Ageing Healthy and Happy

We all aspire to age healthy and happy. Fortunately we can do something about it. It is not just a dream because it is possible and we can make it happen. When we speak of healthy ageing, it means attaining and keeping good mental and physical well-being whilst living a dynamic social life. We should strive hard to keep ourselves happy, independent and more importantly independent as we age. The Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) is encouraging people especially the ageing population to live healthy and happy.


The ageing population should not rely on Singapore’s the best if not perfect medical treatments. Yes, we can get through old age because of hospitals and community centres but we have to do our own part. We should practice and observe healthy living. Who says old people cannot enjoy life? Here are some tips to stay happy, healthy and feel young:

Physically Active

We are always reminded that staying physically active reduces our risks of chronic conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and cancers. Physical activities can strengthen your bone structure; we will not fall or break our bones that easily. Physical activities can also lower depression and anxiety problems. In other words, physical activities can improve our overall wellness. We can consider jogging or walking for at least thirty minutes a day. There are many parks and developed paths here in Singapore that we can try. If we are into sports activities like lawn tennis, we should play.


Eat Healthy

It is not only physical activity that defines health. We should eat the right kind and amount of food so it can supplement our ageing bodies. As we grow old, our body systems tend to deteriorate. It is important that we eat foods rich in vitamins and nutrients to supplement our body’s needs. We can begin by considering fruits, whole grains and vegetables. We should not just rely on our medications because effective as it is, healthy eating can help manage our chronic conditions.

Stop Smoking

It is better if we stop smoking at an early age because when we age, it will surely claim its part. It is not too late to stop now. If we stop smoking, it will lower our risks of heart diseases and other chronic conditions. If we find it difficult to quit smoking, there are people whom we can ask for support or advice. No matter what happens, we should make sure that we stop smoking. We not only compromise our health but we also compromise the health of the people around us.

Health Screening

The Singapore HPB is urging people in general to submit to health screening. HPB highly recommends old people to do their frequent visits to the doctor to monitor their health conditions. We have to establish regular visits to our doctors. Early detection means early treatment and early treatment can stop or delay complications. If we submit to health screening at least once or twice a year, we have better chances of living a long life.


Life is beautiful. It is up to us to see it that way or see it the other way around. We should never forget the effort of the Singapore government to take care of their elders. The best way is to practice and observe whatever the HPB or the Singapore MOH (Ministry of Health) recommends because it is for our own wellness. What is best is that there are many subsidies the government provides for the elderly and on top of that, there are many discounts and other privileges in store for us. This should make us happy.