Grocery Must Haves

Going to the grocery is a great way to get cheaper meat and other produce. Although for some of us, it is more convenient to buy a meal from the local hawker, sometimes this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s also more convenient and not to mention cheaper to just buy from the grocery and eat a good meal at home. The grocery is just a wonderful place to get all the essentials aside from food. The grocery store has everything.

Here are some things you must buy from the grocery:

1. Body cleaning necessities
Soap, shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste, and other necessities should be a must buy at the grocery. Not only would you able to be get these products at a cheaper price, you will also be able to have a bigger selection of products, although you might have a special soap or shampoo you would rather use, you should still definitely buy these products as a backup plan in case you run out or aren’t able to buy your favorite products.

2. House cleaning necessities
Keeping your place clean is definitely something you should do. Not only is this to guarantee your health or safety, this also affects your state of mind. Being able to focus in a messy environment is something that is highly unlikely to happen.

3. Easy to cook food
Easy to cook food or as we like to call it, emergency food, is something you should definitely have stacked around at home just in case you don’t have money to eat outside and don’t have enough time to cook a complicated dish.

4. Snacks
Let’s face it, we always end up eating snacks around at random hours, it would be a great save to buy your snacks at the grocery instead of outside. You also have the option of buying healthy snacks at the grocery!

5. Juice, milk, and other drinks
This is something that can save you a lot of money if you stack up you refrigerator with the ideal beverages you would want to have. Instead of buying your drinks from outside, why not make your drinks at home?

Going to the grocery is a great way for you to be able to stack up on the things you would need at home. Another great thing about the grocery is that the selection is normally bigger than usual which means that you’d not only be able to find what you need but also pick which product you want to buy.

If you have a family, going to the grocery is something you should definitely do. Not only will you able to go within the budget, you’ll also be able to pick something healthy for your family.

What to Eat If You’re On a No-Rice Diet


Our plates look practically naked without this meal staple. However, if you want to lose weight and amp-up your well-being, contemplate on incorporating rice substitutes to your diet. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of alternatives to white rice. Take your pick from this list whenever your craving for white rice kicks in.

  1. Cauliflower

It only contains 150 calories a cup when stir-fried in olive oil. But when steamed without oil, it’s down to just 50 calories a cup. Plus, there are so many recipes online. You can chop it finely until it reaches the same consistency of rice grains.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

Bake or boil it without salt and with the skin on to get as low as 180 calories a cup. It tops the diet list of Paleo-friendly carbohydrates because of its richness in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

  1. Corn

A cup of sweet corn only has 124 calories. It also contains lower glycemic index, which is especially good for diabetics, and contains almost half the carbohydrate content of white rice. Plus, it has more fiber, protein, antioxidants and minerals, making it the most ideal alternative to rice in this list.

  1. Barley

This contains 640 calories a cup. But before you gasp at the amount of calorie it gives, note that health buffs consume only a quarter to a third of a cup of this grain. It’s considered healthier than white rice because of the amount of protein, fibre, potassium and other minerals it contains.

  1. Quinoa

Containing 222 calories a cup, quinoa has become the most popular alternative to traditional grain. To further stave off the amount of calories, mix only half a cup of quinoa with your choice of veggies. Although the carb content of this one is almost the same with white rice, its fibre and protein content is much higher, which makes this rice alternative a staple for vegans.

  1. Lentil

This legume is a smart option for a rice alternative, as it only contains 230 calories per cup and offer more health benefits. Lentils have insoluble fibre that prevents digestive problems such as constipation and helps stabilize blood sugar level.

  1. Brown Rice

Though it’s a type of rice, it’s not the processed and refined one that you’re trying to avoid, and it’s only 200 calories per cup. What’s good about unprocessed rice is that the fibre content remains intact and it still contains germ, endosperm and bran, which are all essential in slowing down the impact of carbohydrates in your blood sugar level.

So if you’re after a healthier diet, switch to these alternatives instead. They don’t only help with your weight management, but also protect your sugar levels and heart health, too.

4 Possible Benefits of Quitting Social Media


Depending on what you see online or who you’re communicating with, social media can either be a blessing or a curse. While it certainly helped us connect with family and friends, it ironically made us more anti-social as well.


So, what if you go offline and ditch entirely the use of social media? Would you still be able to connect with family and friends? What could possibly happen if you quit Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Here are some of the things you can expect to happen.

  1. You’ll be more productive

After quitting social media, you will immediately realize that there a lot of things can be done instead of scrolling through social media. You’ll have more time to work for your goals. Have you always wanted to bake, learn a new language or go hiking? Instead of wasting plenty of time on your Facebook, you can invest your time to into more productive things.

