Here’s How You Can Get Clearer and Healthier Skin this 2018!

We all dream of getting better, healthier, and clearer skin. Regardless of whether you’re blessed with a relatively clear skin or you are suffering from skin problems (such as eczema and acne), you will still seek ways to make it better.

The good news is: improving the condition of your skin doesn’t have to be difficult! Various skincare products already help us in making our skin as smooth and supple as it could be. It is also encouraged to pick up healthy habits to maintain our youthful glow and hydrated skin – such as drinking enough water and getting a good night’s rest.

In improving your skin care for 2018, here are some other things to keep in mind:

1. Avoid using excessively foamy facial washes
By avoiding the use of excessively foamy facial washes, you are giving your skin the effective yet gentle cleansing it deserves. Check the labels of these products and look for its sodium laureth sulfate content, and if it is considerably one of the top-ranked ingredients, you are better off not using that particular facial wash.

2. Practice proper make-up removal
Soap and water aren’t enough in getting rid of all the excess product build up in your face. Keep in mind that proper make-up removal is one part of skin cleansing, and it is encouraged to properly cleanse your face at the end of a long day to avoid irritation and possible breakouts. To do this, use a micellar water cleanser before you wash your face – double cleansing as easy as ABC!

3. Use a sunscreen and day moisturizer
With Singapore’s humid weather and scorching heat, our skin is prone to dehydration and damage during prolonged exposure under the sun. To give your skin the protection it needs, look for dermatologist-approved sunscreens and day moisturizers. You can browse online for reviews and possible suggestions. Consider this as the bare minimum when it comes to improving your skin.

4. Get a good night’s sleep
Staying up all night watching movies or spending time on a hobby is considerably damaging on your skin’s condition. It is important to get a full 8 hours sleep at the end of a long day because your body’s repair mechanisms rejuvenate your skin while you’re dozing off. If you are sleep-deprived, however, you are putting your body under more stress – which may cause acne breakouts and other related skin problems.

5. Visit a dermatologist
If possible, pamper your skin by booking a session with a dermatologist for a laser treatment or chemical peel. These services effectively rejuvenate your skin, making it look more radiant and youthful. Consult your dermatologist about the assessment of your skin’s condition, too! This will greatly help you in improving your skincare routine.

Common Things You Should Never Apply on Your Face


There’s always something to be said for quick-fix and DIY skincare, but with the internet as our source for recipes, tips and tricks, what product we concoct at home is not always what’s going to keep our skin healthy in the long run. Although the following ingredients managed to get good words for being safe for the skin, they’re actually among the worst for causing skin irritation and dryness that might lead to serious skin issues.


  1. Lemon

Unlike some fruits, the acidity of lemon juice is on the side of the pH scale – with a pH level of 2, it’s highly acidic. Just as how sucking on lemon destroys your teeth’s enamel, directly applying its juice to your skin will disrupt and irritate the acid mantle. Also, the oils found in citrus fruits are known to be phototoxic, which means even the slightest exposure to the sun will exacerbate the irritation to the point of turning to chemical burns.

  1. Toothpaste

Although it’s considered as a bathroom cabinet quick-fix, toothpaste is actually full of ingredients that can be drying and irritating to the skin. Sure, it’ll dry out your zit, but it’ll also zap the moisture out from the surrounding areas and potentially burn your skin. Instead of using toothpaste, consider dabbing tea tree oil or performing a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment.

  1. Petroleum Jelly

While it aids in sealing in moisture on dry lips, petroleum jelly still shouldn’t be considered as a long-term moisturizer. Your skin will feel softer at first, but as the thick emollient seals the moisture in, it also seals debris and dirt that causes lip dryness over time. So as much as possible, avoid using petroleum jelly to moisturize your lips.


  1. Sugar

Perhaps you already know that ingesting too much sugar can be disastrous for your skin, but including it in your beauty routine as a DIY facial scrub will wreak havoc on your skin as well. Facial skin is way thinner than the rest of your skin, so while olive oil and sugar make your legs look smooth, its texture might be too rough for the fragile epidermis on your face. The same is true for most exfoliators and scrubs. Although they aid in getting smoother skin, their sharp edges create tiny tears that damages and ages the skin.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol

Although alcohol feels cooling and leaves a tingling sensation on the skin, it’s actually one of the most damaging and drying product that you can apply on your face. It dissolves both the DNA of bacteria and human skin cells, resulting to dead skin cell build up and skin dryness. So before purchasing a facial astringent or a toner, always ensure that it doesn’t contain isopropyl alcohol first.

