Not Your Usual Cup of Tea  


Singaporeans love teas and we drink it for different reasons. There are people who drink tea because of its therapeutic effects while there are others who drink it with friends to catch up. There are also some who drink tea because it relaxes them. Whatever the reasons, we have to know that there are a thousand ways to enjoy our tea.


We have to forget our usual tea with milk and sugar. This time, we will discover more ways to enjoy our usual cup of tea. Reinventing it may make our lives more jubilant because we can try different flavours. Let us try going away with our old-fashioned cup of tea and reinvent it. Here are some ideas that we might like:

  • Mango tea with boba tapioca pearls: Many Singaporeans love mangoes and it is time that we put it in good use. Tea and mangoes are great combination. If we want it to be more tasty and appealing, we can put boba tapioca pearls. This chilled tea is perfect for summer. We have to blend first our mango and combine it with our tea and boba tapioca pearls.
  • Earl Grey tea: Earl Grey is famous. We can make it with tea. The lavender and lemon flavour is a must-try. We only need to look for Earl Grey, add tea and a honey syrup and viola – we have a new tea variant. This is unexpectedly good because of its mild and refreshing flavour.
  • Thai iced tea: If we have some black tea in our kitchen, we can make Thai iced tea. We only need to secure coconut milk. This is easy to make because we only need to combine the black tea and the coconut milk.
  • Sweet sangria tea: If we have a barbeque party or a house party, sweet sangria tea is the perfect drink. We only need to add wine and fruits to our sweetened tea and we have a refreshing drink.


  • Raspberry tea smoothies: For a very hot afternoon, a hot tea is not that enjoyable. The best thing is we can make smoothies out of our favourite tea and fruit – raspberry.
  • Moroccan mojitos: Mojitos with a tea, who can tell if it is good? Well, we can try. We only need to look for a black tea and flavour it with citrus juices, flavoured spices and a drop or two of rum.

We do not need to go to tea houses just to try different variants of teas. We can make it in our homes and share it with friends. We can even serve it to our guests and awe them. Teas are indeed God’s gift and it is meant to share and enjoy.


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