  1. You’ll have closer relationship with family and friends

Social media is said to connect family and friends, but is it really? Surely, there have been instances where you and your family or friends are together in one place, but are consistently on your phones. While social media claims to connect you with other people, in reality it disconnects you from everyone. When you quit social media, you’ll realize that going out and actually talking with someone without your phones on the way is a great way to connect with the important people of your life.


  1. You’ll be healthier in mind and body

When you don’t have social media to spend your spare time on, you will be more engaged on reading and doing useful things that will enrich your knowledge to become a smarter and wiser person. You can find time to exercise, instead of scrolling through social media and complaining about not having time to go to the gym. While other people are wasting time on their phones and computers, you’re about to start another book, getting fit in the gym and achieving your goals and dreams.

  1. You’ll be more innovative

When you’re constantly on social media, your brain is shut down from your real environment and you become less sensible. Quitting social media pulls you back to the real world and forces you to face the challenges in your life, encouraging you to be more innovative in dealing with problems—minor or major.

Quitting social media can create a powerful impact in your life, so why not give it a whirl? If you’re not ready to quit yet, take baby steps first, like deleting some apps from your phone or going social-media detox for a couple of days.


Things Only Introvert-Extrovert Understands

Most people identify themselves either an introvert or an extrovert. But there are also some who find themselves a little bit of both. They are called ambiverts.  Extroverted introverts—or the other way around—know too well that feeling when they like to be around with people but also love to be with their own thoughts at some point. They love interacting and hanging out, but oftentimes only with the people they know—unlike pure extroverts who love meeting new people.


If this sounds like you, you’re probably aware of the following situations.

  1. You like talking, but not small talks.

You have no problem holding a conversation, but you find small talks unappealing and it doesn’t engage your brain for a deeper conversation. Small talks are light and fun, but you like conversations with a little more depth and something that will lead you to get to know the person more.

  1. You’re selectively social.

You enjoy socializing, but you don’t want to socialize with just anyone. People who have a lot of drama are not on your friends list. You don’t enjoy negatively talking about people and you would rather avoid those who do. Socializing with strangers can make you feel uncomfortable, and you’d rather choose to be alone than to force yourself to socialize with them.


  1. You are influenced by your environment.

You are more influenced by what’s going on around you because that’s where you draw your energy from. If you’re in a concert where everyone is raving, you feel lively and energetic as well. If you’re in a bookstore, you feel delighted quietly checking out new books.

  1. You don’t always like routines.

Most of the time you like routines, but you occasionally hate them as well. Sometimes, you feel happy with your job and the things you do in the office every day, but there are also times when you feel like you want to drop everything and do something spontaneous. You like mixing up your routine and it is something you find necessary.

  1. You are fine with staying in or going out.

Since you’re fall in between, you’re okay with the idea of staying at home or going out with friends. This makes your weekend exciting and unpredictable. You go with what you’re feeling in the moment.

Each of us is unique, and ambiverts—like extroverts and introverts—have something that different that makes them stand-out from the crowd. Each of us is created differently, so embrace your uniqueness and celebrate the beauty of your individuality.


The Wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar



You should never underestimate what apple cider vinegar can do. Be prepared to be amazed because it can actually change your life. You did not hear about its wonders that was why you ignored it all these years but do you know that apple cider vinegar has been used by the world since 400 B.C? In fact, it was used by Hippocrates for myriad of things.

apple cider vinegar

So, what makes apple cider vinegar a wonder? Singaporeans are entitled to know the uses of apple cider vinegar and how it can change lives. Here’s the list:

It can serve as a non-toxic cleaner

An ordinary and commercial vinegar can be a good household cleaner but if it is apple cider, it is excellent. To make your very own cleaning solution, you just need to mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water. If you have elbow grease, do not forget to add little. This can help you maintain a clean and healthy home environment.

It can be an odor neutralizer

Sometimes your long yields off unpleasant smell and that is where apple cider vinegar comes on. If you are the home owner, you would want these odors to go away. The easiest solution is to put apple cider vinegar near the smell that offends you. It can actually get rid of the smell. Give it time.


It can actually help in weight loss

According to a study, apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that can slow down fat accumulation. Some people just drink it raw but if the taste is too strong for you, you can just add a tablespoon to salad dressings and juices. Apple cider vinegar can give you an illusion of fullness so you will eat less.

It can facilitate detox

You already know that apple cider vinegar can “detox” your home by getting rid of foul smell and bacteria. It does not end there because apple cider vinegar can actually facilitate detox. It can help with detoxifying the liver.

