Interior Decorating for Summer

Sun, sea and sand. That’s how most people define summer. If you are one of those beach lovers who just love to have fun under the sun, why not bring in the sun-sea-sand spirit and embrace the endless summer sun inside your home? Experience indoors summer by following these few easy steps to brighten up your home.

Coat the walls with light paints

Paint is always a good choice to revive a room. You don’t have to repaint the whole house. The main focal walls are just what you need to revive the atmosphere of the place. Have light shades of yellow, green and blue, these are all wonderful colours for summer.

Summer printed wallpaper

If repainting the walls is not your choice, you can put up summer printed wallpaper. As simple as blue and white stripes can already make the room look summery. Just imagine the striped wallpaper all over your walls with white furnishings such the coffee table and end table. You can also add glass bowls with seashells inside it on your centre table, and accessorize the couches with light blue pillows.

Summer Accessories

If you don’t want the trouble of wallpapering and painting, you can still make your home look seasonal by adding extra accessories. Seashells are always an icon for summer so it would be best to add some to bring in the spirit of the beach. Flowers are also great accessories and never go out of style. Whether you go for synthetic or natural flowers, pick some in bright and vibrant colours to go well with the seasonal theme.

Coolest New Gadgets of 2013

Are you one of those tech fanatics who are craving for new gadgets and gizmos to enjoy and exploit? Well, here are some of the most awaited gadgets to come this year.

1.   Epson EH-TW9100

The new projector of Epson boasts an impressive contrast ratio of 320,000:1 that projects images in 3D at 2,400 Lumens. This modified system helps suppress any form of image quiver while keeping the 3D crosstalk checked.

2.   Mophie Juice Pack Helium

With your overly used iPhone – checking email, browsing websites, checking emails again, look at Google Maps, send Tweets… and your iPhone is drained out. This battery-enhancing case will help boost your iPhone’s battery with its 1500mAh power. That’s enough for 30 hours of audio, six hours of talk time and seven hours of Internet surfing via WiFi. Plus, the casing offers an additional protection to your iPhone, too.

3.   HAPIlabs HAPIfork

Researches show that eating too fast is one of the major reasons why people gain so much weight. We eat too fast, not chewing the food properly, making it hard for the body to digest the food. The HAPIfork helps control your eating habit by sending you flashing lights soft and vibrations if you’re eating speed is too fast.

4.   OD-11 Cloud Speaker

If music is your favourite past time, this sleek minimalist wireless speaker will keep your eardrums drumming. This 26x26x26cm cube-shaped speaker has Bluetooth and WiFi features with a class D 100w amplifier. Its unique rounded remote responds to pressing and twisting to increase or decrease volume.

A Karaoke Night with Friends

Got nothing to do on a Saturday night? Take the initiative to invite the whole gang to a night of karaoke in these famous KTV spots in Singapore!

Party World

Spend a karaoke night at Party World during Valentines, National Day, Christmas and Chinese New Year as they offer good promotions for these special holidays and other occasions. If you plan to frequent this KTV bar, you can also apply for membership and enjoy 10% discount during regular days. Party World has several outlets in Orchard IB, Clarke Quay, Clementi, Vivo City, North Point, Yishun Safra, Woodlands, The Verge, and Nex Serangoon.

TopOne KTV

Located at North Bridge Road, TopOne KTV is known for its clubbing atmosphere because of the rotating disco balls, laser effect, colourful lightings, and smoke machines. You can have couple room or a middle-sized one. For a group of 30 people, you can choose the VIP rooms. The theme and ambience is unique for every room.

Dynasty Classic KTV

Dynasty Classic KTV in Sophia Road has 38 soundproof KTV rooms to cater many groups of people who want to have a good time. There are also live performances by Chinese singers in the main hall, Mondays-Fridays, 9pm-3am. Aside from singing, you can also surf the internet and play computer games at the relax corner.

Teo Heng KTV

Another perfect place to have a good karaoke night with friends is in Teo Heng KTV, which have several outlets in Katong Shopping Centre, Sembawang Shopping Centre, and NTU. One of the good things about it is that you can bring some food in. Small and medium rooms can accommodate 4 and 6 people, respectively. For a bigger group of 10 people, a large room is ideal.

What Makes a Blockbuster Movie?

Since the first movie theatre in Singapore opened in early 1900s, thousands of both local and international films of all genres have already made their way to the country’s cinemas. Some of those movies just came and went, but quite a number of them have been labelled as blockbuster movies.

The Fact that People Get Bored

Since people generally get bored easily, it’s quite difficult to please them. This fact poses a challenge to all filmmakers. Before entering the movie house, these people who pay money to get a chance to watch a particular film already have set their expectations regarding the movie they are going to watch. A movie in its entire aspect should therefore hit the expectations of the viewers.

It’s also a fact that people are in constant search of movies that will entertain them. If a particular movie fails to entertain the general moviegoers, then unfortunately it also fails to be called a blockbuster.

Factors to Consider

There are actually several factors to look into whether or not a motion picture can be labelled as blockbuster. Its box office gross is one factor. A movie has to generate profit amounting to millions of dollars in just a short period of time, say 2 months. Another factor is its “enduring appeal”. A movie will still continue to make earnings even after its showing in the theatres. This is through DVDs, internet downloads, etc.

For a movie to be considered as classic and blockbuster, it needs to appeal to the interests of movie aficionados for a very long period of time. Another factor is it has to get the attention of professional movie critics. Their reactions towards a film, whether good or bad, are very important although the public may or may not have the same reactions as them.