The 15 Best Anti-Heroes in Video Games

Not all of the most iconic video game characters are heroes. Some of them have a dark past and have made no-so-heroic decisions to achieve their goals.

Wario of the Super Mario series – He is the arch-rival of the series’ protagonist, and why not? His name is Japanese means “bad,” and he was always jealous of Mario and Luigi even as kids.

Alex Mercer of PrototypeThis shapeshifter and a superhuman, among other things. As he uncovers memories of his past, Alex was forced to act after learning that he was responsible for the plague. However, Alex soon lost his faith in humanity.

Paxton Fettel of F.E.A.R.When Paxton merged with a psionic, he slaughtered several staff of a secret project, had dreams about cannibalism, and had a psychotic breakdown.

Agent 47 of HitmanHe’s not just an ordinary assassin, but a cloned specimen with a spotless record.

Dante of Devil May CryDante’s looking for those responsible for the death of mother and his brother. A half-demon, he takes pleasure in hunting supernatural forces of evil.

Max Payne of Max PayneThis former law officer took it upon himself to look for the criminals responsible for the slaughter of his family.

Garrett of ThiefWhen you are known as the most decorated criminal in The Watch and The City, you’re most likely a person who will do everything it takes for personal gain.

Arthas Menethil of WarcraftThe idealistic crown prince turned into a lich when his desire to become a hero and protect the people made him decide to face a dark threat all by himself. Once he took up a cursed blade, however, he was transformed into a death knight.

James Earl Cash of ManhuntAs a former death row inmate, James was the perfect casting for a snuff film because of his emotionless approach to butchering people.

Kratos of God of WarAfter becoming a pawn of Ares, Kratos soon learned that he was the prophesied son who would eventually usurp Zeus. His rampage against the Olympians was fueled by their trickery and ill use of his powers.

Cole MacGrath of inFamousA simple delivery boy turns into a superhuman with the power of elektrokinesis. After his exploits, however, he was considered as a felon or a bioterrorist because oft eh number of casualties that resulted from a plague.

Kazuma Kiryu of YakuzaHe had plans for the future with the Dojima Family, but it all came crashing down when he was pinned as a suspect for the death of the family patriarch.

Alucard of CastlevaniaDespite being the son of Dracula, Alucard took it upon himself to oppose his father after his mother’s passing.

Sweet Tooth of Twisted MetalWhen you have a face of a killer clown, it’s not easy to convince people that you’re a good guy.

Trevor Philips of Grand Theft Auto VMostly unstable, resentful, and will easily give to his emotions, Trevor is someone you don’t want to cross. However, he shows a sentimental side that made him the most popular character in the game.

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