How can Singapore Companies Prepare for the World Cup

Singaporeans love football and they will do anything to catch the 2014 World Cup on June 12 to 13, 2014. It will be held (for the second time) in Brazil. Ready or not, it is Brazil’s time to host the prestigious World Cup. Many Singaporeans are patiently waiting for the kick off.


The companies here are worried that their people might try desperate steps (like being absent) to catch the matches. So, how will companies prepare for the World Cup? Here’s an idea:

  • Bosses should contemplate on late starts: Matches will be aired in Singapore from 3 to 6am. Bosses can contemplate on late starts so football fanatics can keep up. They do not need to be absent or miss a day’s work because of the World Cup.


  • Bosses can boost office morale: Bosses can effectively boost office morale by screening match highlights in the pantry. It will boost morale because it can encourage social interaction and more importantly, team-building.
  • Bosses can go all the way: For offices with the most football fanatics, bosses are planning to go all the way. There will be a screening of World Cup finals in the offices plus food and beverage.

Work will not get in the way of football fanatics. They will do anything not to miss the match. Some are even thinking about being absent or call in sick. Companies should plan ahead taking into consideration not only their interest but also the interests of the work force. Bosses should comprehend how football fever might affect their companies so they can plan ahead.


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