How to Spot Pest Infestation at Home?

You might be wondering if there are methods to help you determine if your home is infested with pests or if the new apartment in Singapore you’re planning to move into needs pest control services. Below are important points to consider that will help you decide if you need professional help from a pest control management in Singapore to exterminate rodents, remove termites or get rid of cockroaches.

What are the Common Home Pests?

You might be surprised to know that there are at least ten home pests that can thrive in your home besides the usual suspects such as rodents, cockroaches, flies, and termites. Not only do these pests cause structural damage and diseases, but they also carry other parasites and attract predators that will only cause more problems. According to studies in pest control, apartments and condominiums are more vulnerable to pest infestation than single-family homes and commercial spaces in Singapore.

Poor sanitation, old or damaged structures, and poorly-maintained plumbing can attract several pests such as the following: cockroaches, rodents (rats and mice), mosquitoes, ants, termites, flies, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, mites, spiders, stinging pests, silverfish, spiders, stink bugs, weevils, and more. The mosquito alone causes more human fatalities than any other animal in the world.

How Can I Spot Pest Infestation?

Unfortunately, when spotting a pest infestation at home, it is almost always more complicated to terminate pest because they share the following characteristics: they breed fast, they are good at finding hiding spots, they are adaptive and smart, and they are resistant to most commercial pest control methods. Look for the following red flags and call in Singapore as soon as possible.

1. Presence of the pests. Rodents and cockroaches are quite easy to spot, but some insects such as ticks, mites, and fleas are not noticeable until the infestation has become significant.

2. Droppings of the pests. If pests thrive in your home, they are also most likely to leave droppings near food sources.

3. Odors and sounds. Rats and mice can give a distinct odor in a pest-infested home, as well as make squeaking noises in the walls or inside your furniture.

4. Nesting. Rodents can live in different areas in your home, but you will usually find shredded paper near nesting areas.

5. Pest control products. If you’re just moving into a new apartment at home, you will know the previous tenant had a problem if you find evidence of pest control products.

6. Structural damage. You will know if the apartment has termites if there are damages to the wooden parts of the home, a sagging wooden floor, and hollow sounds whenever you tap wood.

7. Damage on items. Rodents can be destructive because they chew up not only paper and food, but even electrical wires, plastic, clothing, and other items.

Pest infestation is one of the most common household problems in Singapore. It poses a serious threat not only to your property, but to your health as well.

Hiring a Professional Paving Contractor


Paving generally means creating a hard surface of a road or ground in order to provide a safe and pleasant path for people and vehicles to pass through. It’s a kind of building and rehabilitation job where an outdoor flooring is covered using materials for example granite, bricks, stones and a lot more. This kind of work requires a paving expert that’s trained to perform development services, not just on account of the detailed method that it needs but also to preserve a good quality and long lasting performance of the pavement.


Why is a Paving Expert Essential?

The construction of your house or business space is much easier with the help of individuals who are totally dedicated to giving this service. Having it performed by block paving specialists may need for you to invest some money, however in return you can get these benefits:

  1. Knowledge

Expertise means productivity, and using the help of individuals who have been in the groundwork and paving sector for a long time, making your dream space is a lot less difficult and achievable. Asking your family member, next door neighbor or someone inexperienced complete the work will end up being inefficient. More often than not, it won’t come out the way you imagined it. It will require precision to make your pavement layout transpire. Without relevant practice, it’s not going to end up the way it’s designed to.

  1. Saves time

Should you be working 8 hours each day, for example, from 9am to 6pm, the construction of your outdoor patio would undoubtedly fall at the end of your priorities. In case you own a company and you would like your office or house pavement or landscaping to be much more appealing, have it designed and engineered by a paving specialist. This will allow you to be a lot more focused on what matters most.


  1. Affordability

By using the services of a block paving contractor, you’ll be capable to examine the lengths of your budget and extend it further for your own advantage. Having an individual who has the know-how can provide you a quote for the cost of the paving task, providing you with the ability to make the most out of your money’s worth. Labor as well as material costs are all precisely accounted for to the smallest cent by paving company authorities, helping you avoid excessive spending.

  1. Responsibility

Your property does not come inexpensive. When the development goes wrong, it would be best to have it carried out by a person who could work their way around it, and assures one hundred percent rate of success. Working with paving firms will put you to an official agreement with the company via a contract that is intended to preserve your property and the company’s integrity.

By means of enhancing your house or industrial paving, not only would it provide a relaxing, protected and engaging space, but it’ll even increase the worth of your property. The better the appearance of your house or office’s façade is, the higher the worth it will reach someday. So, working with paving firms can be a sensible move in creating and keeping your space.