Top Paying Jobs in Singapore

Since Singapore is one of the top countries that is financially booming. As a matter of fact, people in Singapore are lucky enough to live in the country because of the many benefits that they can actually get. One of it is the privilege to own a house. Most Singaporeans are living in the public houses that are given by the government. However, this doesn’t mean that people who are living here are financially troubled. In fact, they are not. Actually, the public homes here can be sold to over $1 million depending on the improvements that are made during the stay to the homeowner.


On the other hand, homes will not be built without money and money will not be earned if there is no work. Here in Singapore, there are a lot of jobs; however, there are classifications. There are low-paying jobs to high-paying jobs.

For the high-paying jobs this includes:

  • Project Architect – Wages starts from $8 thousand to $14 thousand. However, an individual who’s qualified with this job should have good communication skills to be able to address technical terms used in the project.
  • Project Manager – We all know that managers are the one who leads in a particular company. Because of that, a salary ranging from $6-8 thousand is given to a project manager.
  • Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Monthly wage of a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ranges from $4,000-8,500. However, the job it not that daunting and stressful because you are only going to lead a team of aircraft specialists that will maintain the aircraft.

In reality, Singaporeans need to work hard so that they will have the chance to earn and save money for the future.


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