Getting to Know the World’s Favorite Car Colors  


You finally have the opportunity to buy a car. Whether it is brand new or second hand, there is one thing that you need to decide before having it – the color. It is easy choosing the right color especially if you can appreciate just any color. However, there are people who still find this task very tedious, confusing and to some point, tiring.


If you cannot decide the right color, it is time that you consider the choice of many people around the world. There is a study conducted by Automotive Colour Popularity Report. It is now on its 63rd edition.

The favorite car color of the world is white. Though plain, white can be elegant. This is an excellent choice since it topped the world’s favorite car color – for the fifth consecutive year. White has been prevalent here in Asia and Africa. Axalta Coating Systems, a coatings supplier, agreed to the findings saying that since 1953, white dominated the list.


The second most favorite car color is black. The third most popular color is silver. Silver has its fair share of popularity because it topped the 2010’s favorite car color.  Silver is followed by gray, red, blue, brown or beige, yellow or gold, green and everything in between.

Now that you know famous car colors, it is time to finally decide which one fits your personality. At the end of the day, the color does not matter as long as the car is functional. It is better to focus on the power of the car rather than spending so much time deciding over the color.