5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Aquarium Clean


Keep your fish happy and healthy by cleaning and adding fresh water in your aquarium at least once a week. Cleaning a fish tank is surprisingly easy, especially if you do it regularly so algae doesn’t have the chance to build up. Here, we give you some tips on how to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your pet fish.


  1. Keep Algae At Bay

One of the things you will notice in an aquarium is the build up of slimy green algae. Apart from regularly cleaning your tank, there’s also a special kind of fish that can help you keep algae at bay: the Plecostomus fish. It certainly is not one of those colourful kinds, but this fish loves to eat algae. If you get a plecostomus fish, you can count on it spending most of its time plastered to the sides of your tank, gobbling up the green slimy stuff.

  1. Keep the Glass Clear

Keeping the glass tank clean is the first step to securing a healthy environment for your fish. Aside from getting plecostomus fish, also purchase algae scraper and use it on the glass tank before you change the water. This way, you can clean the glass first, deposit the dirt into the water, and then clean the water.


  1. Wash the Water

Once a week, you need to “wash” the water. What this really means is that changing out a portion of it, roughly around 20 percent. This amount of water taken out and refilled is enough to make your aquarium look clean again, while leaving the right amount of god bacteria for your fish. After removing water, use a vacuum to suck up debris. Refill water tank with de-chlorinated water.

  1. Vacuum the Gravel

The gravel on the bottom of your tank is going to be a repository area for wastes. To keep it clean, you need to have a wet vacuum, which sucks up items that are trapped between rocks, without vacuuming heavier gravel. For smaller tanks, you can just wash the gravel when you do full tank clean up.

  1. Keep the Filter Clean

Depending on the size, your tank may need one or more filters. Follow the instructions that come with it, which will likely include replacement of certain parts. Keep in mind though that these parts will be covered in helpful bacteria over time, which are necessary for the fish to thrive. Switching all of the parts at once will throw the balance off, so change out one at time.

So, there you have it! Cleaning your fish tank doesn’t have to be daunting at all, so long as you keep these aquarium maintenance tips in mind.


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