Cities Offering the Best Quality Life in Asia  

The government’s role is to give quality life to their citizens. Here in Asia, there are many cities that offer best quality life and this is according to Mercer 2015 Quality of Living ranking. Mercer’s rankings are done annually.


The survey is done to give multinational companies and employers idea on how to compensate their employees when putting them on assignments outside the country. When deploying an expatriate across countries, the companies and employers should take into account different quality of living.

For this year, the best quality life in the world is Vienna, Austria. The lowest in the survey is Baghdad. Here in Asia, many cities entered the list. Here’s an idea:

  • Singapore: Singapore is not only the most expensive city in the world but it is also the best city in Southeast Asia that offers quality life. In the worldwide list, the island-city ranks 26th.
  • Tokyo: Tokyo is the second highest-ranking city in Asia that offers the best quality life. In the worldwide list, Tokyo ranks 44th.
  • Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and it is ranked number 84th in the worldwide list.


  • Bangkok: Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and it is ranked number 117th in the worldwide list.
  • Manila: Manila is the capital of the Philippines and it is ranked 136th in the worldwide list.
  • Jakarta: Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and it is ranked 140th in the worldwide list.

The survey assessed two hundred thirty countries between September and November of last year. Knowing this, we should be proud because the government continues to make things easier and more comfortable for the citizens. The assessments are based into environmental, political and economic developments.


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