Foods That Can Help Control Your Mood  


They say that you are what you eat. That is true. It does not end there because scientists also thought that what you eat will change or reflect your mood. There is a link between the food and your mood. For instance, there are many researches on the effects of alcohol and caffeine in relation to one’s mind. It is said that caffeine and alcohol can help you sleep better and it can calm you even comfort in times of pain.


When you are in a foul mood, you do things or say words that you will regret later. Instead of making rash decisions, it is always recommended to brisk walk or meditate. Channelling the energy to other things can help you deal with whatever you are dealing. If you are the type that binge eats during foul mood, you have to know that there are certain foods that can help your mood.

Sometimes, the only solution is to eat your troubles away. This is not so wrong since there are some researches that prove eating specific foods can alleviate one’s moods. If binge eating is your thing, it would be helpful to eat healthy foods instead of junk. There are healthy foods that can fix you but without filling you. Here are some foods you can consider depending on your mood:

  • When you are down: There are those days that you feel down. Instinctively you reach for chocolate but there are many healthier options. Like considering an English muffin with blueberry jam. This snack has high-carbohydrate content that it can flood the brain with serotonin – the happy chemical. You can also consider whole wheat bread with honey.
  • When you are irritable: When you notice that you are wearing that bear claw again, you have to calm down first and eat. When this happens, you have to instantly cut back on your caffeine intake. Caffeine is a stimulant but if you are already depressed, it can lead to prickliness. Also lessen sugar intake. For foods that can help your mood, try artificial sweeteners and if you cannot help but drink coffee, make sure that it is black.


  • When you are sleepy: Lack of sleep is not good because it can make you intolerant and irritable in the morning. When you are sleepy, do not drink caffeine, tea and other beverages as they contain caffeine. Also avoid energy drinks and vitamin waters as well as yogurts and chocolates. You have to consider water, carob or decafs. Do not forget about alcohol. Alcohol can stop you from sleeping well. You might feel horrible for four days after withdrawal but you have to deal with it if you want to sleep better. A little reminder too, do not eat big meals especially at night because it will keep the tummy busy during the night which can lead to restlessness. For dinner, do not forget to eat high-carb and low-protein meals to sleep better. Other snacks include potato, banana and avocado.
  • When you are depressed: There will come a time that you will get depressed. When this time comes, you have to eat more fish. Study showed that fishes like salmon, sardines and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty can give comfort during depression. There are people who are concerned of the mercury content of some fatty fishes. To be sure, choose Pacific salmon, summer flounder, croaker, haddock and farmed catfish.
  • When you are exhausted: If you are too exhausted that is beyond normal, you have to go and see your doctor because it might be a symptom of something serious. If you have iron deficiency or anaemia, there is no surprise that you experience fatigue. The reason for this is not getting enough iron. Beans, vegetables and grains are good but they do not provide enough iron for you to keep going. The best things to consider include seafood, meat and poultry. If despite eating meat you still feel exhausted, you have to add vitamin C to your diet. Try citrus fruits.

There you go. These foods can help a lot if only you give it a chance. For more advices, look for doctors. There are plenty of doctors here in Singapore that are willing to help you.

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