Best Ways of Investing in 2015

The New Year can be a good reason to start paying attention to your finances and let it grow by investing it wisely. If you are a beginner in investing, don’t fret. You can use these suggestions in investing and getting the most out of your investment.


1.       Start on smaller stocks

The Singapore Exchange announced that the minimum lot sizes would be altered from 1000 shares to a hundred. This is a very good news because more people would be encouraged to start investing their money in shares and stocks. However, don’t jump in just yet. In order for your investment to be a success, keep in mind that in investing, there are wins and losses involved. It is important to acknowledge the risks and study your next move.


2.       Real estate

Real estate investment is relatively a low risk way but profitable way of investing compared to other forms. You can invest in different types of properties- commercial or industrial. Nonetheless, as stated above, it is highly essential to do necessary research to determine which investment strategy you are most comfortable in doing.

3.       Traded funds

Exchange traded funds are one of the easiest form of investment to get into because of its low cash requirement. Exchange trade funds are a passive form of investing that is based on an index. To start in this form of investing, you need about $100 a month. It’s also not time consuming because it does not require daily check-ins in the current standing of the indexes.