Singapore: Top Romantic Sites for Surprises

Thinking about a surprise for your loved one is very difficult. In fact, you are going to plan before you will have the final surprise to him/her. Giving chocolates, giving flowers and giving teddy bears – these are only few of the romantic surprises that a man makes on her girlfriend or wife perhaps. Sometimes, you will have to decide whether you will go and eat somewhere or have a fun activity together. Whatever surprise you think, think that Singapore can offer you nice sites for romantic surprises.


Changi Coastal Road

Many romantic couples recommend this place because this place is the most favorite place for romance in Singapore.  This is a perfect place for expressing love as the place is quiet and is not jam-packed. Here, you can do walking while holding hands of even cycling together.

Singapore River

You cannot only view Singapore the beauty of Singapore River; in fact, you can also go here with your partner to experience boat riding in a specially made romantic boat.


Mount Faber Park

This place is the foundation of cable car rides and also called the “lover’s paradise” in the country. This is a perfect surprise for your partner if both of you loves nature. Here, the place is full of trees and there are pathways to walk and explore the place.

North Borders Bistro Bar

Need a garden for a romantic dinner? North Borders Bistro Bar has it. Aside that they serve fine dining with romantic touches, they also serve here that best ice cream in town.

There are many romantic places in Singapore; however, it will only depend on the taste of you and your partner. You can go swimming to Sentosa Islands if you want to or whatever you might think of.



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