Simple Healthy Habits for Your Body and Mind

You’ll be surprised at how a lot of people don’t actually pay enough attention to their own well-being. Fortunately though, there are a lot of habits we can do to keep our mind and body healthy. Here are only some of them.

Stay well-hydrated

Drinking enough water each day will benefit our overall health. It keeps our organs functioning at their best, it keeps mind sharp, it keeps your skin healthy, and many more. That’s why it is important not to neglect your water intake. Especially in Singapore where it gets hot often and you might sweat a lot. So, remember to drink enough water throughout the day!

Eat healthier food

Another pretty obvious habit you should have is to eat more healthy food. Fruits and vegetables are just as important because they also provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients we need daily. In addition to that, they are also low in fat helping us prevent the unhealthy build-up of plaque in the arteries or the blood as a whole.

Don’t follow fitness trends

If someone claims that they have the key to quick weight loss using a certain diet, don’t believe them. Unless that topic is actually well-researched, don’t assume anything from different fitness trends. Of course, there are some who trends that can be effective. But most trends are fads and still stem from poorly-researched endeavors.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is also very important for the body and mind. For one, it helps us maintain our weight. Losing fat and gaining muscle to achieve your ideal weight can have many benefits you don’t even know about. It keeps our heart and lungs healthy, it keeps our blood flowing efficiently, and it also boosts brain function.

Walk more often

You might not notice it but people actually walk less and less in today’s time. This may be because of a sedentary job or maybe the person is just lounging around and scrolling on his phone. Because walking is a natural part of our life, we need to start doing it again more often. Try to get at least 30 minutes of walking each day.

Have enough sleep

Another important practice to keep our brain and body healthy is to get enough sleep. It’s already known that Singaporeans lack sleep. But getting enough shut-eye is really more important to your well-being than you think. It gives your mind some much-needed time to rest and take a break and it also allows your body to recover muscles tissues just as well.

Have a hobby

Have a hobby that you’re sure you can have fun with. Having a hobby is a great way to relieve stress. Of course, de-stressing is very important and beneficial not only to our mind but also our body. If you’re stressed too often, your blood pressure will rise and your immune functions will also weaken. So, find a way to relieve stress!

Handy Tips for All Fitness Beginners

So, you’ve finally taken action on your New Year’s resolution of going to an ActiveSG gym (or any gym for that matter). The thing is, going to the gym or starting a fitness regime, in general, is a learning experience. You will make mistakes at the start and, of course, that’s okay. But, there are some mistakes that may affect your progress in the long term without you noticing. So, here are some things you should take note of to keep things smooth during your first months of training.

Work with a trainer

We cannot stress enough how important having a trainer is when you’re just starting out. If you’re going to the gym for the first time, it’s only natural that you’ll feel anxious and intimidated. But having a trainer during those first few sessions will do wonders for your confidence and motivation. The simple idea that you have someone guiding you can be very reassuring. Of course, you will also be taught about the right exercises to do and how to do them correctly. This is important if you want to keep yourself safe from any injuries or accidents in the gym.

Your workout schedule

The thing is, you can always adjust your workout schedule in line with your daily activities. If you can go to the gym 5 times a week, that’s great. If you can only go three times a week, there are also workout plans that can be effective for that! Don’t worry too much about the schedule. What you should be focusing more on is being consistent with your time. Even if you can only go for 3 days a week, be sure to stick with it and not miss a day at all.

Do compound lifts

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is that they only do isolation exercises. Isolation exercises are movements that only involve one particular muscle. If you want to gain more muscle though, you have to focus on the compound movements. Basically, these are exercises that work multiple muscle groups. These are the bench press, deadlift, barbell squat, shoulder press, etc. Because you’re working multiple muscles at the same time, you’re making your workouts much more effective and time-efficient.

The importance of rest and recovery

Let’s say you have enough time to go to the gym for 6 days a week. When it’s your very first time, you’ll usually feel as if you can exercise for hours and days straight. Although that shows your great motivation, you will still need rest periods. If you don’t allow your muscles to rest, you’re beating them up to a point that they might not grow anymore. Plus, it’s during the recovery phase that your body can really maximize muscle growth!

Tips for Choosing the Best Boutique Gym

Singaporeans are clearly health conscious these days. If you prefer hitting the gym or health clubs, you should know that there are different kinds here in Singapore – big gyms and small boutique gyms. Big gyms are spacious with myriad of equipment. The good thing about big gyms is you will meet lots of people. However, many people are starting to realize that big gyms are noisy and crowded. This is the reason why small boutique gyms are getting popular.


Small boutique gyms are small, limited and with few members. The good thing about small boutique gyms is its personalized service. Small boutique gyms are lucrative that owners noticed the rise of membership compared last year. What makes boutique gyms popular? The exclusivity of training is appealing to its members. Here are some tips for choosing the best boutique gym:

  • Know what you need: If you consider boutique gyms because of its popularity, you are really not thinking of its health benefits. You should know what you need before indulging. If you want a customized or personalized program like crossfit, rock climbing, yoga and others, you have to get the most of boutique gyms.


  • Consider the location: Another tip is you should consider the location of the gym. It should be near your house or near your workplace. In other words, it should be somewhere in between your house and workplace. This is for your convenience.
  • Know the price: Yes, boutique gyms are small but they are expensive. It is expensive because of its exclusivity. You determine how much you can shed for workouts. If you cannot handle its monthly membership, perhaps big gyms are better for you.
  • Know what they offer: The next thing that you should consider is the services offered by the boutique gym. Now that you know what you need, you should look for gyms that offer such. Do not just choose a gym out of curiosity or whim. You are only wasting your money.
  • Ask when you are in doubt: When you are in doubt, you should ask someone knowledgeable, say the trainer or the receptionist. If you have friends, you can also seek their ideas and thoughts about boutique gyms.

Indeed boutique gyms are interesting but you have to know that specialized classes are not for everyone. If you think you cannot do it, you have to stop. Boutique gyms are not that expensive so you can afford it. If you prefer hitting big gyms because you like to interact with fellow health practitioners, there is nothing wrong with that.

Have a good workout!