Cities Offering the Best Quality Life in Asia  

The government’s role is to give quality life to their citizens. Here in Asia, there are many cities that offer best quality life and this is according to Mercer 2015 Quality of Living ranking. Mercer’s rankings are done annually.


The survey is done to give multinational companies and employers idea on how to compensate their employees when putting them on assignments outside the country. When deploying an expatriate across countries, the companies and employers should take into account different quality of living.

For this year, the best quality life in the world is Vienna, Austria. The lowest in the survey is Baghdad. Here in Asia, many cities entered the list. Here’s an idea:

  • Singapore: Singapore is not only the most expensive city in the world but it is also the best city in Southeast Asia that offers quality life. In the worldwide list, the island-city ranks 26th.
  • Tokyo: Tokyo is the second highest-ranking city in Asia that offers the best quality life. In the worldwide list, Tokyo ranks 44th.
  • Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and it is ranked number 84th in the worldwide list.


  • Bangkok: Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and it is ranked number 117th in the worldwide list.
  • Manila: Manila is the capital of the Philippines and it is ranked 136th in the worldwide list.
  • Jakarta: Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and it is ranked 140th in the worldwide list.

The survey assessed two hundred thirty countries between September and November of last year. Knowing this, we should be proud because the government continues to make things easier and more comfortable for the citizens. The assessments are based into environmental, political and economic developments.


How can Singapore Companies Prepare for the World Cup

Singaporeans love football and they will do anything to catch the 2014 World Cup on June 12 to 13, 2014. It will be held (for the second time) in Brazil. Ready or not, it is Brazil’s time to host the prestigious World Cup. Many Singaporeans are patiently waiting for the kick off.


The companies here are worried that their people might try desperate steps (like being absent) to catch the matches. So, how will companies prepare for the World Cup? Here’s an idea:

  • Bosses should contemplate on late starts: Matches will be aired in Singapore from 3 to 6am. Bosses can contemplate on late starts so football fanatics can keep up. They do not need to be absent or miss a day’s work because of the World Cup.


  • Bosses can boost office morale: Bosses can effectively boost office morale by screening match highlights in the pantry. It will boost morale because it can encourage social interaction and more importantly, team-building.
  • Bosses can go all the way: For offices with the most football fanatics, bosses are planning to go all the way. There will be a screening of World Cup finals in the offices plus food and beverage.

Work will not get in the way of football fanatics. They will do anything not to miss the match. Some are even thinking about being absent or call in sick. Companies should plan ahead taking into consideration not only their interest but also the interests of the work force. Bosses should comprehend how football fever might affect their companies so they can plan ahead.


Singapore’s Significant Landmarks

Every country around the globe has different attractions that are given importance. Most of them are statues of national heroes, museums and more. In Singapore, there are several important historical landmarks that are given value.


Sir Stamford Raffles Statue

A lot of establishments in Singapore have Raffles in their name. This is how popular and important Sir Stamford Raffles is. His journey in Singapore started when he began trading for the British East India Company in 1819. After settling to a company, trade in Singapore becomes common. Due to this, Sir Raffles is given credit and had created statue for him remembering his large contribution to the country.


Measuring 26-foot tall, this mythological creature has the head of a lion and a fish-like body. Merlion is a national symbol for Singapore and is located at the Merlion Park (a park that is located in the Singapore River that connects to the Marina Bay). However, there are many replicas of Merlion that is scattered in the country. The tallest is located in the Sentosa Island wherein it measures 121-foot tall.


Esplanade Park

This is where the world war heroes are placed. Monument of the World War II hero Lim Bo Seng (an espionage leader who died in captivity in Malaya) was built in Esplanade Park. Aside from commemoration for other war heroes, the park has theaters and halls.

Botanic Gardens

Founded in 1859, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the significant landmarks in the country. Having a orchid breeding program, the garden has achieved to increase the number of orchids.



Singapore’s Metropolitan Attractions

While in Singapore City, you’ll never get bored as there are several attractions to visit and explore. As one of the topmost countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore is not only a financially stable nation; it is also the nest of different tantalizing scenery which gives joy and excitement to all people most especially foreign visitors. Most attractions that you can find here are one of a kind and cannot be found somewhere else in the planet.


Great living things

Due to Singapore’s mild and calm climate all year-round, amusing creatures like birds, flowers and different animals are significantly present. Mainly, Jurong Bird Park is a haven for more than 8,000 birds and it houses the well-known South American toucan and is the world’s leading collector of Southeast Asian hornbills and the second biggest collector of penguins.

The Botanical Garden in Singapore is a sanctuary of different lovely flowers including orchids and Singapore’s national flower – Vanda Miss Joaquim. More than 2,000 animals in Singapore Zoological Gardens are housed in which you can get closer to them.


The Merlion

Situated in front of Fullerton Hotel, the Merlion statue is the national symbol of Singapore. This creature has a lion’s head and a fish-like body.

Maritime Scenery

As one of the most visited places in Singapore, Sentosa Island has long miles of resorts as well as beaches. In here, you can view the famous dugong (sea cow) and play with dolphins and seals. Also, you can see sea creatures that are fed and trained by expert marine life instructors.