Recycling Programmes in Singapore

There have been concerns regarding the increasing mass of wastes disposed every day. Many countries are studying and implementing waste management so they can handle all the wastes without incurring more damage to the earth. For instance in Singapore, they have this National Recycling Program that promotes waste minimization and recycling in different areas- home, condominiums, apartment, schools and other industrial estates.

The NEA (National Environment Agency) is in charge for safeguarding, nurturing and cherishing the environment in Singapore. PWCs (Public Waste Collectors) will serve as recycling collection service to all areas mentioned above. PWCs are licensed by NEA. Furthermore, NEA listed guidelines for every area for proper waste handling and recycling. It is crucial to follow the guidelines to avoid getting fines or other repercussions. Here’s a list:

Recycling in HBD flats and landed property estates

There are issued recycling bags to all residents. Residents should remember the schedule for collection. The PWC collects the recycling bags between 7:30am-7:00pm every day. Residents can just leave the recycling bags at their doorstep before 7:30am.

To encourage recycling all the time, there are recycling bins installed in common areas. Every HBD block is provided with recycling bins.

Recycling in condominiums/apartment

Condominium or apartment management are required to provide recycling containers within their estates and send their recyclables for recycling. There is a guidebook for this area that can help with the implementation.

Recycling in schools

Recycling program in the schools seek to educate students of the importance of recycling. Students are given booklets and posters so they will know what to do. But generally, the school administration set up recycling corners in the school with recycling bins for paper, plastic bottles and cans.

Recycling in industrial estates

There is a guidebook that talks about recycling in industrial estates in detail. Companies are also encouraged to minimize waste through recycling.

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