How to Behave On an Online Wedding Forum

A thousand of wedding ideas will definitely make the most creative wedding ever, and the best way to solicit wedding ideas is through a wedding forum. Brides in Singapore often use bridal forums to gain ideas for their wedding. A lot of wedding planners and experts in Singapore form an online community to help soon-to-be brides. But before going around to different forums, know first these proper etiquettes on how to behave on an online wedding forum.


1. Read Forum Rules

Administrators of a wedding portal need to ensure that the posts in the forum should never go off topic. That’s why they set rules in posting comments that every member should follow. The rules will serve as a constant reminder for the members on how to behave properly in the forum.

2. Spelling and Grammar

Avoid text and chat lingos. Discussions in a wedding forum can be really extensive and, most likely, deals with unfamiliar words. You don’t have to be an outstanding writer to be a member of a the best wedding forum in Singapore but you just have to be substantial in your every post.  Using text and chat shortcuts are oftentimes the source of confusions and misunderstandings. So spell out those words properly and make sure your thoughts are well-delivered. After all, there are no character limits in online forums.

3. Manners are IMPORTANT!

Just because a user hides behind an avatar portrait with an unrealistic nickname doesn’t mean manners should be forgotten. Practicing respect and common courtesy still is very important in an online portal. Although it is hard to convey the real tone of your post, the proper choices of words can help deliver the message you intend to say. Capitalization also matters. Using an ALL CAPS form to a certain phrase or sentence may convey the tone of shouting. Lastly, avoid flame wars. These are heated responses between people. When the words used are harsh and insults are thrown back and forth, definitely it isn’t a healthy discussion anymore.

4. Do not take everything personally.

Remember that you cannot please everybody. Although you have the right to say your opinion, respecting and understanding others will make the discussion run smoothly. Constructive criticisms may have the power to hurt your feelings. So, do not dwell too much on it or else your next posts will be highly affected and may cause you to be ousted from the wedding forum.

A wedding forum can be a place for exchange of ideas. This will not only help soon-to-be brides but will also create an intellectual community regardless of the anonymity of the members.

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