6 Breezy Ways to Keep Your Cool When Working Under Pressure


Life can be a good combination of stress and fun. But in most time, those who are in the working class tends to experience more stress each day than have a dose of daily fun. Living can be a bit blurry and things can get a little rough as each day passes by. No matter what kind of field you have or work environment you are in – pressure is like a shadow of everything. Handling pressure can be quite stressful and stress is NEVER a joke.


In Singapore, where living is always on-the-go and everything seems to move fast, locals find it hard to keep down their mood while working in a very stressful schedule. But is there nothing that we can do to remain pleasant despite of the hectic work pace? Here are six breezy ways to help you keep your cool when working under pressure;

  1. Be focused on your goal – keep your eye on the target. Remind yourself of the things you want to achieve. No matter how hard the work given to you – keep your mind focus on the things you wanted to achieve in the future. Try to think about your dreams – like your dream car, dream house, dream life and even dream relationship, anything that your heart desire to keep you well motivated. You can try the usual cork-board goal plans on your office table to keep you motivated despite the pressure. Just focus – aim – and shoot for the best!


  1. Relax – just really relax. Never let the worry get the best of you. Remember to relax – breathe in and breathe out. Be reminded that what stresses you will kill you. Eat something sweet, drink something cold, feel quite cozy or anything that your mind and body finds relaxing you can try it all. So if again you feel really pressured in your job – keep in mind to chill and give it a little rest.


  1. Enjoy what you do – love what brings you stress. They say, love the things that stresses you and be happy with it. Whatever makes the heart happy, makes everything easy. Try to find something fun in what you do. Always see the brighter things in your work. While working hard, laugh and smile harder – just do things that you find comfort with, just really do enjoy. If pressure starts to get the best of you – Pause! Look for something to be cherish. Feed your heart as you feed your mind.


  1. Encourage your mates – lessen the pain. Cooperation is a big thing when you are working under pressure. If everyone in your office is stressed out, be the group motivator. You can try pausing from the job for a moment, eat snacks together, take a time out – it won’t hurt really. Encourage not just yourself but everyone else around you. When everyone is in their A-game to do the job, no matter how pressure the work may bring on you it won’t get the best of you. Trust me, you will see, things will lighten up if you do.


  1. Zip thy lips – less rant; less stress. Ranting is useless. Just do your job silently. Pressure consumes not just your body but as well as your mind, so try not to take in all the pressure that the work gives you, just remember that at the end of the day you will only have yourself to blame if you let all these ruin your best. Yes – pressure can be bit intimidating, but always know that talking ill about what you do won’t make the job any better.


  1. Yesterday is a struggle; don’t repeat it today. Remember the things that you did yesterday that didn’t help you make your work even better under pressure. If you procrastinated yesterday, don’t do it again. If you made wrong decisions yesterday, try to rehash today. If the strategy you used yesterday did not work, re-plan today. If you were unorganized yesterday, fix yourself today. Always make tomorrow a better one. Always remember that the pressure may stay, but you can always find new ways to overcome it today. Think and re-plan!


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