Planning the Perfect Bbq Party

Singapore is known for its tropical climate. With the hot and humid weather all year round, one of the best ways to have fun and celebrate festivities is by having a bbq cookout party. A backyard bbq party should take advantage of the flavors of the summer season. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be prominent in the menu. Add more color with festive table setting and tiki torches along the sides of the party area. Lastly, but most importantly, consider any food restrictions or allergies of your guests when planning the bbq foods.


Know Who to Invite

If you’ve hosted lots of parties and have always been a party goer, expect an expanded guests list. Choose who to invite based on the occasion and how well you think they will interact with the other guests. So don’t invite everybody from work. Choose only a few of them so they don’t group together and talk about work at your party. Diversify. Invite your family, a few close neighbors, and new acquaintances. At the party, introduce your guests to one another so they can talk and socialize.

Choose a Theme

Whether you’re throwing a celebration for a specific holiday, such as Labor Day or National Day, or simply want to celebrate the summer season, consider setting a theme for the gathering. Think beyond the typical bbq foods to explore new textures and flavors through a theme. For instance, incorporate Mediterranean flavors into your springocean bbq wholesale singapore menu to create an exotic flavor, or give a table a Mediterranean touch by using table linens and flower arrangements in vibrant colors of orange and red. You may also add brightly colored tableware from thrift shops for a bit of ancient appeal. Ceramic juice jars and pitchers with Mediterranean patterns create a festive feel to the celebration.

Plan the Menu

Once you’ve decided which theme to pursue for your bbq party, start planning the menu. Decide whether you want a bbq catering to handle all the cooking or prepare everything on your own. Chicken, ribs, steak or fish can make a good main course, but do not take for granted other parts of the menu. Side dishes and salads infused with different texture, color, and flavor can enrich the taste of your grilled foods. For Mediterranean-themed events, make use of olives, tomatoes, basil, mint, and balsamic vinegar into the dishes.


Finish your menu with sweets, such as homemade Italian ices or a plate of rich cheese. Mix of fresh berries, like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, topped with homemade ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup, can immensely satisfy a sweet tooth. When shopping for food supply, look for bbq wholesale stores to get bbq wholesale prices. Note that these stores give big discounts when you order in bulks. If hiring a bbq catering service, ask for a list of menu and how they are going to deal with allergies and food restrictions.

The Beverages

No satay meal is completed without an ice cold summer drink. Let your party theme be your guide in picking your beverages, but also consider your guests’ choices. Offer non-alcoholic options in addition to ice cold water. For cocktail drinks, pitcher or jag served drinks work well so guests can simply help themselves for a glass of cool drink. To avoid clustering of people in the food table, set a different table that will serve as your mini bar. Keep the section stocked with ice, glasses, and a bottle opener. Fruit drinks like sangria, strawberry lemonade, and margaritas with pink grapefruit are also refreshing beverage options.


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