3 Effective Home Remedies to Dark and Puffy Eyes

Sometimes we can’t help but get inadequate sleep especially if we have tons of things to do or simply if we had some late night fun. The usual result of late nights are dark and puffy circles under our eyes that make us look tired and unrested.


Since dark circles and eye bags never looked attractive on anyone, we compile some effective home remedies for this beauty woe.


Tea does not only work wonders for our body health, it can also reducing the swelling and puffiness of our eyes. To use this remedy, soak two tea bags in a cup with warm water, then after a few minutes chill the tea bags for another couple of minutes. When the bags are ready, place it on each eye for at least five minutes.



Ever saw photos of women putting cucumbers under their eyes while applying their face masks? Turns out it’s really an effective way of lightening dark circles under your eyes. Cucumber has lightening properties that reduce the appearance of raccoon eyes, making it look brighter and refreshed.

Raw potato

To use the potato as a lightening agent for your dark circles, grate one whole potato and then extract its juice. Once the extraction is done, soak a ball of cotton into the juice and place it on closed eyes. Make sure that the cotton ball is big enough to cover the part of your eyelids. Let the juice sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it with cool water. Repeat this daily for faster results.


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