How to Choose the Right VoIP Provider for Your Business

A lot of businesses in Singapore rely on telecommunications, but not all of them are able to enjoy the luxury of having a telecommunication system that’s loaded with features due to its costly price. Fortunately, new technologies – particularly VoIP – are already pushing to change this, allowing even small business owners to take advantage of its amazing features. The only concern though is finding the right service provider to provide you with such technology. Choosing one can be challenging, given the growing number of VoIP providers in the market that also offer different benefits – but by following these tips, you will definitely be able to find the right provider for your business’ VoIP needs.

1. Know and Understand the Telecommunication Needs of Your Business

The first step in choosing a VoIP provider is to first understand that telecommunication needs of your business. Always remember that the type of provider you will hire depends entirely on the needs of your company. If you have specific requirements that brought you to this phase, then it’s the perfect time to write them down. It would also be a good idea to jot down and answer questions like:

• Do you have multiple office locations, including the employees working at home?
• Which places are the most costly to call? What areas do get called often?
• Do you have departments that frequently have callers waiting on-hold, while other callers are being entertained?
• Is your paging requirement done either through an external speaker or a desk phone?

Be sure to include these needs along with any others that you listed. Remember that not all VoIP providers in Singapore are capable of delivering solutions to all of your needs, which is why listing down the telecommunication needs of your business is crucial for finding the most qualified provider for your situation.

2. Research About Your Prospective VoIP Service Providers

Once you are done listing down your concerns and questions about voip system Singapore it’s now time to perform some research on the providers you shortlisted. Start it by understanding how the services offered by each provider would influence your business. Take note of the unique services they are offering, and study the previous works they have done so you will have an idea as to how a particular VoIP provider works.

3. Read Online Reviews About Your Prospective Provider

Finding a reliable and dependable VoIP provider can be very difficult, which is why experts recommend performing a profound research to find the provider who can cater to your business’ telecommunication needs. To achieve this goal, search and read online reviews about the VoIP providers you shortlisted. This will give you an idea as to what kind of work and services a particular provider can give you.

4. See to It That their Services Meet Your Business Needs

VoIP service providers typically offer a range of packages, from premium to enterprise to standard and starter. These packages come in different prices and includes combinations of inclusive call and service charges. If you are only running a small business, then it would be best to opt for a starter or standard package that includes voice, call forwarding, voicemail, unified messaging, conferencing facilities, and a feature that allows you to know if somebody is available to take calls. If possible, opt for a VoIP provider who will allow you customize a package so that it will meet your business needs.

5. Examine the Quality of their VoIP Services

Hire a VoIP service provider that provides high quality services and makes it a priority to ensure that your internet connection and internal network are all ready for the voice packets that will be installed. Some providers in Singapore offer integrated data and voice services that could result in voice packets being prioritized over data on a private network, and we are pretty sure you wouldn’t want to have that kind of service used or done in your company.

6. Check Their Contract Term, Money-Back Guarantee and Equipment Return Policy

When choosing a VoIP in Singapore, ensure that your prospective provider offers a 30-day guarantee for their services and equipment. If they are not offering any guarantee, then don’t consider hiring them. Understand that us a major service, they should be providing a solid guarantee to their clients.
Aside from the service guarantees, you should also ensure that the term details and cancellation charges are clearly defined. Their service fees agreement should include charges necessary for your domain name registration, as well as its maintenance. You should also be wary of any “free” ploys they are offering, as it could possibly lock you into a long-term contract with them, or charge you for the equipment in the event you cancel their services.

7. Hire a Service Provider Who Has a Flexible Contract

VoIP in Singapore provides a good opportunity for business owners to steer clear from long-term contracts and keep with the developments in the telecommunication technology. Service providers are the ones responsible for upgrading systems so that you can take advantage of the benefits offers by the latest VoIP technology. Plus, with short-term contracts slowly becoming popular, it’s now easy to switch your hosted service to another provider who is offering a more advanced system.

Choosing the right VoIP provider for your business is not an easy task. But by putting the aforementioned tips to work, you will definitely be able to a good and dependable provider who will help you get the most out of the features and services of your VoIP system in order to make your business grow.

Be Your Own Boss: 5 Things You Need to Start a Business


Owning a business is most people’s ultimate dream. You can be your own boss, manage your time and work for nobody but yourself. No wonder why people want to be a business owner.

However, while being the boss of your own company can seem ideal, most people aren’t prepared for the demands of starting a business requires.

What do you need to start a business? To ensure you start and maintain your new venture, it’s essential to have these five things at hand.

  1. An Impeccable Credit Card

If you have credit card debt or your credit score is not at least CC (AA-HH scoring system with AA as the best and HH as the worst), you’re not ready yet to start a business. How do you expect to manage your business operations when your personal finances are not in great shape?

  1. Good Timing

Picking the right time to launch your business is an action determined by many factors, including the success and failure of businesses in the same industry, the ebbs and flows of the market, availability of your funds and your personal situation (pregnant wife? Maybe it’s best to delay your plans for the meantime. Not having a baby anytime soon? Get on your new venture now.)

  1. Knowledge About Operations

You should know the ins and outs of P&L statement. Haven’t heard of that? It’s a shorter term for profit and loss, and that’s vital for every business especially the start-ups. It’s also important to understand the tax rules of owning a company. Look for a business development program in your place. These non-profit establishments, which are usually housed at universities and colleges offer trainings and classes to help future entrepreneurs.

  1. A Clean Start-Up Budget

It can take a year—or even more—to establish a business and start getting revenues on a regular basis, so you will need a cushion to keep your business running. However, your business savings should be separate from your emergency fund and should have nothing to do with your home equity and retirement accounts. Leveraging your home or using your personal savings is too risky and should never be an option.

  1. Sharp Social Skills

Lucky for you if you know several people in higher position in the industry you’re in. You are a step ahead from a lot of business start-ups. If otherwise, being committed to growing your network and constantly looking for opportunities to make connections is one of the most important parts of your job description.

Yes, you have to do things that make you feel uncomfortable (like talking to people you don’t know and socializing with the elites) and you need to do some sacrifices (like going on a diet to save for your start-up budget). Patiently and whole-heartedly doing all these things might just make you a millionaire in two to three years. You’ll see, the effort and sacrifices you’ve invested will be worth it.