Preparation and Confidence: Keys to Answer Interview Questions

Most of the time, when interview is being scheduled for you, you get excited at the same time, you get nervous. If you let this happen, there are possibilities that you will fail in your job interview. Many people say that it is very easy to get rid of nervousness and excitement.


This is through breathing exercises. But it doesn’t mean that if you breathe in and breathe out heavily, you will pass the interview. It’s not like that! In reality, breathing exercises will only lessen the nervousness you are feeling so that you can think properly and answer all the questions that will be asked to you by your interviewer.

Almost all human resource manager in a company have the same question in all applicants. In some cases, most companies have the common questions to ask on their applicants. “Why should we hire you in our company?” A simple question yet the most crucial.


Practice the answers to some common questions. Questions like what are your strengths and weaknesses, what is your background, how much is your expected salary, what are your special skills, why should they hire you, what are only a few of the possible questions that will be asked by your interviewer.

Sometimes, out will experience a mental block, especially if you get nervous. To avoid experiencing this, keep calm and relax. If you want to answer all questions that might be asked to you, review your resume. In this way, you can give the most accurate information to your interviewer.


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