Exploring Jurong Bird Park

You cannot be considered a local if you haven’t visited Jurong Bird Park. If you haven’t visited the Bird Park, it is not yet too late to visit it. To get to the Bird Park, you can take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) to Boon Lay. After reaching Boon Lay, transfer to SBS Transit Service 194 or 251. If you want, you can simply ride a taxi or have someone take you there.

The bird park covers an area of 202,000 square metres or 50 acres. It is situated inside the Boon Lay Planning Area. The bird park features about 5000 birds of 380 species. To date, it is the second largest bird park (based on the number of species and land area) after Weltovogelpark Walsrode in Germany. What to expect in Jurong Bird Park:


As mentioned earlier, there are about 5000 birds. Exhibits are divided according to sections. Some of the sections include African Waterfall Aviary, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, Dinosaur Descendants, Lory Loft, Penguin Coast, Pelican Cove and World of Darkness.

You can see owls, pelicans, penguins, swans, storks, ducks, ostrich, mynah, ducks and other birds.


There are High Flyers Show and Kings of the Skies Show. If you want to see the performance of birds, you should consider the former. If you want to see the fierce eagles, falcons and hawks, the latter show is best for you.

Special Experiences

If you want to dine with parrots, you can. You will enjoy the company of an entertaining parrot show over lunch with a striking view of the Flamingo Lake.


Aside from eating with the parrots, there are dining centres within the park that you can consider.


If you are looking for souvenirs, shopping centres are visible in the park. You can now bring something home.

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