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t put on your face is what will help you achieve a smooth and fair-looking complexion. So make sure that you ditch these ingredients on your beauty routine to avoid experiencing any skin woes.


Choosing Makeup Based on Your Skin Complexion

Makeups are specially formulated to enhance and accentuate beauty not the other way around. When applying makeup, one should be knowledgeable about it. Makeups have their own science and it should be respected. If not, you’ll end up being a laughingstock. Whether you wear makeup going to parties or going to work, you should know the perfect palette for you.


Knowing your palette should not be a struggle. Singaporean women should know how to determine skin tone first. In order to determine it, you have to stand in a well-lighted room without putting makeup. Look at yourself closely in the mirror and scrutinize your cheeks. If you have a magnifying mirror, that would be best. After closely studying your cheeks in the mirror, here are some things that you need to know to determine your skin complexion and what palettes to consider:

Warm Complexion

When your skin reflects a peach, orange or gold undertone, you definitely have a warm complexion. When you have a warm complexion, it is imperative that you use the right color palettes to accentuate your beauty. Do not just choose anything. When looking for makeups, you have to consider earthy hues like orange, brown, coral, gild and green. These will surely look good on you. It does not end there, should you choose to combine colors, try blends like red brown, red orange and blue green. For neutrals, try tan, beige and brown black.


Cool Complexion

When your skin reflects violet, pink and blue undertones, you definitely have a cool complexion. When you have cool complexion, it is important that you choose pastel colors like dark blue, purple, pink, red and burgundy. For blends, you can consider blue purple and purple pink. Finally, women that have cool complexion should consider neutrals such as black, grey and white.

Now that you know your complexion, the next thing that you have to consider is makeup tutorial. Remember that when applying makeup, you should balance hues. When balancing color, you need to identify one area of your face where you want to highlight thereby applying brightest colors there. You should keep the rest of your makeup light. Never try to put together bold or dark shades to your eyes, lips and cheeks at one time.

The good news is that there are many types and kinds of makeup in your makeup department. You only need to ask and purchase it. Makeups are not necessary but it can make a difference at the end of the day.


How to Pick the Right Colors for Your Eyes

They say that eyes are the window of the soul. It can also be the difference between an ordinary day and extraordinary one. There is no doubt that makeups can enhance and highlight beauty. If in this case you want to emphasize the beauty of your eyes, there are few things that you have to know. Remember that with the right eye color combination, you will look rather ravishing.


When picking the right eye color, it is imperative that you know your skin undertone so you will know what to consider. Now not knowing your skin complexion is a waste of time and resources. It is a waste of time because you have to constantly look for the right color and a waste of resources because you have to purchase one or more set. To avoid this, skin complexion should be discovered.

There are only two kinds of skin complexion – warm and cool skin. If you have orange, gold or peach undertone, you have a warm complexion. Warm complexions are best with earthy colors like brown, coral, green, gold and orange. If you have violet or pink undertone, you have a cool complexion. Cool complexions are best with pastel colors like dark blue, purple, pink, red and burgundy.

Here are some tips on picking the right colors for your eyes:

  • Blue eyes and warm skin: For warm skinned blue-eyed persons, recommended eye shadow hues include brown, green, gold, coral and other neutral colors. You have to avoid turquoise-colored eye shadows.
  • Blue eyes and cool skin: For cool skinned blue-eyed persons, recommended eye shadow hues include purples and pinks. However, you have to avoid blue-colored eye shadows.
  • Green eyes and warm skin: For warm skinned green-eyed persons, recommended eye shadow hues include neutral colors like gold, coral and brown. You have to avoid green-colored eye shadows.


  • Brown eyes and warm skin: For warm skinned brown-eyed persons, recommended eye shadow hues include coral, gold, green, brown, burgundy and blue-green. You have to avoid brown-colored eye shadows.
  • Brown eyes and cool skin: For cool skinned brown-eyed persons, recommended eye shadow hues is virtually any hue. It can work nicely with any hue and there is nothing to avoid.

Now that you know the right color for your eyes, you can buy as many and practice applying it. However you have to remember to balance your makeup. Since you want to emphasize your eyes, keep the rest of your face (e.g lips and cheeks) light.