Holiday the Singapore Way

Paragon_Shopping_Centre,_Singapore,_Nov_05Almost all country in the world is now preparing for the celebration of Christmas. Each has different traditions, ways and styles of welcoming this season of giving and love. One interesting topic is on how this mostly Chinese citizen country celebrates the season.

Early Shopping Preparation


Singapore has its own unique way of preparation and celebration for Christmas. Singaporeans are seen to be shopping gifts as early as June while many are crammers in buying gifts. Singapore holds its extravaganza sale during the months of June and July so it’s a perfect time to do early Christmas shopping. By making an early Christmas shopping, crowd, traffic and busy schedules from work and school could not be a headache; great planning and a very successful preparation could be achieved.

Big-Time Shopping in December

Singaporeans love shopping. It is a best time for them to relax and also make time to shop for themselves. In December, big sales and discounts on different merchandise are in Singapore. It is a day to pick a beautiful dress, paired with bag and shoes for the celebration.

Top Destination: Orchard Road

Orchard Road has its way of meeting the season. For 27 years, tourists have been always attracted by the lights seen in Orchard Road which engages them to celebrate and enjoy the Christmas spirit as carolers are heard filling the shining lights in the center. Christmas in Singapore would never be the same without food and festivals.

A Delicious Meal to Top the Holiday

Mouth-watering foods like baked-ham, roasted turkey or beef and sweets are served in homes. Families celebrate the season together and enjoy their sumptuous meal, even tourists on restaurants. Singaporeans also love to travel on holidays. For them, it is a great time of get-away with families and close relatives. It is commonly considered as a great break from all the hassles and stress from work and school.



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