It can help you by boosting energy

Days are tiring especially if you know that you worked hard. Times like these you need a boost and apple cider vinegar can help you with your energy. It contains potassium and many enzymes.

The good news is that you can avail all these wonders if you purchase it right away. There are many apple cider vinegars available in supermarkets. You just need to make sure that the next time you go for grocery, apple cider vinegar is on your list.

If you want, you can even make your very own homemade apple cider vinegar.


A Beginner’s Guide to Flea Market Shopping

Flea markets are the perfect place to find high quality clothing, furniture, trinkets, and antiques at a fraction of their original price. However, shopping at these places can be overwhelming sometimes, especially for the first-timers. Worry not though, since we’ve listed down the best tricks and tips for shopping like a pro in a flea market, and finding the perfect item that you can add to your home.


  1. Dress Accordingly

Keep in mind that you’re going to a flea market and not on a date, so make sure to dress like it. The prices of the items on a flea market are always negotiable, but vendors are less likely to haggle with you if look like someone who doesn’t need a discount. So leave your flashy wedding ring at home, and just opt for a casual ensemble with a comfy flat shoes, and a cross-body bag.

  1. Bring Enough Cash

Most markets, especially the ones in the outdoors, only accept cash so ensure that you bring enough with you. Negotiating is also easier if you have a wad of cash in your pocket, instead of a credit card. Also, consider bringing smaller bills as some vendors might not have enough change for bigger bills.

  1. Shop With a Game Plan

A good way to make the most out of your flea market visit is to think ahead about what you’d like to buy. Creating a game plan allows you to be less overwhelmed with the sea of choices present. That said, don’t be so laser focused that you ignore a lovely chair just because it’s not on your to-buy list.


  1. Bring Some Towing Tools

Bringing along a folding utility cart or a wagon would be a smart decision, especially if you’re planning to purchase big items. Doing this will prevent you from going back and forth to your car, and keep you from missing out on good deals. But if you’ll be at an out of town flea market, consider renting a cart instead.

  1. Haggle Kindly

Don’t be intimated to bargain with the vendors. A good rule of thumb is to ask for a 15-20 percent discount, and hope to land at 10 percent off. But if a vendor doesn’t have enough wiggle room on a particular item, stop pushing it. Remember that their goal might be to make a sale, but they also have expenses to consider.

Although haggling in a flea market may seem overwhelming and intimidating at first, putting these tips to work on your first visit will surely help you land a perfect item, and give you an unforgettable flea market experience.


5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Aquarium Clean


Keep your fish happy and healthy by cleaning and adding fresh water in your aquarium at least once a week. Cleaning a fish tank is surprisingly easy, especially if you do it regularly so algae doesn’t have the chance to build up. Here, we give you some tips on how to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your pet fish.


  1. Keep Algae At Bay

One of the things you will notice in an aquarium is the build up of slimy green algae. Apart from regularly cleaning your tank, there’s also a special kind of fish that can help you keep algae at bay: the Plecostomus fish. It certainly is not one of those colourful kinds, but this fish loves to eat algae. If you get a plecostomus fish, you can count on it spending most of its time plastered to the sides of your tank, gobbling up the green slimy stuff.

  1. Keep the Glass Clear

Keeping the glass tank clean is the first step to securing a healthy environment for your fish. Aside from getting plecostomus fish, also purchase algae scraper and use it on the glass tank before you change the water. This way, you can clean the glass first, deposit the dirt into the water, and then clean the water.


  1. Wash the Water

Once a week, you need to “wash” the water. What this really means is that changing out a portion of it, roughly around 20 percent. This amount of water taken out and refilled is enough to make your aquarium look clean again, while leaving the right amount of god bacteria for your fish. After removing water, use a vacuum to suck up debris. Refill water tank with de-chlorinated water.

  1. Vacuum the Gravel

The gravel on the bottom of your tank is going to be a repository area for wastes. To keep it clean, you need to have a wet vacuum, which sucks up items that are trapped between rocks, without vacuuming heavier gravel. For smaller tanks, you can just wash the gravel when you do full tank clean up.

  1. Keep the Filter Clean

Depending on the size, your tank may need one or more filters. Follow the instructions that come with it, which will likely include replacement of certain parts. Keep in mind though that these parts will be covered in helpful bacteria over time, which are necessary for the fish to thrive. Switching all of the parts at once will throw the balance off, so change out one at time.

So, there you have it! Cleaning your fish tank doesn’t have to be daunting at all, so long as you keep these aquarium maintenance tips in mind.