Colour-Coded: Lucky Colours to Wear in the Year of the Sheep 2015

The tradition of wearing specific colours of clothes in order to lure good luck is a popular practice all over the world, especially to most Asian countries. As everything is linked to chi, including colours, the colour you wear is believed to bring fortune in all aspects of life. Now that 2015 has begun, know what hues you should be wearing to be in harmony with the Wood Sheep’s energy.


1. Green – Green represents renewal, new beginning, and fresh energy. And in feng shui theory of five elements, this hue belongs to the Wood element. Wearing green is said to invite nourishing vibrations to the health, as it calms the nerves and balances the entire body.

2. Brown – Obviously, brown colour is dominant in the wood element. Wearing clothes or accessorizing in this colour invites energy of stability in many aspects of life, including wealth, health, and family.

3. Black – In feng shui, black belongs to the water element, which aids the growth of the wood. Therefore, black is a complementary hue in the year of Wood Sheep, inviting energy of protection and power.


4. Blue – Also belongs to the water element, blue is a magnificent feng shui colour that ranges from mild aqua blue to deep indigo. Wearing anything blue lures healing energy and harmonious relationship with friends, family, or colleagues.

5. Earth Colours (Sandy, Beige, Warm Grays, Clay, etc.)You can wear these colours whether as an accessory or clothing. To make these colours even more powerful, wear accessories with true stones and crystals, such as agate, malachite, and jade.

Least Favourable Colours of 2015

Are there colours to avoid in the year of the Wood Sheep? Yes, a few. These colours are the colours of Metal and Fire elements, respectively all shades of gray and white, as well as orange, red, and purple hues. The elements of metal and fire do not support nor nourish the growth of this year’s element, which is why hues linked to metal and fire are said to contradict the energy of the wooden sheep.

Feng shui colours are just ways to aid better fortune. While many of us find these very helpful, perseverance and hard work are still the most important factors in achieving great success in life.