Self-Reflection: Are You Unconsciously Bullying Others?

Bullies need help too like their victims, in fact much more so because they have a lot of problems to deal with, not the least of which is to acknowledge their horrible actions and how they cause harm to people.

If you are reading this, then you might have been called a bully once. If that is so, then you are on the right track to becoming a better person because acknowledgement is the first and most difficult step to take.

A bully doesn’t always need to physically abuse victims

Most bullies who are never reprimanded for their actions are excellent emotional manipulators because they know they don’t need to resort to physical violence to scare their victims. Are you the type who always get what you want even at the inconvenience of other people? Have you been called bossy occasionally?

A bully isn’t just a grade schooler

Bullies exist in workplaces. They are usually the ones who love to order people around even if they have no authority do so; use threats to make people yield for them; and always has a beef with someone and doesn’t seem to have a lot of close friends.

You have a short temper

You don’t have to throw tantrums at work to be considered a bully, because passive aggressive comments that you think are clever can be considered a form of bullying. You love humiliating people and seeing them get embarrassed even more despite acknowledging they made a mistake.

You’re fascinated with insecure people

Bullies feel strong around people who have low self-esteem and avoid confrontation. Just because no one wants to stand up to you doesn’t mean you are strong. In fact you are weak, because you can only exercise your power on people who don’t want any conflict. You can also be a bully if you love evoking discomfort in another person and seeing them fail.

You don’t understand difference

Do you think your co-worker or classmate looks different than most people? Does someone you know speak or dress differently than you? The world is bigger than the bubble you build around yourself and everyone is unique.

It is none of your business what the other person looks like, prefers to dress in, who to date, and what to do on their spare time and with their money. If you can’t wrap your head around the idea of diversity, then the problem isn’t the world, it’s you.

You have plenty of problems yourself

There is no excuse for bullying, even if you were bullied yourself before. Think about why you bully other people now; is it because you’re angry at someone? Do you feel insecure? Does your victim deserve the shame? Remember the problem is with you, not your victim so if you are having a difficult time acknowledging your mistakes and don’t know how to deal with it, seek help and make amends.

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