Alkaline Water For Cooking

Ever wondered whether you can use ionized water for cooking? Well, wonder no more! Ionized water can be safely used for preparing meals on a day-to-day basis.

Ionized water is made with the help of water ionizer. This machine has the size like that of a coffee maker and is attached to the tap water source using a pipe. It acts as a water filter where tap water passes through and undergoes the process of electrolysis, separating alkaline ionized water and acidic ionizer water. Therefore, water ionizer can produce two kinds of ionized water and both are useful for preparing meals a home or simply to consume alkaline water in Singapore for better health.

Ways to Use Ionized Water for Food Preparation

• For Killing Germs and Bacteria
Soak tough-textured produce like cauliflower and broccoli in the acidic ionized water of pH 2.5 for three minutes. This softens the texture of the produce and helps kill any microbes in it. It is a powerful liquid to thoroughly clean the vegetables and fight germs and bacteria that could be lingering in them.

• For Getting Rid of Pesticides
After the vegetables are soaked in acidic water, soak them once more in high alkaline water, preferably in pH 11.5 for five minutes. The alkalinity of the water will further clean the produce, remove pesticides and herbicides, and enhance shelf life. The strong alkaline level of the water is a great emulsifier for washing away chemicals found on fruits and vegetables. This is far better than tap water, which cannot completely remove oil-based pesticides.

• For Bringing Out Vibrant Colours
If you wish to make the colours look more vivid, soak bright-coloured produce like strawberries, red cabbages, and eggplants in alkaline water. It doesn’t fade the colour of fruits and veggies, but instead it brings out its vibrancy even more, which is great for produce intended for garnishing.

• For Tenderizing Meat
Again, with raw meat, germs could be a problem. Wash your meats and fish with acidic ionized water in pH 2.5 before soaking them in alkaline water with pH 9.0 for 30 minutes. Aside from killing germs ad bacteria, soaking also draws out the remaining blood of the meat and the chemicals used to colour them, as well as neutralizes any strong odours or flavours.

• For Emulsifying Fat
Your ionizer’s pH level setting 11.0 is strong enough to emulsify oil and fat. Before cooking your meat, soak them in alkalized water to reduce their fat content and make your pork, beef, or chicken leaner and healthier to eat.

• For Refrigerating Food
If you have cut up fruits and vegetables for future use, spray it with mild acidic water before popping them in the fridge. This helps ensure that the flavours are preserved and that they will last longer without drying out.

• For Washing Sprouts
Sprouts are among the healthiest you can have in your meals. They provide pre-digested amino acids, soluble fibres, protein, higher levels of vitamins B and C, and are low in calories. However, buying organic sprouts may concern you about E.coli and salmonella contamination. For more effective sterilization, wash your bean sprouts with strong acidic ionized water.

• For Making Teas and Coffees
No matter what drink you choose to make, the flavour is enhanced when you use alkaline water instead of plain tap water. Because of the micro-clustering of ionized water molecules, it’s even possible to brew teas without boiling the water and make inexpensive coffees taste far better. If you enjoy your cold drinks, make your ice cubes with ionized water to enhance the flavour of your beverage.

• For Cleaning Shellfish
Shellfish cleaning and storage can be quite challenging, especially when dealing with live creatures like mussels and clams. To ensure its freshness, wash them in pH 9.5 alkalized water with ½ cup of organic cornmeal. As they consume the cornmeal, the water enters the shell and dispels the sand, dirt, and excess salt inside the clams.

Using Ionized Water for Cooking Various Food

• Pasta
Boil it in alkaline water to cook in the right consistency without sticking them together like mild acidic water does.

• Fried Food
For fried chicken, shrimp, or any fried food that needs batter, make the batter with alkaline water in pH 8.0 to 8.5 to enhance the flavour of the meat. The batter turns out nice and crispy even if the food sits at the serving plate for a longer time.

• Eggs
Hard boiled eggs can be hard to shell. But if you boil them in acidic ionized water, the shell comes off easily. When cooking soft boiled, if the shell cracks, the yolk remains intact.

• Smoothies
Any kind of smoothy you want to make, the flavour is definitely enhanced by using alkalized drinking water. Make sure to wash your fresh produce in both acidic and alkaline water to help release its flavour before the blending begins.

• Vegetables
If you’re on for a healthier diet, you probably boil or steam your vegetables more often. For a much healthier veggie dish, boil your produce in alkaline water. It is a healthier alternative to tap water and helps enhance the flavour of the vegetables.

• Stocks and Soups
The best way to extract the flavour of the vegetables, fish, meat, or poultry in your soup is to let the ingredients sit in cold pH 9.5 ionized water for 20 to 30 minutes before cooking.

With all these, no wonder why water ionizers are a great hit in Singapore household. Not only will you and your family be able to use it for filtering potable water, you can also use it to prepare all your food and reap the health benefits of both alkaline and acidic ionized water.

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