Habits to Avoid When Riding a Plane


If we are riding commercial planes from or to Singapore, it is important that we bring our best habits because after all, there are plenty of passengers. We do not want to get their attention, right? Unfortunately, not all passengers behave right.


There will always be worst-behaving passengers. Here are some airplane habits that will not do us good:

  • Stinking the plane with our odor: There are people who have poor personal hygiene. If they carry their stink in the plane, they will surely bother a lot of people. As a common courtesy to our seatmates, we have to clean ourselves and avoid reeking in BO.


  • Stinking the plane with our food: It is understandable that we get hungry while traveling but if it reeks of BO, we have to think of the people around us. We have to remember that the smell may not be the same once we are airborne.


  • Ignoring our out of control kids: Kids have their own world but it doesn’t mean that we have to let them be. The plane is not your home and surely others do not want to hear our kids crying or rumblings.


  • Pushing or kicking other people’s seats: It is rude to push or kick other people’s seats. We have to be considerate of other people when walking down the aisle.

If we do not want to be the nuisance, let us think of other passengers. Unless we have our private jet, we have to comply. There are still many bad habits that are not worth keeping.


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