5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Interior Painter

Doing some retouch on your interiors is one home painting project that could quickly refresh the look of your home for a relatively little time and amount of money. So before you get ahead of yourself and start randomly calling different painting services in your area in Singapore, look through these considerations first as you hire your chosen interior painter.

Interior Painting 2

1. Check for some remaining lead paint. If your home was built in Singapore even before the year 1978, don’t hesitate to hire a qualified lead expert for some painting services to check on your house before you begin you paint job. Do note that most of the older homes still have their lead paint as one of its original layers.

Prepare for the paint job. Paint preparation is the foundation to any successful house painting jobs and projects. If done correctly, this will allow your paint to serve and perform to its fullest potential. But if done incorrectly, even the best quality paint will definitely chip, crack or peel in a short period of time. So before your painter starts with the project, make the necessary surface cleaning repairs. Dirty walls, especially the ones near the sink and stove, should be thoroughly cleaned. It helps if you engage excellent painting services in Singapore to do the job. The same thing goes for the soap scums and greasy deposits in your walls as it can interfere with your paint’s adhesion.

2. Be specific with your project. Walking each of your potential interior painter around your house or on the area that needs to be repainted is a good idea. As you walk around, you can also discuss the kind of Singapore painting services that you want, as well as your home painting needs, particularly the aspects of the project that affects or involves costs. Also, be specific as to which surfaces or area of the house – ceiling, trims, moldings, walls, etc. – you’d want to have painted, and the paint colors and finishes that you want to use.


3. Pay attention with the contractor’s behavior. Other than the necessary skills and knowledge, the right behavior and attitude are also what makes of an ideal interior painter for your house painting project. If you plan on interviewing a number of interior painters, carefully pay attention to their attitude and behavior using these following signs:

• Does he project a sense of experience and professionalism?
• Does he return phone calls and provide estimates in a timely manner?
• Is he courteous and business-like?
• Is he busy providing painting services to other clients? (Most good contractors are.)
• Is he on time for appointments?

4. Look for client references. Before you decide on hiring a particular interior painter, get at least three references from his past clients and speak to them directly. Also, if possible, visit the homes of these references for you to evaluate the painter’s output and see how it’s done and held over a specific timeframe.

With these tips to follow and to serve as your guide, you are now ready to hire the right interior for you and for you home – and enjoy your freshly painted home in no time.