Cards for the Ultra-High Net Worth Clients  

Ultra-high net worth clients have different needs than ordinary people. For ordinary people here in Singapore, we apply for credit cards. We can be accepted or we can be denied. If we are accepted, we  are bounded by credit limits. We do our best not to exceed our limits because we will suffer at the end of the day.


This is not the case for ultra-high net worth clients. These clients are not bounded by credit limits. Anything that they want they can have it. If they asked for the moon, maybe the banks will try and get it for them. In the previous article, we learned that there are different cards for the ultra-high net worth clients like the American  Express Centurion Card, JP Morgan Palladium Card and Dubai First Royale Card.

These cards are exclusive. There are some people who own this kind of card here in Singapore This article will continue discussing about other cards for the ultra-high net worth clients. Here are other cards for the ultra-high net worth clients:


  • Coutts Silk Card: This card is propelled by Coutts & Co. – a private bank. The card is considered the most prestigious and sought after especially because the client can access world-class concierge service. The spending limit is £30,000 per month. The client do not need to keep track of the points because the bank will send letters if the client pass the spending threshold.
  • Citibank Ultima Infinite: Citibank Ultima Infinite is offered here in Singapore, India, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates. This kind of card is strictly invite-only. This is Asia’s first exclusive card. This is available for clients with minimum earnings of at least S$350,000 a year. However in 2010, they change their target consumers. The consumers should at least have a minimum of S$5 million assets.


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