Marriage and Parenthood Schemes in Singapore

Raising and caring for your children is easy here in Singapore. Many people consider the country as the haven of perfect medical treatments especially for soon to be mothers or new mothers. The government prepared “Marriage and Parenthood Schemes” to help the couple get through their family life. This scheme is really a big help to the family. It is important that you know what you are entitled. You should learn everything about this scheme. You can begin by considering:


Medisave Maternity Package (MMP)

The MMP can be used by parents for pre delivery medical expenses and delivery expenses. You should know that under the MMP, you are allowed to pull out up to S$450 every day you are in the hospital plus you can get an additional S$450 and more for the surgeries you’ve undergo. For example, if the mother endured normal deliver and she is hospitalized for three days, she can claim up to S$2,550. If the mother endured a caesarean delivery and she us hospitalized for four days, she can claim up to S$4,400.

Medisave Account for Newborns

The Singapore government seeks to support parents when it comes to their children’s medical needs. Children who are born after August 26, 2012 shall have a Medisave account. Newborns can receive up to S$3000. The S$3000 will be given in two bundles-the first 50% will be given right after the registration of the child’s birth and the other 50% will be given in the succeeding year as long as they are members of the Integrated Shield Plan.


Medishield for Neonatal and Congenital Conditions

Good news for mothers with babies suffering from neonatal and congenital conditions- starting from March 1, 2013, Medishield will be extended to their babies. All Singaporean babies born after March 1 will be automatically covered. As long as the parents never leave them out, the babies will be automatically covered without being assessed. This is effective as soon as the child’s birth is registered.

Medisave for Conception

There is such thing as Assisted Conception Procedures (ACP). This is for couples who are trying to conceive. Medisave will the couple withdraw a total of S$15000 for this one. But the S$15000 will be given in three bundles for the first till third treatment. Starting this October 1, 2013, the withdrawal limit for the first cycle is S$6000. The second cycle is S$5000 and S$4000 for the third and the succeeding cycles.

Government Co-Funding for ART Treatment

Singapore is encouraging its people to conceive thus the government co funding for the Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) treatment. This is especially for couples who are in the middle ages and trying to conceive. ART treatment like in-vitro fertilisation can increase the couple’s chances of conceiving but this is costly. ART employs techniques that entails assimilation of sperms and eggs outside of the body.


Apart from this, there are other schemes and subsidies the government of Singapore prepared. All citizens and permanent residents are entitled to such depending on the type of scheme and subsidy. Truly, the government is banking on the population because the health of the people is important in nation building. Without its people, Singapore will not be the place we know now-strong and healthy. We should be empowered. When we feel uncomfortable or in pain, we should seek medical attention right away to protect our health and the health of the people around, in case it is contagious.

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