How to Slay the Flat Lay Photography Style


We all know that cute styling, great lighting, and perfectly arranged props are the foundation of a cool Instagram flat lay. Still, regardless of how much we try, our snaps still fail to turn out the way we imagined it to be. But fret not, as we’ve listed down some of top tips on how you can take a flat lay photo like a pro.

Flat lay exmaple_Lust Have It!

  1. Proper Lighting is Everything

Using the right lighting can mean a huge difference between a blurry and grey image, and a bright, perfectly shot photo. But there’s no need for you to have fancy studio lights to make this happen. In fact, the natural lighting that goes through the windows of your home is already enough to help you take lovely photos of any subject that you like.

Photography experts also recommend doing your shoot in the morning, since the early daylight is much cooler, and produces a better contrast between the background and the subject.

  1. Invest on Quality Tools and Props

When it comes to props, photography experts believe that there are really no rules on how you should use one. Just make sure that you choose and use your props sparingly to avoid taking away the spotlight from your subject.

To make shooting much easier, invest on a Manfrotto tripod to facilitate a hands-free photo-taking session. In addition, purchase a white poster board or a while medium density fibreboard to create a quick and cheap surface for your shoot.


  1. Keep Your Subject and Props Organized

Organize your materials based on their colour, shape and size. Also, place them in a harmonious way by leaving spaces between each product to create balanced shots. If you’re having trouble keeping your subject in place, use a plasticine clay to adhere your materials to the surface of your choice.

  1. Use the Right Photography Application

Just like photography, editing images is a task that requires a lot of trial and error. So to achieve the flat lay look that you want, try using various editing applications.

Cortex Camera is a good app choice if the environment you’re shooting in has very low light, and if you want to improve the definition and quality of your shots. Apart from Cortex Camera, Snapseed is also a great app to use to manipulate your images. The app does the same work as most editing programs, but in a more natural and fluid way.

Unlike what we believe in, using a flat lay photography style is actually quite easy. So put the aforementioned tips to work to help you shoot flat lay photographs like a pro.


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