Simple Things That Make You More Attractive

In Singapore, we’re lucky enough to get a lot of great dating spots. But, of course, finding a good dating spot is too easy compared to getting someone to actually like you. So, without further ado, here are some things you need to know to make you appear more attractive!

Taking the time to groom yourself

Let’s start with probably the most obvious thing that makes one attractive, grooming and looking clean. Of course, if you want a person to get attracted to you, it’s obvious that you should always look presentable. Having clean hair or a good haircut, appropriate clothing, and even good posture can mean a lot when presenting yourself to others. Grooming yourself well can show your value as a potential partner.

Smiling more

For one, smiling more makes you look more friendly and approachable. Interestingly, the effects of smiling can be more profound for females than males. When a woman smiles a lot, it can be very effective for attracting the opposite sex, but it isn’t the same case for males. Of course, that’s not to say that males aren’t attractive when they smile more. You can still do it and expect someone to at least notice you. 

Having a sense of humor

This is also another pretty obvious factor of attraction. Although males and females both consider sense of humor as an attractive trait, a man’s desirability is more affected by how funny they are. This is why it’s considered that women are more likely to like men who can make them laugh, while men are likely to choose women who respond to their humor well. A big part of why humor makes one attractive is because it shows that can always create a good mood. That simply suggests you are more fun to be with!

Being kind

More than anything, it’s being kind that awards you the most points in attraction. When it comes to having a certain “type”, people are almost always asked to choose between looks and personality. Of course, it would be great to have both but usually, having a good personality is more preferred. Simple acts like greeting a janitor, opening a door for someone, and being polite to a waiter, can be very appealing to many.

Not playing hard-to-get

Over the years, more and more people prefer choosing a partner whose thoughts and emotions they can easily understand. Before, people liked to keep their partners guessing. But today, that’s proved to be less effective. If you think about it, it makes sense why we would prefer someone who doesn’t make us feel unsure about their feelings. Bottom line is, don’t play hard to get anymore or at least don’t do it too much!

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