need you to cost an arm and a leg.


6 Breezy Ways to Keep Your Cool When Working Under Pressure


Life can be a good combination of stress and fun. But in most time, those who are in the working class tends to experience more stress each day than have a dose of daily fun. Living can be a bit blurry and things can get a little rough as each day passes by. No matter what kind of field you have or work environment you are in – pressure is like a shadow of everything. Handling pressure can be quite stressful and stress is NEVER a joke.


In Singapore, where living is always on-the-go and everything seems to move fast, locals find it hard to keep down their mood while working in a very stressful schedule. But is there nothing that we can do to remain pleasant despite of the hectic work pace? Here are six breezy ways to help you keep your cool when working under pressure;

  1. Be focused on your goal – keep your eye on the target. Remind yourself of the things you want to achieve. No matter how hard the work given to you – keep your mind focus on the things you wanted to achieve in the future. Try to think about your dreams – like your dream car, dream house, dream life and even dream relationship, anything that your heart desire to keep you well motivated. You can try the usual cork-board goal plans on your office table to keep you motivated despite the pressure. Just focus – aim – and shoot for the best!


  1. Relax – just really relax. Never let the worry get the best of you. Remember to relax – breathe in and breathe out. Be reminded that what stresses you will kill you. Eat something sweet, drink something cold, feel quite cozy or anything that your mind and body finds relaxing you can try it all. So if again you feel really pressured in your job – keep in mind to chill and give it a little rest.


  1. Enjoy what you do – love what brings you stress. They say, love the things that stresses you and be happy with it. Whatever makes the heart happy, makes everything easy. Try to find something fun in what you do. Always see the brighter things in your work. While working hard, laugh and smile harder – just do things that you find comfort with, just really do enjoy. If pressure starts to get the best of you – Pause! Look for something to be cherish. Feed your heart as you feed your mind.


  1. Encourage your mates – lessen the pain. Cooperation is a big thing when you are working under pressure. If everyone in your office is stressed out, be the group motivator. You can try pausing from the job for a moment, eat snacks together, take a time out – it won’t hurt really. Encourage not just yourself but everyone else around you. When everyone is in their A-game to do the job, no matter how pressure the work may bring on you it won’t get the best of you. Trust me, you will see, things will lighten up if you do.


  1. Zip thy lips – less rant; less stress. Ranting is useless. Just do your job silently. Pressure consumes not just your body but as well as your mind, so try not to take in all the pressure that the work gives you, just remember that at the end of the day you will only have yourself to blame if you let all these ruin your best. Yes – pressure can be bit intimidating, but always know that talking ill about what you do won’t make the job any better.


  1. Yesterday is a struggle; don’t repeat it today. Remember the things that you did yesterday that didn’t help you make your work even better under pressure. If you procrastinated yesterday, don’t do it again. If you made wrong decisions yesterday, try to rehash today. If the strategy you used yesterday did not work, re-plan today. If you were unorganized yesterday, fix yourself today. Always make tomorrow a better one. Always remember that the pressure may stay, but you can always find new ways to overcome it today. Think and re-plan!


Helping Kidney Patients Get Back on Their Feet  


The treatment is only a part of the whole process when one encounters any condition. After treatment comes a very challenging task – getting back on your feet. Getting back on your feet is not as easy as it sounds and looks.


Despite the difficulties getting back on your feet, there is an organization that can help you. The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) introduced a programme that can help patients land a job. The suitable patients will be given jobs at twenty eight dialysis centres island-wide.

Thanks to the generous heart of the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple who gave about S$2.3 million sponsorship to help the kidney patients. The programme is called Patient Employment Rehabilitation Programme. If you are interested, you can be hired as Patient Relations Officer, Exercise Assistant or Administrative Officer.


NFK hopes to employ at least fifty patients at the end of 2016 and another one hundred twenty patients at the end of 2017. The programme was launched on November 24, 2015 which was attended by Tan Chuan-Jin, the Minister for Social and Family Development.

Looking at the future and long term plans of NKF, it aims to create a dialysis centre ten times the capacity of your typical centre. If you notice, the usual dialysis centre only has twenty dialysis chairs. The new one will feature two hundred chairs. This is good news considering that many Singaporeans have kidney failures.

Apart from the support of the NFK, it is important that you strive hard and see beyond your difficulties. It is hard if you suffer kidney failures and treatment can be a bit tedious but you can survive and thrive.


Getting to Know the World’s Favorite Car Colors  


You finally have the opportunity to buy a car. Whether it is brand new or second hand, there is one thing that you need to decide before having it – the color. It is easy choosing the right color especially if you can appreciate just any color. However, there are people who still find this task very tedious, confusing and to some point, tiring.


If you cannot decide the right color, it is time that you consider the choice of many people around the world. There is a study conducted by Automotive Colour Popularity Report. It is now on its 63rd edition.

The favorite car color of the world is white. Though plain, white can be elegant. This is an excellent choice since it topped the world’s favorite car color – for the fifth consecutive year. White has been prevalent here in Asia and Africa. Axalta Coating Systems, a coatings supplier, agreed to the findings saying that since 1953, white dominated the list.


The second most favorite car color is black. The third most popular color is silver. Silver has its fair share of popularity because it topped the 2010’s favorite car color.  Silver is followed by gray, red, blue, brown or beige, yellow or gold, green and everything in between.

Now that you know famous car colors, it is time to finally decide which one fits your personality. At the end of the day, the color does not matter as long as the car is functional. It is better to focus on the power of the car rather than spending so much time deciding over the color.