Guide on How to Choose the Best Flowers for Your Wedding Day

It’s no secret how wedding arrangements and preparations are no piece of cake. It is only normal to desire everything for your wedding to be of the highest quality, and it is in this search for excellence that the whole experience may undergo through a rigorous process of deliberation. From finding the perfect wedding venue in Singapore to securing a fitting floral decor and wedding car decor for the motif, schedules of brides-to-be packed with lots of planning involved. If you are a bride yourself, chances are you can use all the help you can get.

Wedding flowers, in particular, are among the most important decisions you make as a bride. Nerve-wracking stuff aside, it can be considered an exciting experience too — as you get to sort through dozens of flower types and bridal bouquet arrangements.

They symbolize your desired theme; from color and fragrance, to style and mood. They are also a defining feature which portrays precious memories in your wedding day photos. In order to find the right flowers, then, considerations such as whether it fits the motif of your wedding or if the wedding florist fee suits your allotted budget must be considered.

With all these factors weighed in, your wedding bouquet is undoubtedly an important detail that should be planned well since it serves as a prominent finishing touch to your bridal gown. A beautiful floral bouquet from mood fleur wedding florist in Singapore has the power to highlight your dress as you walk down the aisle, enhancing your best features and complimenting well with your bridesmaids’ garb.

The whole selection process may get overwhelming, yes, but there are a few tips to help you choose your bridal bouquet minus the hassle.

1. Do your research

Doing your personal research before booking a consultation with your wedding florist will save you time and give you a concrete visualization of what you want. This will make you feel confident in discussing the options that will be presented to you, instead of feeling unsure and just mostly going with the flow.

It is important to be specific in what you desire your wedding flowers to look like. By doing so, you are also helping your florist to achieve the best flower arrangement you can ever wish for. There are a lot of online images, inspiration boards, wedding blogs, and bridal magazines that can be a great avenue for inspiration and design ideas. If there is anything else that catches your eyes, don’t forget to take note of it as it may be helpful in the later part of your decision-making process. Even the smallest details are important, as well.

2. Work with seasonal flowers

A lot of flowers in Singapore are sold on a seasonal basis, meaning the choices of the flowers you can use for your bouquet may depend on which ones are available during a particular month. Common flowers such as lilies, orchids, and roses are available the whole-year round, but there are also flowers which you may only get during specific months such as baby’s breath and tulips. Importing flowers may get costly hence a wedding florist would likely advice to work within the seasons.

Another option is to consider the time period of the flowers’ blooming in planning the season you’ll be marrying in. Your ideal bridal bouquet can be brought to actuality without any hassle, in that case!

3. Consider the wedding’s theme

Bouquet styles or any accessory must work well with the wedding’s theme. For instance, if you’re eyeing a wedding on the beach then including shells into your bouquet will be a good fit. This is where your creativity will be very crucial, hence work it out with your florists and try out feasible and fitting designs and inspirations.

If you want to take an extra step further, having a swatch of your bridal gown fabric will also allow you to ensure that the colors of the ribbons and wedding flowers you’ll be using will match the wedding’s motif. Otherwise, it’d look out of place and appear odd when it is your ticket to enhance your look further.

4. Keep your allotted budget in mind

Your bouquet along with your floral decor may get costly, thus it is important to work within your allotted budget. There are other aspects to wedding preparation which requires sufficient budget, like the reception and venue fees, and that’s not something you can sacrifice for the cost of having your dream wedding day bouquet.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best choices even with a limited budget. There are a lot of florists in Singapore who will be happy to discuss which options are best for your budget, making your selection process easier. That way, you’ll get the best value for your money’s worth.

5. Choose with a skilled florist

A skilled and experienced florist can become an asset on your wedding day, especially when they do their craft well. They understand that every wedding is special so it should be as exquisitely memorable as it could get. Even with a limited budget, a renowned florist can help you get the best floral decor worth your money — which will leave you little to no regrets on your wedding day.

It is then ideal to book someone who fully understands your ideal bouquet design. In so doing, they can help you turn your dreams into actuality, and attain that wedding magic you are aiming for.

