Coolest New Gadgets of 2013

Are you one of those tech fanatics who are craving for new gadgets and gizmos to enjoy and exploit? Well, here are some of the most awaited gadgets to come this year.

1.   Epson EH-TW9100

The new projector of Epson boasts an impressive contrast ratio of 320,000:1 that projects images in 3D at 2,400 Lumens. This modified system helps suppress any form of image quiver while keeping the 3D crosstalk checked.

2.   Mophie Juice Pack Helium

With your overly used iPhone – checking email, browsing websites, checking emails again, look at Google Maps, send Tweets… and your iPhone is drained out. This battery-enhancing case will help boost your iPhone’s battery with its 1500mAh power. That’s enough for 30 hours of audio, six hours of talk time and seven hours of Internet surfing via WiFi. Plus, the casing offers an additional protection to your iPhone, too.

3.   HAPIlabs HAPIfork

Researches show that eating too fast is one of the major reasons why people gain so much weight. We eat too fast, not chewing the food properly, making it hard for the body to digest the food. The HAPIfork helps control your eating habit by sending you flashing lights soft and vibrations if you’re eating speed is too fast.

4.   OD-11 Cloud Speaker

If music is your favourite past time, this sleek minimalist wireless speaker will keep your eardrums drumming. This 26x26x26cm cube-shaped speaker has Bluetooth and WiFi features with a class D 100w amplifier. Its unique rounded remote responds to pressing and twisting to increase or decrease volume.

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