Benefits of Learning and Playing Chess

If you don’t know, there are actually many regular chess meet-ups around Singapore. At first, many people think that chess is just for intellectuals because of how much you use your brain in each game. But really, it’s for everyone! There are so many amazing benefits we can get from learning and playing chess! Here are only some of them.

Gives a boost in memory

When it comes to chess, not only are their many rules to remember, but there are also many complex strategies you can memorize to gain more advantages. By using your memory of that information, you can recognize what your opponent is going for and devise strategies on the spot. You’re also exercising your memory in the middle of the game because you’ll have to remember your opponent’s moves all throughout.

It can protect you from Alzheimer’s

By playing chess regularly, you give your brain the exercise it needs to stay healthy and prevent certain neurological diseases. As we get older, it’s almost inevitable that we’ll slowly have cognitive decline. But constantly giving your brain a workout will significantly delay its effects. There have also been many studies showing that those who do brain exercises like chess are less likely to have dementia as they age. 

Helps improve your problem-solving skills

More than anything, chess is all about training your analytical and problem-solving skills. The list of moves you can do is practically endless because the game is constantly changing depending on the choices you and your opponent make. Not only that, you’ll have to make decisions fast and think on your feet as well. This is an important skill to develop since we don’t only face problems in-game but also in life as a whole.

It also sparks creativity

In connection to the point above, you’ll need creativity to overcome problems just as well. If you get cornered by your opponent, you’ll have to start experimenting in your mind and use your creativity to look ahead. So even when you make sacrifices, you can make better plays later on since you’ve already painted the bigger picture in your imagination.

Helps boost focus and concentration

Given all the thinking you’ll have to do, playing chess will definitely teach you to stay focused. Total concentration is just a big demand of the game. Lose your focus once and it’s almost always guaranteed that your mistakes will be magnified. Of course, improved focus will also help you in many different aspects of life!

Might help lose weight

This might come as a surprise but playing a serious game of chess can actually help you burn a lot of calories. This is largely because of the stress and mental focus that players dedicate to each game. Many recent studies have found that one game between chess grandmasters will have them burn about 200-400 calories. So playing in a major tournament up to the finals will have one burn up to about 6000 calories!

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