Weddings are generally a once in a lifetime event. Since it involves a lot of planning and deliberation, it may get overwhelming at some point. Fret not, though, as all your efforts won’t be in vain. All this is done to ensure your grand day flows smoothly. It is also important to keep in mind there is no harm in wanting to choose the best option for your money’s worth — especially with your wedding flowers! There’s no harm in wanting the best bridal floral bouquet, wedding car decor, and floral displays for your big day.

The Best Live Band for Your Wedding

Getting a Singapore wedding live band entails learning about certain things in order for you to arrive at the best choice. Which is better: part-time musicians or the professionals? How about your venue and wedding theme? Do you really need to see the band perform live before hiring them? You will find out the answers to these questions as you go through this article.

Part-time or Professional Musicians

It does not necessarily follow that if a group of musicians is part-time and amateur, they are no longer reliable and that they cannot play good wedding live music. There are some part-time and amateur bands that are highly trained, have good musical ability, and have a professional attitude when it comes to bookings and performing in special occasions, while others need more practice and experience.

On the other hand, professional musicians can assure you of an outstanding performance, which is your primary concern as you want everything about your wedding to be perfect. A professional wedding live band in Singapore most likely has everything you have been looking for in a live band: musical ability, versatility, professionalism, and others. Compared to part-time musicians, these full-time musicians from in Singapore devote all their time to playing music. The only downside of hiring professionals instead of part-time or amateurs is that they can really be expensive. However, you surely get what you pay for.

Whether you hire the professionals as you want to be sure or the amateurs as you trust them and want to give a try, make sure to check their credentials before booking.

The Band and The Theme

When you were still on the first part of the wedding preparations, you first thought of a wedding theme to serve as the main concept of your wedding. Everything about your wedding should correspond with this particular theme. That includes venue decorations, wedding invitations and keepsakes, bridesmaid dresses, and even your entertainment. When you hire a Singapore wedding live band, you need to think of your wedding theme. For example, it is not appropriate to hire a rock band when you have a fairy tale theme. Now if you will be having a beach wedding with a tropical kind of theme, a reggae band might be your awesome choice to play wedding live music for you and your guests.

The Band and The Venue

Especially when you will be holding your big day in a hotel, the management may be strict in implementing their specifications and other requirements with regards to having live bands. They might be requested to submit certain documents such as liability insurance, electrical safety, and even risk assessment. Furthermore, any hotel management is strict when it comes to noise. Hotel wedding venues are soundproofed to prevent noise from disturbing local residents. In some cases, there are also sound limiters that are installed for the purpose of cutting off music once it gets too loud. A good wedding live band in Singapore is familiar with sound limiters, and they can adjust accordingly. Additionally, your venue should be spacious enough to accommodate the band with their musical instruments and other equipment. They should not feel that they are being restricted as it can affect their performance.

Summary: To get a really cool band to play at your Singapore wedding banquet, you need to consider a couple of factors. In this guide, we give suggestions on how you can choose the right band based on your wedding theme and venue, and what kind of musicians you should hire.

The Singaporean Way of Wedding

During the ancient times specifically in the pre-colonial period, wedding lasts for 3 days. What happens is that on the first day, the couple will be brought to the place of the priest or what they call babaylan. He will join the hands of the couple so that is will be blessed. The hands will be united together using raw rice. This activity will continue up to the second day.

On the third and probably the final day, babaylan pierces the chest of the couple to get some blood. On the other hand, their joined hands will be the sign of their love to each other and also an indication that a person is married.

Nowadays, since invasion of Catholic religion, the tradition still remains. However, there are only few Singaporeans who practice it. Today, weddings have this so-called “sponsors”. Sponsors are categorized accordingly. For principal sponsors, these are people who are close to the newlywed like the parents, relatives and friends. The secondary sponsors are people who have specific role in the wedding like putting the candle, veil and cord:

  • Candle sponsors – these are people who light the two candle. This signifies the connection of the couple as well as the relatives to each other.
  • Veil sponsors – they are the one who places the veil into the head of the bride to the shoulder of the groom. This means unity for the couple.
  • Cord sponsors – The cord must be wrapped around the couple in a number eight form. This indicates an everlasting marriage life.