Scamming 101: The Basics of Scam

Here in Singapore, the police are reminding the public not to talk to strangers because they might ask more than what you can give. There is a new scam here in Singapore where they target men. At first, a girl will add you in WeChat or iAround. Out of good will, you will accept her but soon you will be a victim of scamming.


The girl will bombard you with messages asking for a meeting. If you succumb, you will pay dearly. The police call this the Alipay scam. Next time, you should be wary of strangers that you befriend online. There is nothing wrong if you befriend other people online but if she insists on meeting you and demands of money, that my friend, is not normal. If you experience this, the police are urging you to dial 999 or call 1800-255-0000.

You should know that there are many forms of scamming. People now are becoming creative and innovative. You will not know when you will become a victim. For example, there’s a scam for forwarding packages or forwarding money. You should know when it becomes a scam so you can avoid it. Here are some basics of scam that you should note:


  • Scamming is everywhere: Whether you are in Europe, Africa or Asia, scamming is prominent. Scamming is everywhere. There are people who think that scamming is only happening here in Asia. You should not be comfortable because it can happen everywhere.
  • Names and title mean nothing: Scammers will give you names and title but you have to know that these things mean nothing. Names and titles are just things that scammers say so you will believe them. It is important that you check them out first.
  • Company name is fake: Know that a legitimate company never courses their transactions to a private individual. If you are approached by a “company” and asks you to transact business, you should be wary.
  • Bogus phone numbers: Of course scammers will give you phone numbers. You can call the number and find that someone will answer all your queries. You should know that there are phone numbers that can be forwarded to other countries.

As mentioned earlier, scamming is prominent and it is everywhere. You do not know when it will strike and when you become a victim. The next time you notice the things mentioned above, you will know that there is a possibility that you are being baited.



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